UMD Theatre Department

We need to reconcile as we go forward how our way of life is possible, or what we want out of our lives, and that’s a
question that’s bigger than Duluth. What UMD does is it has, it finds this great
balance between professional acting and working on the craft of acting and so
our actors come out of here, our students come out of here having
mastered their craft, acting, design and production, stage management, whatever the
thing is, and they can apply that to their professional careers.
Let’s take 61 through 64, effect enter. I think the strength of UMD is allowing
undergraduates to have a lot of wonderful hands-on experience. They go
out of our program with portfolios, with experience that has developed over the
years, as opposed to some other programs in undergraduate situation where
everything is done in theory. With your permission we’d like to take some of
your journalism and turn it into an evening of theater and put it in our
mainstage season. One of the things that I that I think we’re all really proud of
in our department is we really love original work and so we’ll bring in a
professional playwright or will do a play written by a current or a former
student and we’ll put that in our mainstage season, that’s pretty exciting.
By simply transmitting the story to you, I’ve become a part of it, and so have you. So we push, but at the same
time we don’t break people down we want them to discover who they are as theatre
artists. I’m looking for a mate dear, you won’t be interested would ya? I’ll think
about it. We have a wonderful alliance with
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. That’s been going on now for many years. Many of
our students have been hired by Chanhassen Dinner Theatres and have gone
on to earn their equity card and then be able to move on to other cities, other
venues, and so it’s a perfect bridge for both exposure and for experience for
musical theatre students. More and more I believe the study of theater is
something that prepares young people for moving into the world with a broad
perspective. Understanding communication I think is the key. And
there will always be stories. The challenge I find is being present in
this story I’m currently living. They could communicate they can work and
think on their feet, they can improvise, they can problem solve, and those are the
things with real-world expectations I think that many companies are looking
for these days.

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