Une Soeur | FILM COMPLET | MyFrenchFilmFestival 2020

I need to call my sister. I left my daughter with her.
She’s called 3 times, she’ll worry. Hi, it’s me. Sorry I couldn’t call back earlier. We’re on the freeway
coming out of Maloeil, you know? Yeah, I’m late.
I lost track of time. I… Yes, I know. I’m calling you to make arrangements
for the little one. Yes, we’re in the car. I don’t know… I don’t know. No, no, please don’t. Whore. All right. Okay. All right. Yes. Bye, Sir. Bye. Always the same guy. What’s he saying? That his neighbor’s voice
blows up his light bulbs. It’s the third time he’s called. He’s in love.
– No. He’s just in the dark and bored. Emergency services. Emergency services,
I’m listening. Hi, it’s me. Sorry I couldn’t call back earlier. We’re on the freeway
coming out of Maloeil, you know? The freeway out of Maloeil. Where to, Ma’am? Yeah, I’m late.
I lost track of time. What’s the emergency? I… Yes, I know. I’m calling you
to arrange things for the little one. Explain the situation, please. I don’t know… I don’t know. Ma’am, it’s the emergency service. If you don’t tell me how I can help,
I’ll have to hang up, I’m sorry. No, no, please don’t. Are you in a car? Yes. Are you driving? No. Who’s driving then? Yeah. Are you free to speak, Ma’am? No. All right. I understand. You’re leaving Maloeil, right? Yes, someone offered
to take me home. Where are they taking you? I mean,
do you know where you’re going? No. Do you think… …Sarah can stay
at your place tonight? I don’t want to move her around
so late. Are you in danger, Ma’am? Yes. Have you been kidnapped? I don’t know… Are you with a family member? We left, yes. I’m with Dary. Dary. Is it someone you know? Yeah… We wanted to go for a drink
somewhere else. Yeah, it was great.
Really great. Are you alone with him? Yes. Stop moving. Stay with me.
We’ll send someone over. That is what you want, right? Yes. Stop looking at me. Can you tell me
which car it is and its color? No, that… That will be complicated.
– Of course. I understand. Is it blue? No. Black? No… Take the red one, it’s her favorite. Great. Red. Is it a big car? Like… A minivan? You have no idea where you’re going?
– I don’t know. That’s enough, hang up.
– What can you see? Houses? I’m talking to my sister,
my daughter’s sick. Did this man drink? Yes. Yes. Is he armed? I don’t think so. I don’t know. Stay with me. We’re tracking
your phone’s signal, okay? Are you hurt? A little. Do you need an ambulance? No… Did he hit you? No. I do nothing. I do nothing. Push you? Let it happen. No. But he hurt you. Yes. Hold on. If you are where we think you are,
you should start seeing wind turbines. No. Wind turbines on your left. No, but maybe it’s me. She doesn’t see any wind turbines. So, she must be on the N7.
– I’m looking. They’re going to put an undercover car
on the side of the road. All right? If you see it,
say something like… “Yes, I remember.” Then I’ll know. Okay? Did we pass some wind turbines? What? Wind turbines, you know? Why are you asking me that? She’s asking, that’s all.
I don’t know. Let me talk to her. Give it to me! Give it. Give me the phone! It’s all right. My sister always asks me where I am,
that’s normal! Give it to me! – Give me your phone!
– It’s my sister! Give it to me! Hello? Hello? It’s Lucie, right? Yes. Is everything all right? Yeah. Why do you need to know
where we are? I don’t care. Why do you ask then? I couldn’t care less. Put my sister back on. You’re pissing me off! Wrap it up. Lulu? Yes, I’m here. I’m here. Let’s continue. So, do you see trees? Yes. Pine trees? Can you slow down? What’s happening? What are you doing? Hold on, Lulu.
One minute, please. Two seconds. Dary… Please… Listen, we… Let’s leave it. Let’s each of us go home… My sister’s waiting for me and… I’m sorry if I did something that… Shut up. I’m sorry.
– I told you to shut up! Stop talking. Did he turn around? What’s happening? Stop talking. Did he change direction? I can’t think when you speak. Stay with me. Sorry. Sorry. Stay with me. I remember… You saw our car? Yes. All right, very good. Do you think he could get violent if he saw the police? I don’t know… Stay with me. What’s that? What’s that? They’re just behind you. What the fuck did you do? I didn’t do anything. What the fuck did you do? Stay with me. Get out of the car! Step out of the vehicle. Step out. Slowly, let me see your hands. Show your hands! Slowly. Come closer. What? Slowly. Come closer. Slowly. Stop! What for? Do I have to get out? If they say so, yes,
step out of the car. You’re hurting me, dammit.
– Wait. Stop it!
– Calm down! You’re hurting me.
– Calm down. Calm down. – Calm down.
– Let go of me. Ma’am, are you all right? Here. I’ll be there in a minute. Are you there? Is everything okay?
Did they arrest him? Thank you. What’s your name?
– Thank you. Okay. A SISTER Subtitling TITRAFILM


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