Uni Park Campus – Hugh Stewart Hall (catered accommodation)

Catered accommodation Hugh Stewart Hall University Park Campus Hello everyone, my name is Sam. I’m a second year Law with French and French Law student here at the Uni and I’m going to take you
on a tour of Hugh Stewart Hall… Here is Hugh Stewart Hall. You’ll notice that the Hall extends past the Manor House itself…that is Hugh Stewart House Everything from where the vegetation on the walls of the house stops is student accommodation. What you also have
on the outside of the Hall are these beautiful gardens that we’re currently stood in at the moment. This is open to everyone at any time of the year. It’s a fantastic place to come and revise in the summer or just to relax in all seriousness once the exams
have finished What we also have behind these trees over here there’s a tennis court
which is exclusively available to people, so you can get involved in that respect; play
a game of tennis in the summer time. This little pathway takes you out, and within about 30 seconds of walking you’ll make it to Hallward Library, which is the biggest library
on campus, very good for Humanities students. This Hall is one of the closest to buildings
like Hallward, Trent, Portland etcetera it’s very well located for anything you need on
campus. So, if we come on up this way, (mind the step..);
when you’re walking down this way there’s a path that takes you towards the Clive Granger building which is where a lot of Geography lectures happen So, as I said, it’s very well located this Hall. The library is over here on the top floor which is a very useful place to have. It’s a code on the door to get in it’s available to all Hall students and nobody else. It’s a very nice place to be able to go and study during your exam period. You’ll notice there’s a green door down below the library – that is the laundrette. There’s about seven or eight washing machines, seven or eight tumble driers you’re given what’s called a ‘wash station’ card, which you can load up with money on your card so that when you go to the washing machines you can pay it there. You can pay it at any Halls, so if you come back to University at any point and end up staying in another Hall you keep the same wash station card at the same time it’s a very useful tool to have. What we’re walking towards now is the Reception for the Hall. This is where you’ll come if you have any queries so there’ll always
be one of the management team or the porters on duty. Coming in through here we’ve got Reception down here and that’s where you’ll come to collect your post as well if you have any deliveries to the Hall – there is a letter rack here. Latitude is one of four bars in the catered
halls on campus. This is available for students there are subsidised prices with stuff. It’s
also very good for getting your food; a lot of people come here for their sort of their
chicken dishes, their salads, their sandwiches etcetera. A very nice communal space to have. This is the JCR through here. What you’ll
notice about the JCR is that you need your student card to get into the JCR; it’s a matter of security. If you’re a student of Hugh Stewart Hall easy access with your student card (I’m not showing you my picture, it’s terrible!). This is the biggest social space in Freshers
Week. I can fully recommend whenever you’re free during your Freshers Week coming down here. Even if you’re not intending to go out on one of the socials that they might run it’s a fantastic place to get to know people. This is the Hugh Stewart Hall dining hall.
Because this is a catered hall you’ll get two meals a day in here; you’ll get your
breakfast and your dinner, Monday to Friday. You’ll also get what’s called ‘brunch’
on the weekends (a lot of the food outlets on campus aren’t open on the weekend). So
brunch is served from about eleven until half twelve. You get continental breakfast on Sundays
and a full English on Saturdays so there’s plenty of options to have there. This is my bathroom. The room type is called
‘shared bathroom’, so the bathroom would be one between two. Facilities like this are cleaned once every two days. If you’re in one of the blocks that has a communal bathroom between sort of five to six, it’s cleaned every day. This is my room, R2. Please don’t
judge my film taste by the posters I have up on the walls either! The fridge is plenty
big enough for everything that you’ll get. The wardrobe – you get plenty of space;
they do provide some hangers but you will need to bring, obviously, your own stuff. It’s plenty big enough for all your clothes. I said that the room sizes, the one I’m
in at the moment, is a ‘shared bathroom plus’ what the ‘plus’ means is that the bed is not a single bed. You have to provide your own bedding of course but this is a
three quarter double bed, which is what you’ll get in every ‘plus’ room. They don’t
provide the TV – that’s mine. TV licence is obviously a necessity with that one if
you want to be watching BBC live. There’s plenty of plug sockets if you bring your extension
cable as well – big thing. There’s plenty of book shelf space; notice board as well
– fantastic for arranging your life. I hope you’ve found this very useful, and
wherever you end up in university halls, I hope you have a fantastic time. Visit the accommodation website: Nottingham.ac.uk/accommodation


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