Cha Yoo Rii (Kim Tae Hee) has become a ghost since she died 5 years ago. She leaves her husband Jo Kang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung) and their child Go Bo Gyeol as Oh Min Jung To become human again, Cha Yoo Ri did a reincarnation project for 49 days Meanwhile, Jo Kang Hwa works as a thoracic surgeon. He was loving, but, after his wife died, his personality changed. After 5 years, his wife Cha Yoo Ri reappeared in front of him. On his first day at school, Sae-Ro-Yi (Park Seo-Joon)
punched his classmate Geun-Won, who was oppressing
another friend. The bully is the son of CEO Dae-Hee
(Yoo Jae-Myung) Bully fathers run businesses
Jagga restaurant where Park Sae-Ro-Yi’s father works. Jang Dae-Hee demands Sae-Ro-Yi to apologize to
his son, but Sae-Ro-Yi refused. Because of his refusal,
Sae-Ro-Yi was expelled from school and her father was fired
After the incident, an accident occurred.
Sae-Ro-Yi’s father died in a motorcycle accident
caused by his former classmate Jang Geun-Won. because of anger, Park Sae-Ro-Yi beat up Jang Keun Won.
He was arrested and received a prison sentence. Sae-Ro-Yi
decided to destroy the Jagga company and
get revenge on CEO Jang Dae-Hee. After Park Sae-Ro-Yi was released from prison, he opened
a restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul. Jo Yi-Seo (Kim Da-Mi),
 who was popular on social media, joined the restaurant
Park Sae-Ro-Yi and work there as a manger.
He has feelings for Park Sae-Ro-Yi. The man named Yoon Hee-jae (Ju Ji-hoon)
 and the woman named Jung Geum-ja (Kim Hye-soo)
is a lawyer who works for the top 1%
towards the community Geum Ja is a lawyer who only chases
money alone. Geum Ja won her case using
all the means he needs. Meanwhile Hee Jae’s lawyer is an elite lawyer
who are intelligent and also confident in their work. A love story between Ha Won (Jung Hae-In), a programmer and
the founder of M&H Company who is consistently good-hearted, and
Han Seo-Woo (Chae Soo-Bin) engineer of classical music recording
his life is unstable without family or home,
but he is a positive person and optimistic thinking. This drama is also starred by Lee Ha Na as Moon Soon Ho
and Kim Sung Gyu as Kang In Wook Jin Ji-hee (Woo Jin-ah) a student who has a life
mediocre but when he saw the change in attitude of his friends
after becoming an 11th grade student, he became stimulated
and create an SNS account with the name “The Temperature of Talk”.
He exchanged messages of comfort on his SNS and met a new world. Nam Yoon-soo plays Lee Chan-sol,
Woo Jin-ah’s friend since elementary school.

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