Vaishnavi (2010) – Anushka Shetty, Samrat, Chandramohan | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitle

Don’t worry. We’ll be there shortly. Careful. Careful. Please listen. I cannot handle it anymore. Once we reach the hospital
everything will be fine. No vehicle is seen close by. If not you wouldn’t
have had so much pain. Oh my God! Looks like it’s going to rain. Careful. Careful, Parvati. Look, there is a temple in the front. Let’s go there. Come. Come on. Careful. Careful, Parvati. Lie down, lie down. Mother, mother. It’s said that birth and
death is in your hands, O mother. Today my child is going
to take birth at your door step. His protection is now your responsibility
mother, your responsibility. “Oh Adi Lakshmi the primordial
goddess, protect me always.” “Worshipped by sages and bestower
of salvation. Your speech is sweet. ” “You are extoled by vedas.
Devatas worship you.” “You shower virtues. You are serene.” Victory, Victory to you
the dear consort of Madhusudana. Today is ‘swati’ star of ‘shukla’
month. It’s the star of the mother. The child is born
in this auspicious star. This child is an incarnation
of the gooddess devi Vaishnavi. The birth of this child
will make the 5 elements happy. The whole village will be
blessed with prosperity and greenery. I am naming this child born in the
temple of the goddess as Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi! “We meditate on the
glory of the Creator..” “Who has created the Universe..” “Who is worthy of Worship..” “Who is the embodiment
of Knowledge and Light..” “Who is the remover
of Sin and Ignorance..” “May He open our hearts
and enlighten our Intellect.” “We meditate on the
glory of the Creator..” “Who has created the Universe..” “Who is worthy of Worship..” “Who is the embodiment
of Knowledge and Light..” “Who is the remover
of Sin and Ignorance..” “May He open our hearts
and enlighten our Intellect.” “We meditate on the
glory of the Creator..” “Who has created the Universe..” “Who is worthy of Worship..” “Who is the embodiment
of Knowledge and Light..” “Who is the remover
of Sin and Ignorance..” “May He open our hearts
and enlighten our Intellect.” “We meditate on the
glory of the Creator..” “Who has created the Universe..” “Who is worthy of Worship..” “Who is the embodiment
of Knowledge and Light..” “Who is the remover
of Sin and Ignorance..” “May He open our hearts
and enlighten our Intellect.” ‘Aum.’ ‘Aum. Bhuu.’ Mother! Mother goddess has
come in the body of Vaishnavi. Mother, show mercy on all. May everyone be blessed. May there be prosperity
in the village. The goddess mother has herself
taken birth in your family. But sir, won’t my child also
want to play like the other children? Don’t worry, Udayshankar. Mother will reside in the child
only on the fourth day of Aashada. She will avert the difficulties
of these villagers. Besides this, Vaishnavi can
remain a normal child for 364 days. Oh God. All the flowers
have disapperard. Don’t know what is
happening since one week. Someone is stealing all the flowers. You are new here so you dont know. Vaishnavi has plucked all the flowers. Besides your house, she has plucked
it from all other houses as well. But what will Vaishnavi
do with so many flowers? Please take the offerings, sir. What happened? Are you angry with me? What else do I say dear daughter!
You have done the prayers that I do. I distrubute offerings
to the whole village. Now you are giving me the offerings!
-Oh! So that’s the matter. It was a mistake by me.
Please excuse me. No,no! I was joking. Anyway no
one is going to believe me if I tell.. ..Vaishnavi has made a mistake. This temple is yours
and the deity is yours. You always pray for others. Why don’t you pray for your marriage? I don’t ask anyhting for myself.
Mother herself knows what I need. Let me take leave now, priest. Come Vaishnavi, come. If you once enter into our house.. ..then our house
will become prosperous. A house made with so much
love is no less than a temple, uncle. Please come in, daughter. Mother, if you delay me I will
miss the flight. Please let me go. I don’t care if the
flight gets missed. Untill Vaishnavi comes as a good omen,
you can’t leave. Look there sister.
Vaishnavi is coming. Vishnavi, last year you had
told that Vinay would get a job. He has got a job in America. Ok, sister. Let me take leave. I can’t tell when I will be able to take
part in the temple festival again. Listen brother. Don’t forget
your identity after going abroad. Don’t forget your parents as well. Also, don’t give up your principles.
