URI Theatre: A Brief History Of The Earth and Everything In It

[Loud Speaker] Welcome to William Jennings Bryan
elementary school home of the fighting Crusaders. All classes should report to
the Weber auditorium for our special, William Jennings Bryan elementary drama
presentation. [Omar] So the name of the show is a brief history of the earth and
everything in it as performed by Miss Lipp Piccolo’s third-grade drama group
from the William Jennings Bryan elementary school in Springfield
Missouri. It’s about this third grade group of drama students, who are trying
to put on a play about history and philosophy and science and all these
things, forbade from being taught about in their school. [Conor] Principal Marsden is running for governor. [Actress] Governor? Dr. Marsden? [Conor] And I heard she wants to use this school as an example of her commitment to ”traditional values”. Dr. Marsden is the elementary school principal. She decided to run for governor, which is kind of what causes the 3rd graders to rebel. [Lily] A reminder, Anita Marsden, the right choice for Springfield. [Conor] Derek takes it upon himself to
realize like if anyone’s gonna do anything about it it’s gonna be me I’m
the leader and the kids are gonna kind of follow me. [Lily] He realizes all the changes
that are happening in the school. The ten commandments are going up in every
classroom, she changes the name of dodgeball to ‘Stone the Infidel’. [Conor] I’m going to be the most popular kid in school. [Actress] So what are you gonna do? [Conor] I’m gonna find the biggest… (Voice fades) A one-sided
opinion being taught as fact when they know it already in the third grade is
like, this is far-fetched, this is a little ridiculous. [Lily as Dr. Marsden] I can’t allow this production to continue! [Omar] One of the biggest things about this play it is trying to get a conversation started. It’s trying to make like, you have to be open to other people’s ideas. (Actor’s voices in background) [Conor] Just because I say something that you know, you don’t necessarily believe to be true, it
doesn’t make me your enemy. It doesn’t make me, you know, we just have different
beliefs. And if it just comes down to our philosophical differences, that’s one
thing. But we don’t have to be enemies just because we believe different things. (Actress singing)
[Lily] It also shows the light of extremists. Not only within a religious aspect, but
also within like a scientific aspect, where we need to have a good balance of both. (Actor rapping) [Omar] Definitely a comedy. It’s definitely
funny. There’s an inherent ridiculousness that these kids are so intelligent and
are outsmarting these adults when they’re only 8 years old. (Actor singing) [Conor] It’s a lot of fun, you know. We worked pretty hard on it and it’s something they’ve probably never
seen before. It’s only been performed I think at two different places. And kind
of representing all different walks of life within that and I think it’s just
worth coming to see. (Cast singing)

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