Una Boda para Siempre – A Wedding to Remember – Hotel Alhambra Palace

I´m José Antonio Campo Saéz I´m the Maitre of Events at Hotel Alhambra Palace First, the people who celebrate their wedding at the Hotel Alhambra Palace they leave satisfied afterwards because everything we agreed has been fulfilled that´s the best result we can offer to a couple the coordination of the event begins as soon as they walk through the door I am totally at their disposal for them, its a very special day. Any event seems like the first time we put in that much effort, every though it seems silly, but that how it is the client needs to feel totally confident that there won´t be any mistakes Each couple is different and we must make their wedding to their taste but with our own details the rooms are attractive, as you can see with a capacity for 180 to 200 guests we have welcome drinks in the panoramic gallery for 200 people the mirador which we all know so well I have six celebration menus to choose from so the clients who want to organize a wedding or event can select from the set celebration menus, 6 options we can also work on modifications or suggestion the client proposes another menu which I can work on we look into it and confirm it shortly afterwards Once the menu has been chosen we begin to plan the event preparing the seating plan, according to the number of guests we plan the top table, where the family will sit Couples that have their wedding here, really value this, fortunately there have been lots of couples this Theatre is where they have the dance this historic setting where Federico Garcia Lorca once was where even Lola Flores danced its a privilege and a joy to have a party in the same place to have a fun wedding reception well its the perfect room for that The certainty that the couple have when the event ends they have noticed that I was there all the time but at the sideline, I am there just with a wave of the hand and Saéz will be there that´s a guarantee of the event I recall weddings from 25 or 30 years ago, they are weddings forever there are good vibes in this hotel It makes a wedding at Hotel Alhambra Palace last forever

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