Mother Goddess will keep you happy. Come. Hello, sir. -Hello. What is your name, son?
-My name is Rajesh. I don’t know anyone in this
village other than Vaishnavi. I don’t know why
I fell in love with her. But I kknow how much I love her.
More than my life. I have heard about you. But there is no one
who can tell about me. I need your help. Yes, Mr.Verma.
This boy has expressed his feelings. The boy is an orphan,
but he is well educated. Rajesh has no relatives. After marrying Vaishnavi,
he will also live with you. What do you say, Uday shankar. What are you thinking Mr.Verma.
The priest is absolutely right. Vaishnavi is definitely your daughter. But for us, she is equal to a goddess. Mr.Verma, please don’t think too much. If you conduct this marriage,
our daughter will always be with us. I have no objection. But, let me ask my daughter once.
-That is also correct. Rajesh, she is not only our daughter,
but also our life. Look son.
I have to tell you something. Every year in the full moon of
the ‘Ashad’ month goddess enters her. When she is a wife,
I will love her as a husband. When she is a deity,
I will become a devotee and pray. “May there be shower of flowers.
Joy has come on all of us”. “A wave has come flowing
to meet its ocean.” “In front of the fire god,
now the union is going to take place”. “All relations are in their place,
but this relation is gold”. “Sing the auspicious song oh friend,
the good day has come”. “Vaishnavi has become a bride.
Vaishnavi will get wedded”. “Vaishnavi has become a bride.
Vaishnavi will get wedded”. “Her beloved will make her
sit in the palanquin and take her”. “With love, heart and body,
a new life will begin”. “Sing the auspicious song oh friend,
the good day has come”. “Joy will shower in the courtyard,
every minute where ever you go”. “Sing the auspicious song oh friend,
the good day has come”. “Joy will shower in the courtyard,
every minute where ever you go”. “Oh the auspicious one in all
auspiciousness, the consort of ‘Siva”. “The one who fulfills all wishes,
Oh mother, I salute thee”. “Oh, auspicious one. I tie this thread
around your neck, the reason of my life “May you live for hundred years”. “I am your partner,
I am you better half”. “God willed and I became yours”. “Now each and every breath
of mine is offered to you”. “I am your image
and you are my mirror”. “Prosper and have lots of kids”. “There will come a guest so sweet”. “When his laughter echoes,
the whole house will blossom”. “Our prince will swing in the cradle,
become the star of everyones eyes”. “He will become the
star of everyones eyes”. “She has come, she has come.
The queen of sleep has come”. “She has come, she has come”. “The queen of sleep has come”. What Mr.Uday Shankar,
you are sitting at home today? I am playing with my grand daughter. Hope you are fine, son.
-I am fine, sir. How come all the villagers are here?
-What else Mr.Verma. The temple festival starts
from Tuesday. Hope yoou remember? It’s our tradition the function starts
from this house. -Why the delay? Give our daughter the plate
of turmeric and vermillion. “We meditate on the glory of the Creator,
Who has created the Universe;” “O daughter of the mountain,
who makes the whole earth happy”. ” Who makes the whole universe
rejoice, praised by Nandin”. Oh mother goddess. My son and daughter
in law don’t have a child. Is a child in their destiny?
Please tell, mother. It’s there. It’s definitely there. Your son will definitely have a child.
-Thank you, mother. Mother, since two years my
husband is suffering from bad health. I feel very scared, mother. His life is long.
He will be cured of his disease. Fulfill your vow. Uday Shankar! Yes, mother. The tears of joy from your eyes
are going to become tears of sorrow. Make your heart strong. -Mother! Make your heart strong.
-Mother, what are you telling? Vaishnavi will die. Mother! Mother.
You are everyone’s saviour. If you talk like this,
how is it alright? Save my daughter, mother.
-This is destiny. Father.. father! Mother, peace, peace. Mother. Please show pity. One of you light the lamp
so that mother calms down. Vaishnavi! Father! Vaishnavi! Mother! Vaishnavi! Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi. Mother. My daughter Vaishnavi. Mother, what is this? What an injustice is this? My daughter was born in your temple. The entire village worshipped
her as your incarnation. That daughter died
in front of your eyes. You protect the whole
world becoming a mother. So, doesn’t this innocent
child need a mother? Yes, this is true.
