URI Theatre presents: “As You Like It”

“Jaques: Rosalind is your love’s name?” “Orlando: Yes, just.” “Jaques: I do not like her name.” As You Like It is about relationships It is about love. This play explores the different ways that we fall into love. It has the love at first sight. It has the friends who fall in love with each other. It has brotherly love. It has all the different dynamics of love that you can experience. “Rosalind: Love is merely a madness” While it’s seen through the lens of the sixties and set in the forest, and the way that we’ve looked at it, there is a lot of the hippie culture because that was very influential in the peace and the love, which is kind of the direction we were taking it. There is sixties musics and sixties clothing And somehow Shakespeare’s words seem to fit into that really well. “Jaques: All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Alan came up to me and said that we want to do the songs for the show instead of just cutting them out, so would you be able to write some music to go along with it? So I basically just threw some melody to the words which is easy because its Shakespearean text. So then I played them for Alan and he agreed and then we got into. We had two singers and one guitarist. And we just started working and it came like that. “Celia: You have simply misused our sex in your love-prate.” It is really interesting performing on this stage. Not only because how close you are to the audience but also because it is in the round you constantly have to be moving and making sure people are just getting your back. Which is great because it feels like the audience is in it. The come in, they sit down and they are already in this play. They are in this world. It is a large show. I think we are about, I think we are in between 20-25 cast members. It makes for a crowded stage. “Celia: Well said—that was laid on with a trowel.” My favorite part of this entire show actually is that I get to dance again. And we are doing a dance called the Madison, which was big in the 1960s. Its a step dance. And so much fun just to get up and dance at the end of the show with all of your friends. I think the stage combat. It has been a while since I’ve done some stage combat and I have a lot of it in this play. “Orlando: I am no villain.” I get beat up a lot. But it is a lot of fun. “Rosalind: …do not fall in love with me.” As written it is one of Shakespeare’s comedies, But it tends to merge on the darker side of the comedy. But it is just very light. And we go sort of from darkness at the beginning and some bad relationships to love and good relationships at the end. I hope they leave it with saying, I saw a Shakespeare show and I can get what they are saying, I like the story and I had a fun time. “Rosalind: Now tell me how long you would have her after you have possessed her.” Go see it. You should come see it! Alright we good?

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