Urbex | Infiltrating a submarine of the navy

Those dogs scared me to death. Wow, cool. Going down no problem, but how do we get up? Holy shit Bob, it’s mission impossible. We failed. The submarine was way to far from the dock. And way too low. It’s 11 PM so the tide is at the lowest point. It’s a difference of 3 meters (11 feet)
-I didn’t foresee this. Can’t laugh about it. Maybe later when we finish the movie. So we have to sleep in the car.
We’re gonna prepare tomorrow. Buy some stuff and try again. We’ll be fine.
-Check the tide… We can buy a boat or simply swim. But we have to take enough food and batteries. A shit, I hope my shoes didn’t get wet. They’ll be wet. Argh.. Buying supplies ! Plastic bags, in case we drop in the water. 100 liter. (26 gallon) Let’s hope it’s enough. We’re better prepared now, we have plastic bags & swimming pants. The water is about 10 degrees (50F)
Pretty cold, but doable. I don’t return before I have a movie. I hope we don’t get spotted.
It’s going to be a thrilling adventure ! It’s going to be another memorable mission.
-The third night without sleep. Wish us luck! Ready to go boy?
-Yeah, I have mine on aswell. Let’s hope we’ll make it this way. We were too optimistic.
There are navy seals on the ship so we have to wait for dusk. Thrilling !
We had to skip all because of this, so let it be good ! We’re not there yet. Why is it so far away? I’m going to swim.
-I ain’t. It’s gonna be cold. Can we throw the luggage?
-We have to. And? Bad? Cold. The water is10 degrees (50F) Just swim, otherwise your clothes are going to be wet. It’s cold for a few seconds, I’m not shaking. Throw the luggage so you can hide when they patrol. Epic, it’s 12 degrees (53F) now.
I’m not cold due the adrenaline. Such a cool adventure. Retard #2 Good boy. F*cking cold.
-High five, we’re crazy. Dammit!
-We still have to get inside. yes, wait wait. It’s too tight already in here. Terrible, so tight. Don’t tell me about it. I’m backing up. So tight. My leg is stuck.
-Go down a little. We’re exploring in our swimming pants, very charming. Are you ok?
-I’m still stuck. Do you need WD40?
-I have to go down again, dammit. I’m not there yet. I have to bend myself in 3.
Check how little space there is. Do you hear that?
There’s a ship. Watch out with the light. Check left.
-Ah you’re not kidding me. I hope they didn’t see our lights. Should we wait?
-Nah, it will be fine. In a few minutes we’re in a real submarine. Wait, it’s wierd that the dogs are barking.
-Again? You think there’s security again?
-No clue They bark for a reason. Watch out with the light.
-Sorry. Holy sh*t, that’s deep.
-I’m inside. Cool. Pretty high. I’m coming to grab our stuff This is our luggage, it was quite some work to get it down. We’re very impressed, we’re going to change clothes first, because it looks ridiculous. Let’s check, it’s 10:40 PM now and we started at…. 08:30 PM
-So we’ve been busy. The sub is rocking a lot, my god. Heavy, when you are silent you can hear the waves. We changed our clothes, this is our home base. All the food on the table, we’re in the middle of the sub. What else do you need?
-Nothing. We chilled for a few hours, time to explore We have led block, flashlight. More flashlights, so light enough. We didn’t see much of the sub yet.
-We arrive immediately in the radar room I think. Well, I know for sure.
-Yeah I recognize the orange radar. Cool. Everything turns and is clickable.
Nothing is completely rusted yet. They thought about everything, sick. They did everything to safe some extra space. Normally ships get stripped, removed by the navy or reused. I think it’s too difficult, because everything has to be taken outside through a little hole. When this light turned red, you were in a shitty situation.
-Put your flashlight against it. You’re constantly a target. I wouldn’t sleep here at ease. I think this is the periscope.
-No clue if it works. I don’t think it will work. I can’t imagine you have to sit here all day. It’s totally black. Outside aswell ofcourse. Documents. 2005.
-A complete log. Everything handwritten. Let’s check this. It look like the blueprints of the sub. It’s not a floormap, but electrical map or something. A big reservoir.
-A seperate compartment. What should it be?
-A battery I think, maybe it’s on a map. Every type of boat has another light code.
