Upcoming Korean Dramas in January & February 2020

Hey guys!! This is Mihye, welcome to DUCKHU TV! Today, we’ll introduce 3 upcoming dramas
for the first two months of 2020 that our DUCKHU TV team is looking forward to So let’s get right into it! For people who enjoyed Dr. Romantic,
this is some good news Dr. Romantic 2 is coming out on January 6th! Han Seok Gyu who played Kim Sa Bu
or Teacher Kim in the 1st series will be returning for the sequel
but there will also be new characters played by Lee Sung kyung and Ahn Hyo Seop. It’s a medical drama about a genius surgeon at Doldam hospital which received great reactions for its realistic yet heartwarming portrayal
of the medical field While it’s not clear whether the story will take off directly from its previous show, since dramas that
revolve around a series events usually don’t continue, we can predict that it won’t necessarily be connected to Dr. Romantic 1 so you can still watch it even if you didn’t watch
the previous drama However, if you’d like to see the chemistry between
Seo Hyun-jin and Yoo Yeon-seok, we recommend you to watch Dr. Romantic 1
while you wait for its sequel Next up, we have Itaewon Class waiting for us on January 31st! Starring Park Seo jun, Kim Dami, and Kwon Nara, it’s based on a webtoon of the same name As the title suggests, it’s set in Itaewon, which is the melting pot of Seoul where
diverse cultures come together Here, the main character Park Sae-roy opens a restaurant as his start-up business Within the narrow streets of Itaewon, the characters begin their own fledgling revolt against an unreasonable society as they
chase after their dreams and the freedom to live according to their
own unique perspectives I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day is based on
a novel of the same title which is a warm romance story set in the countryside Mok hae-won played by Park Min-young is a cellist
who is exhausted both emotionally and physically from her life in Seoul and moves back to her hometown Here, she meets the owner of a small bookstore,
Im Eun Seob, played by Seo Kang Joon This drama is set to premiere sometime in February Okay, those were the 3 dramas we’re looking forward to the most that are scheduled to air in January and February, I hope you had some that interested you and we’ll be back with another video next time! Then watch K-Drama and fangirl with DUCKHUTV
in 2020 as well!! Bye!!!~

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