Uno | Short Film Drama by Javier Marco | Short of the Week

ONE OK, go and switch the machine on. Let’s go. -I’ll tie the rope.
-OK, let it out a bit. -OK. That enough?
-Yes. -Tolo!
-Yeah? You go on up,
I’ll be right there. Get over here, come on.
Let’s get everything ready. Wait for the signal. Hey, come over here!
Check this out! -What is it?
-An air-tight bag with something in it. -It’s ringing.
-Yeah. It’s a cell phone. -Get the net.
-Let’s fish it out. -Quick! It’s floating away.
-Yeah, it’s a cell phone. If it gets stuck,
it’s going to break. Get it, get it. -Come on, it’s floating away.
-Quick! You’ve got it. -Bring it in!
-Pull it up! -Give it to me.
-Answer it. Shit! They hung up. -Damn it!
-They hung up. I wonder where it came from?
Another boat? Who knows. Maybe someone threw it
into the sea from the beach. It’s one of those old cells.
A new one would never have lasted. It’s ringing again. Yeah, it’s ringing.
Answer it, answer it! Yes? Hello? Hello? I don’t understand you. Look, I just found
the phone in the sea, but… I don’t understand you. I’m sorry… I’m sorry, but I can’t
understand what you’re saying. I can’t understand you. What’s going on? Who was it? I don’t know, some woman,
but I couldn’t understand her. Come on, back to work.Maritime rescue. Loud and clear.
Go ahead.Hello, maritime rescue. I’m calling from
the boat La Concepción. I wasn’t sure whether to call or not,
but we’ve found a cell phone, in the water, inside a bag. It seemed strange and so… Honestly, I didn’t know
if I should call you or not.-Can you confirm your position?
-Yes. 37 degrees, 33 minutes,
37 seconds north, 1 degree, 30 minutes,
35 seconds west.Roger that.Someone called the phone. I mean, I spoke to someone.La Concepción, can you confirm
someone called? Did you answer?Yes, yes, I answered it.
It was a woman, but I couldn’t understand her.
I don’t know what she was saying. Because she was… I think she was African or
something like that, I’m not sure.OK, roger that.We’ll look out for
any sightings in the area.If you see anything else,
call us back on this channel.OK.Thank you for letting us know.
Keep the radio tuned in.That’s it?
She seemed pretty nervous.We’re not aware of any boats
that require assistance.We’ll send an air unit
to search the area.OK?OK then, thanks a lot.Thank you for letting us know.And keep the radio tuned in.OK, I’ll keep it on all morning. -In the Church?
-It surprised me too! -In the Church?
-Town hall, but might as well have been. Did you live together first
to see if you’re compatible? Five years living in sin! -You’re so lucky, times have changed.
-Lucky? Why? I had to run off with mine!
Or she ran off with me. People were braver before. -I had to run away with my wife.
-You ran off with her? -They went together.
-Check you out, Mariano! -I turned up a week later!
-No way! But the in-laws were there waiting. But you did get married? -I didn’t even do that.
-Don’t get married at your peril! -I lived with her first.
-Shut it, will you?Hello?-Hello?
-Yes, hello.You just spoke to
Mourad’s mother, Malika.I spoke to someone, yes.She’s asking why you’ve got his mobile.-Can you hear me?
-Yes, yes, I can hear you.Is Mourad OK?
Did he get there OK?Look, I don’t know. I just told her
I’d found the phone, nothing more.Where?The battery’s about to die.Please, just tell me.It was floating in the sea,
in a waterproof bag. But don’t worry, we’ve reported it
and they’re going to search the area.You didn’t see anybody?There were 33 of them.
33 people with Mourad!Look, I don’t know… Really, I don’t know anything.
I just saw the bag, nothing else. Look, I’m really sorry,
but I’ve reported it and… I’m sure the bag must have
just fallen into the water.One moment, please. One moment.Thank you.Thank you. Thank you!-Are you still there?
-Yes, I’m here. Why did she thank me?I told her you’re Mourad’s boss.That you hired him
to work in a restaurant.Why did you tell her that?She’s elderly.But she’s bound to find out
I’ve got his phone. -But I guess you know best.
-Her other son, Mourad’s brother,died two years ago.Emilio. -Shall we cast the nets?
-Hang on a minute. -OK, whatever you say.
-I’ll be right there.She’s looking at me.I’m going to keep talking to you.The thing is the battery’s about to die. There was no charger in the bag, and the one we’ve got here
doesn’t work on this phone. It doesn’t fit in the…Can you talk to me
so that she can hear you?I don’t know what to say.I can hear the sea.Yeah, because I’m in a boat.
I’m a fisherman. -A fishing boat.
-When I hang up,I’m going to tell her you said
that Mourad has a place to stay.-That he’s in a shared apartment.
-I’m sorry, but I can’t do much more. There are people out looking.Can you tell me that, please?-I have to get back to…
-Can you tell me my husband’s OK?Yes, he’s OK. He’s got a room in an apartment. He’s sharing with two others. But, he’s fine. I’m sure he’ll call you soon.When you see him…Hello? Hello?


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