-Signaling This one three colors. The sub has a flashing light. And the big ships are like a circus. It’s nice to press all these buttons.
-Everything is clickable. Every square centimeter is used. It differs totally from navy ships.
On ships you walk a lot to find interesting stuff. It’s not as narrow as here. The walls are empty and here everything is crammed together. And now we turn off the ligths. Check this. Amazing. There’s no bridge, so the steering happened here. Crazy. Here happened the balancing of the sub. I think this was a must during the days.
You can see them everywhere.
-The fans indeed. They look like a propeller, funny. It’s hot here already compared to navy ships. It was freezing inside during summertime. 15 degrees? (60F)
-Yeah, pretty comfy. Imagine those machines running, and the heat can’t get away. I can imagine it would get pretty hot. The kitchen. Barely 2 m2.
-Wouldn’t want to stay here. See how narrow it is.
-You can’t turn your butt. Room for 1 cook. The refridgerator, minimalistic. Maybe the supplies are below your feet? It’s the storage area. Going down when you needed something. It’s so narrow i even can’t move around with my gimbal. Hell of a job, cooking for at least 20 persons here in this small kitchen. The oven. The pizza oven.
-And a mixer, for fresh bread. The only benefit of a cook. His own fan. Check this refrigerator, it can’t even fully open. The toilets, no luxery. That extra valve is nice, otherwise the shit would have been everywhere. Everything is attached. It’s like your in space. Guess you can compare it with a space station. Small and compact as possible. You had to be an engineer to fully understand this. Not to talk about designing it. When there’s a problem. All those cables. It’s a awesome experience. People will say you can also go to a museum. This is totally different, we live on this boat instead of quickly passing through. If you are here for 12 hours you can imagine a bit how it must have been here. We sleep here, eat here.
-Use the toilet. Nice, a dormitory. Great, sleeping here with a dozen of people in such a small space.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7…. 11 beds.
-On the other side there should be aswell. Perhaps also like 12 beds. So the crew must be at least 25. Zero privacy, you even share your smell and evything.
-Months and months. Difficult. So close to eachother, with a lot of testeron. Check this. Imagine sleeping below this guy for three months You can’t turn. Terrible, not for me. The only entertainment on board… a TV, that’s it. 8 inch.
-The beds are moldy, wevstill have to sleep here. A cool photo from here. It’s epic because it’s symmetrical. A depht meter. Fuses. Big and small ones. They needed a lot when they were far from civilazation. Funny to see, you see it on all navy ships.
Idyllic images, some kind of escapism. It’s to distract the fact that you are inside a war machine. Here they made little effort to make it look more domestic. I guess those drawers are just to hide the cables. Pure decoration. The clothes are drying.
-I don’t want to think of the moment to swim back yet. What’s here? There’s a strong smell from here. A warehouse. We can’t get inside.
-If you want to hide a body, do it here. Wow, this is the main room. Do you see those things behind you?
F*cking torpedoes man. Crazy that they slept next to the torpedoes. In case of emergency they could act immediately. And don’t have to cross the whole sub. Wake up, load and shoot. I wonder how long these things are.
-I think 3-4 meters. Loads of ammo. I think they entered the sub from there.
-Do you see that chain? Yes. Guess the came from there… and loaded down here. I know where we’re going to sleep. It’s a big space.
-The biggest. Funny that you can see some personal belongings here. I don’t know how they managed it, but they played chess. Cardgames aswell. Must be boring after 3 months, chess and cardgames.
-Sucks big time. The only thin to do here.
-Mastermind, do you know it? It’s intact. I wonder why the didn’t play sea battle here. An applicable game.
-Indeed. It’s another feeling on such ship, you can jump off the ship. And there’s daylight.
Daylight indeed, this is depressing. There’s little light here. Just a few lamps. 1 over there.
-And another there. Sucks. Bathroom.
-Did we see showers yet? No. I can’t imagine you can shower in here. There’s a shower.
-I can see it now. It’s a bit like Hong Kong. Standing here, against the sink. One wrong movement and you hit something. Not relaxed. Not a bathroom for me. I don’t feel like a marine yet, but it’s getting close. Moldy ! Did you turn on the alarm clock?
-Yes. 6 AM? Allright, I turn off the lights, good night.


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