UNK Theatre Program

(inspirational music) – In the state of Nebraska, we’re one of the only state college that has a strictly
undergraduate theater program. What that does for our students is we have undergraduate students that do the design work on stage, that hold the major roles, that actually direct shows. – Getting that experience first hand rather than just studying and studying and then not being able
to be a part of the shows until your senior year, that’s something that UNK has to offer. At some other schools,
you have to audition to get into the programs and here we don’t have that so you start out and if you
want to be a theater major, you are a theater major. – What I love is that even as a freshman, they can get the lead in one of our shows. Everybody has an equal chance and our facilities. We are one of the only
universities in this state that has this beautiful house. The Miriam Drake Theater is an old fashioned proscenium house so it’s more like if they get to Broadway or something like that, they’re gonna be in a proscenium theater. But we also have a studio theater. – There’s so many students
that will look at theater as sort of an extracurricular. And although it is a lot of fun, they get involved and they realize there’s
this artistic outlet that they never had discovered before and they can actually
make a career out of it. – There’s a lot of opportunities available to expand on what they think it is. There’s more. – There’s designing, there’s building, there’s also screenwriting, playwriting. – I’ve gotten into
painting, scenic painting. I didn’t think it was
a viable career for me until I got here. – I do want to get into lighting because it’s a very big field throughout concerts and film and stuff. – Whether it’s design or performance, you have the opportunity to explore any possibility that you might want to do and you don’t always get that opportunity in a larger school. I love working with the people here. The people are really
what make this program so unique and so special. – It’s more of a family feeling that you get when you come here. It’s much more of a community than competition based. – You’re not just a number. Everyone knows who you are, everyone knows what you’re good at, they know what they can
help you improve on. – I have been really happy here. All the teachers are very
professional, knowledgeable and encouraging. They’ve all been a part
of the actual business. They went and worked in the field. They know how it works. In theater, it’s a very
challenging and competitive world outside in the real world and you need to be prepared for it and I really do think they do a good job of preparing you for that. – Now that I have come to UNK and discovered some other
talents that I have, I think I have a foot in the door now. – I’ve learned so much here. I’ve gained so much, not just in terms of knowledge, in terms of how I’ve been educated, but in terms of just how I am a person. – As all of us students
are given opportunities to perform in different roles, we then begin to explore
different facets of ourselves. I know that I personally have grown a lot from that experience and I love that. – Being a part of this
has just been incredible. Great learning experience as well. (upbeat music)

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