V1 Murder Case | Ram Arun Castro |ishnupriya Pillai | Super Scene | 4K (English Subtitles )

Want to eat something? Coffee? For the both of us? This is such a depressing place
for us to meet. This is such a depressing place
for us to meet. Let’s go to a coffee shop? What’s your name? Sid! And you, beautiful? Tell me your full name.
– Siddhanandan. Do you like it? I mean, my name. Miss… Is it ‘Miss’? Where were you
on September 11th? September… A beautiful angel like you… Answer me! It was my friend Murthy’s engagement. What a party, fun music… that was on the 12th. I was here on the 11th. My darling! Good one. Is this meeting about our love? Where’s my babe?
Love…? Babe?
– Love? For two months now. She didn’t love me back.
But still… It was divine love, you know! So the girl didn’t love you back. And you killed her. I’m so shocked,
I can’t even cry. I swear… Ask all the women I’m in love with… Once they turn me down,
I feel sorry for their loss and move on. Don’t take me so seriously, madam. You were the last person to see her.
What did you do to her? What happened that day, was… Dude… You should see my hairstyle today.
Mind-blowing! Will you see me? Or will you not? Excuse me! This is superb. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. So sweet! How much is that? The other one?
– 400. Give me that. Here I come. Sweets… When I see this heart, I feel so good!
– PIN number, please. Can you feel it?
– Card declined, madam. There’s an ATM close by. There’s an ATM close by. That’s 400 bucks. Baby! She looks like an aunt,
you call her a baby? Hold on, baby. You wanted to gift me this.
But I surprised you with it! Narma darling! I’ve had it with you.
What is it that you want? It’s you I want! You accepted my gift. I’ll take it
that you’ve accepted my love? Careful. Darl–! Darling! Tom and Jerry. When she flung that gift on my face… I realised that she wasn’t my soul-mate. So… Sorry! So? – So I kept those gifts safely to give
to some other girl. Luna, we can hypnotise
the truth out of him. Please, doctor. Luna! The coffee? She’ll be serving me? Hi, doc. I’m Sid. You don’t have to tell me your name,
but you can give me your hand? Fine, you keep your hand. Mannerless people. I’m going to hypnotise you
to reach your subconscious mind. You’ll reveal the truth on your own. Close your eyes.
Let’s begin? You and I are alone in this room. You naughty lady! Just listen to my voice.
No need to shake your head. Okay! Pay close attention to your breath. 3… 2… 1… We’re entering your subconscious. You’re going to reveal the truth to me. Inba is not a good man. Narmada was in love with me. He didn’t like that fact. And that’s why…
he… And that’s why…
he… He planned everything.
He shot her! He shot Narmada!
He’s a bloody fool. He shot Narmada!
He did! Now come back to your conscious state.
– I’m coming back. Open your eyes slowly… She’s not here, bro? This is the beat?
– Awesome, bro! You were not even hypnotised.
Why did you lie? I wasn’t? But I felt like she did.
– Is it? Sure?
– Very. Bro, man-to-man, I’ll tell you the truth?
– Tell me. I don’t like Inba. And I just know it,
he must have done it. What do you know?
– What happened that day… What do you know?
– What happened that day… Wait, woman! You’re hanging out
with some other guy? Why are you behaving like a psycho? Even if I am hanging out with someone,
what’s your problem? You think I’m a psycho? Then why are you still with me?
Leave me. Go and live with
the guy you like. You don’t need to live with a psycho. You don’t get to tell me what to do.
I can handle my life by myself. Don’t create a scene here.
Go and mind your own job. Oh, then return all the money
I spent on you. I will.
Leave now. I will.
Leave now. Get me my money
from an ATM now! Why do you act so cheap? Who? Me? I know you’re not about to cry.
Don’t act. Instead of killing me little by little,
just kill me and get it over with. Wait and see,
that will happen someday. What the fish? He’s capable of doing anything when angry.
Don’t let him go, bro. Thanks for the information. You may leave.
– Thanks, bro! Bro… I have a doubt. Narmada’s death is quite saddening. R.I.P. But we have a party planned in Goa
day after: fun, girls, music. I won’t be required
for this case, will I? Looking for something?
– My gun… Oh, you’re so funny! That moron didn’t sound convincing.
Why did you let him go? Words and tone are only partly
indicative of the truth. Their body language will reveal the rest. There was no lie in his body language.
Definitely innocent. But I agree, he’s a moron. I’m not saying anything, spare me! You needn’t say anything. Sir, one Julia has come to see you. Let her in. Julia! Who is this girl? A girl? She’s Narmada’s colleague
and close friend. We’ll find some information.
Let’s see. Don’t be nervous. We’re just going to speak casually. Are you alright? Who killed Narmada? I don’t know that, sir. But Inba upset her that day. Why? What did he do? Narmada’s father used his caste influence
and got her into a medical college. But Narmada turned it down. They yelled and abused her
for that. She didn’t speak to her parents
for two years after that. She’s that sensitive. Knowing all that,
he swore at her. Who swore at her?
– Inba. Who swore at her?
– Inba. Even in her insurance policy, she’s listed
him as her nominee, not her parents. She trusts him so much. He’s a sadist.
He just didn’t get her. She was so hurt. I compelled her so much,
but she didn’t even come to team lunch. Where did she go then? You act like you didn’t see me! I really didn’t see you!
Why did you come here now? I thought we could compromise. But what you said…
irks me deep down. Why are you blowing up everything? Are you going to torture me
to death this way? Wait and see,
that will happen someday. I didn’t bring it up with her
as I didn’t want to hurt her. I didn’t bring it up with her
as I didn’t want to hurt her. Okay. Do you suspect anyone
other than Inba? Other than Inba…? I can’t think of anyone. So… Inba must have done it? I can’t say that! But Inba is very short tempered. But Inba is very short tempered. He has no control over his actions
when he loses his temper. But then he regrets his actions
and gets restless with guilt. Maybe Inba could have… there is a chance.

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