What do you know about giving birth? Have you ever had
someone in your womb? That’s why you’ve done this injustice. What goddess are you? Wasn’t the temple.. .. prayers and offerings not enough? Was it not enough? What was the need to
take my daughter’s life? Your eyes have closed. Open your eyes once and see. What’s the use of killing demons
and being glorified in the epics? You couldn’t save my daughter’s life,
who only did good for others. This bad name will get
combined with your name. This is destiny.
You are not able to understand. “I have come”. “I have come, swaggering,
swirling, waving, carefreely yawning”. “I show my tenor and come’. “I have come, swaggering,
swirling, waving, carefreely yawning”. “I show my tenor and come’. “I stole the sleep of millions”. “There are thousands who
have been hurt by my attitude”. “Rumbake rumbake,
rumba rumba, rumbake”. “Hey rumba,
hey rumba, hey rumba rumba rumba”. ” Thousands are hurt by my attitude,
I brought bombs of joy”. “I stole the sleep of several”. “I am a thorn, don’t think I’m a flower.
Don’t make the mistake of touching me”. ‘I am not sweet,
I will give eneryone a tough time”. “I am the queen of my heart.
I do what I please”. “All the Romeos are scared of me,
I am not scared of anyone”. “Cause heads bow,
in front of me, whereever I set foot’. “Hey rumba,
hey rumba, hey rumba rumba rumba”. “Hey rumba,
hey rumba, hey rumba rumba rumba”. “I have come, swaggering,
swirling, waving, carefreely yawning”. “I stole the sleep of millions”. “Dhandanakara, dhandanakara,
nakara, nakara, dhandanakara”. “Nakara, nakara, nakara,nakara”. “All the streets are under my feet.
All move on my command”. “If I go, the path also moves.
No eyes look up in front of me”. “Those bitten by me don’t ask water,
no one clashes with me”. “I am the flame of a burning fire,
lest someone touches meand gets burnt”. “Cause heads bow,
in front of me, whereever I set foot’. “Hey rumba,
hey rumba, hey rumba rumba rumba”. “Hey rumba,
hey rumba, hey rumba rumba rumba”. “I have come, swaggering,
swirling, waving, carefreely yawning”. “I stole the sleep of millions”. Hello, who is this? Shahrukh Khan? “Raone is a super hit. Don’t worry”. Shahrukh you keep the phone. Hello.
– Brother, this is Ambala speaking. Tell me Mr.Ambani.
-Has the gas cylinder arrived? Lots of gas will come
in the Godavari basin. Very good. -Don’t delay too much.
Send the money quickly. Okay. Good. Sir, please see my hand. You have all the bad luck of the
world in this hand. -I know that, sir. I came to you to know the unknown.
-What do you want to know? Should I tell you with
whom your wife has eloped? When she will have kids?
-Sir, I have been gratified. I’ve understood that you know
everything. When will this sorrow go? Even if I parcel your sorrows
to America, your days wont improve. Move aside, move aside. All of you move.
-Who is this new cock that’s coming? Sir, sir. Why are you so excited? -Seeing
your beard who wont be excited? I too got excited seeing it, sir.
-You’re big yet don’t have maturity. How can I mature, sir.
I am not yet married. Don’t lie. If you were in a government
job you will retire in two years. If you had taken LIC policy,
you would have become a millionaire. Sir, I want to remain evergreen. I am not yet married.
Why is it not happening, sir? Tell oh snake king. Show your hand. You were supposed to
get married 400 years ago. But you died a bachelor. You have such a superb flashback
which none can have. -What flashback? Similar to Devdas and Shah jahan.. Romeo and Juliet,
you were a unique lover. Exactly 400 years ago you were the
army general of the king of Udaipur. Your name was Kaal Bhairav. Don’t dream too much.
