Uncover the Place Where Shakespeare Lived and Died

Everything is in there. Every human
emotion is in there. Love, hate, joy, anger, despair. I think I’m still figuring out
what Shakespeare means to me. I know people say they have like spiritual
experiences with Shakespeare quite often, but I think it’s because it’s literature
that you have spiritual…. you have really deep emotions when you read something
that connects with how you feel and he can do that in so few words. To actually
be able to engage at New Place. The only house Shakespeare ever bought for
himself and his family to live in while you know as an adult is going to be a
profoundly emotional driver for many of them, if not all of them. This is where he
was living with his family. These were the views that he had from his study and
from the living quarters of the house looking at the same guild chapel. Looking
at the same building so those are the vistas that he would have seen when you
hear the church bells. Those are the same church bells. I mean the church is over
800 years old. It’s older than America. That’s kind of cool. You stand there and
you look towards the guild chapel. You look towards the Falcon hotel and you
can be in Shakespeare’s chair and actually be part of it all and you can
imagine what it must have been like, particularly on a quiet evening and you hear
the birds singing and the swallows starting across the sky. Those are the
sort of things that Shakespeare would have seen in exactly that same place.
I think its is amazing. I mean this is the kind of heart and soul of
Shakespeare in many ways and to see the buildings around Stratford.
To see new place itself and the way it’s been developed. The really imaginative
work that’s being done here.I think its fantastic. I think it really sent
shivers up your spine to be here. To have that sort of personal connection that my
feet were where his feet were. It’s just awesome in the true sense of the
word. It’s just awesome. It would be a tremendous privilege for anyone who had
a love of Shakespeare to do that. To be part of this is a unique
opportunity to truly be part of history. I’m proud of Shakespeare because I live in
Stratford-Upon-Avon too. This is shakes-bear.

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