Vacuity – Sci-Fi, Student Short Film, Drama

Session interrupted. Restoring previous settings. Initializing MMI protocols… Initializing MMI protocols… Initializing MMI protocols… Initializing MMI protocols… Initializing MMI protocols… Alert: Incoming priority-one call. Alan, it’s Mission Control. What just happened
up there?! We just recovered from an across the board coms and data blackout. You’re the
only person we can get a reading on. What’s the status of the crew?! Flight… It looks like an entire system restart… I’m alone in the airlock now… was just starting
the EVA prior… prior to… I don’t know, everything just kinda went– Warning: Critical superficial and substructural damage in sections 4, 13, 17, 23– Resuming disrupted decompression sequence. 8 minutes. Control, are you receiving this? Roger Alan, we see what you see. Technical. This is Technical. Terminate this transmission, log back into your session, and abort that decompression sequence ASAP. You heard Technical, call us back when its canceled. Copy, Control. Deceased… Unknown… Unknown… The hell’s happening… Warning: This will end– Error 11323. Error 11323. Error 11323.
Goddammit! This is Flight, go Alan. The abort on decompression failed. Okay then. Pressurize your suit and wait it
out. The airlock will return to equilibrium a few moments after the computer resets. That’s a no go, Flight. My suit is compromised. Control, when I went to do a restart, the
computer gave me an error code: 11323. One moment. That is… a hydraulic failure in your current section. Solution? Working on it. Flight?!
Be advised, the station is severely damaged. If I evac now, separate the airlock from the
space station, the countdown will cease, equilibrium will be restored, and I’ll have myself a ticket back to Earth. Absolutely not. If you evacuate now, you leave everyone behind in a failing craft. You have five fellow crew members unaccounted for. If you leave… they’ve got no way out. And how do I know any of them are still alive?! You will stay on board and get that door to open. That’s an order. Copy… Technical, we’re gonna need to force these
doors open and I got… I got less than six minutes and fifty-eight percent breathable atmosphere. Roger. We have a contingency.
Are you facing the monitor? Yes. Remove the grid section underneath your right foot. You’re looking for a valve labeled: Hydraulics. Open the panel right below the monitor. You’ll
need your keys. Okay, I see the valve and I have my keys. Copy. Once the panel’s open, find the flagged connection. I see two. You’ll need to shock the system. To do so, throw the valve and unplug the bottom wire at the exact same time. That should force the door open. Should? Copy. We might enter a coms blackout. Call us once you’re on the other side. Good luck. And if you don’t hear from me? Just beautiful… 3… 2… 1… Initializing MMI protocols… Initializing MMI protocols… Alert: Initiating evacuation sequence. The following procedure will permanently sever this section from the space station. Continue? Alan?! Alan, are you alright?! We’re almost there! Just give us five minutes! Alan? Olivia, honey! Alan, what’s going on? We just talked… Olivia, I don’t have time to go into it, but do you remember what we talked about before I left? I… Yes, I remember… Remember… Remember how this station is a lifeline for an entire team of people? You remember how I said everything would be fine? What’re you saying? Olivia, things went wrong… and it’s me or them. Olivia?! I’m here. Oh god, I thought I lost you. And what about your daughter? I left when Aerial was one. She doesn’t even know who I am… You’re her father… and my husband. Don’t fear good-byes. No distance is too great. You need to come home! I need you to let me go. Evacuation: Canceled.


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