Universal Studios Hollywood – Ride the Movies Open and History

[music]>>Narrator: The action the intensity the excitement of motion pictures comes
to life. Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood, the only place on Earth where you can
ride the movies. We’re about to show you where your favorite movies are made and take you behind the scenes of some of the amazing rides and attractions at the world’s largest movie studio and theme park. [music] Universal Studios Hollywood where you don’t just watch the movies you live them. [guests screaming] [music] sfx: growl>>Ken: Wow, WaterWorld blows everything else right out of the water.>>Narrator: It all began on a dusty stretch of land here in Southern California nearly a century ago. Realizing the public’s fascination with the moviemaking process Universal founder, Carl Laemmle began selling tickets to watch the studio’s movies being made. The cost of a bleacher ticket and boxed lunch, 25 cents! In the 1960’s, Universal Studios Hollywood began its famed studio tour. Taking visitors throughout the sets of their favorite films and TV shows. Now, right in the heart of this real working movie studio, the most amazing rides, shows, and attractions ever created put you right into your favorite scenes from your favorite motion pictures. From all-time classics to today’s biggest smashes hit. Universal Studios Hollywood is the
movies.>>Hardy: Are you ready?
>>Laurel: Yes ma’am.>>Hardy: Studio Tour
>>Laurel: Take One>>Hardy: Oh… Be Careful you

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