Ujda Chaman Official Trailer | Sunny Singh, Maanvi Gagroo | Abhishek Pathak | Releasing 8th November

This looks like you. This is you only Sir, he was misbehaving.
Cracking jokes on me. What were you saying? Baldie. Shut up.
He’s as old as your father. Sir, I am just 30. Baldie. You sent a handsome
looking picture of him… – …but he turned out to be a bald guy.
– You bloody… No one’s ready to meet a bald guy. People can be happy without marriage. Really? Tell me one name. – Salman Khan.
– Their case is different. They at least get some… – What?
– Girls. They can find girls. If he doesn’t get married
before his 31st birthday… …then he’ll stay single all his life.
And never get married. Can we go out in the evening? Someone’s coming over to see me today. If you’re free. I already have a plan
tonight with my boyfriend. Don’t worry. Everyone finds someone. – Nandu did too.
– Nandu who? My driver. 30-year-old guy, and pure. This is not something to boast about.
You will die a virgin. A virgin. Die what? Your body’s filled with…
What is it called? Testostrone. When their numbers start increasing,
you feel a strange fire… – Fire?
– Yes. Pushpa. I’ve told a thousand
times to dress decently. There are three males in here. I know I am not that handsome. But I always dreamed
of having a beautiful wife. Auto. Where are you exactly? Under the big dome. But there is a bald
man standing there… You’ll need 4000 grafts. – Grafts??..
– Hair roots. Whose hair? Yours of course, Don’t worry,
we’ll collect from the back. From back? Behind your head. And if we still fall short… …we’ll take more from your beard, chest,
armpits..but don’t worry we will manage.


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