The matter will get spoilt. Princess Mitravinga
loved your six pack body. Not now. During those days. Coming to know of this,
the king cut you and killed you. You cannot get married to anyone else. It can take place
only with Mitravinga. She is now the princess of which
state, sir? I’ll break your head. Don’t you have brains? There is no king or kingdom now. Girls like princesses roam
on the road. Go and get hold of her. General Kaal Bhairav, you will get
your princess. -Where will i get her? How will I recognise her?
-Bangkok will have a tsunami. There will be storm in Andhra
Pradesh and lightening in the sky. You will find crows cawing
all around you. -Why so, sir? To peck you and eat. Don’t interrupt. -Sorry, sir. Keep a big coconut on your
head and tell I am Kaal Bhairav. Mitravinga will recognise you.
-Will that girl marry me sir? You will definitely get married. Go. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Please take your fees,
sir and keep the balance. Am I a beggar that you are giving
me 100 rupees? -Then how much, sir? Minimum five thousand.
– Five thousand? I am giving, I am giving, sir. What’s the matter? Today aunt
is in a mood of putting on make-up! Right! Right. You quickly freshen
up while I lay breakfast for you. Wait! What happened? -From where
are you coming early in the morning? Jogging! Jogging darling, jogging! I have to maintain
my physique isn’t it? What jogging?
I have never done any jogging. Yet my physique is excellent isn’t it? Don’t tell it loudly.
Some boy may fall for you! If she has so much attitude now.. ..don’t know what she would
have done before this. Oh God! I don’t understand
what this Sunday is.. ..what this having breakfast
together is and what this confession.. ..of mistakes done during the week is? With such rules,
grandfather is eating our head off. Just take the rules. -Yeah. Hey Milky. Don’t make noise.
-Good morning brother. Good morning.
Let me freshen up and come. Brother. – Sit here. Morning daddy. -Good morning. Good morning uncle. -Good morning. On seeing all of you I feel
full without eating anything. Oh God! I have unnecessarily
made so much of breakfast. Though just once in a week.. .. when all of us sit together
for breakfast, I find great joy. I am feeling hungry. Allow us
to have breakfast grandpa. -Yes,yes. First tell me is you have done anything
wrong this week. Then you can eat. You remember the 85 marks
you saw in my progress card? Yeah! Those are very good marks. I had actually made 35 into 85 marks. Cunning! Varun, your daughter
knows 85 is greater than 35. She is upset because of low marks. Send her for tuitions
and her marks will come up. Till then, no chocolates, no
ice creams. No cool drinks for Milky. Grandpa! Milky! -Sorry. Is there anyone else
who has done wrong deeds here? Very good. Looks like everyone
has given up doing wrong deeds. Sorry daddy. With my friends in
the party I had beer. Beer?! -Beer?! Beer? – Beer? Looks like he has also
developed his uncle’s habit. Daddy, some of my
close friends forced me. In order to celebrate our Milky’s
marks in the exams I had a little. But son, from where
did you get this bad habit? Seeing your face it looks like
you have also done something wrong. I tooks money from the
office and played cards. Cards?!
– Cards?! If you receive joker you show off. But if someone else gets the joker,
you become a joker yourself. Look, from today
for the next two weeks.. ..both of you have nothing
to do in the office. First ask your dear daughter
what she has done. -Yes. What did I do? No never. If you tell Vijayshankar’s
daughter has done wrong.. ..then no one in the
world will believe it. Oh God! As if no one knows about aunty. If she opens her mouth
she only tells lies. What happened Milky? Don’t wonder why grandpa
keeps this confession every sunday. And don’t think anyone can
get away after making mistakes. Remember one thing. By owning up to your
mistake gives relaxation. But by trying to hide
the mistakes creates risk. I don’t want any member
of my family to have such a risk. All of us make mistakes. But only the one who accepts his
mistakes and corrects himself is a human. Very nice. Very well said. You sit in the office
and sign on waste papers. And here on sunday at breakfast
you deliver lectures on goodness? They are children and children
do make mistakes. Why all this? All because your
daughter who is sitting.. front of your eyes
is of marriageable age. You are not finding a
groom or getting her married. Isn’t this your mistake?
-What do you say my girl? Daddy! – If you keep petting her,
she will start sitting on your head. See Vijay. You get her married soon. If not I will get her married. Sister! -I want to see
her marriage before I die. Yes, I have told it. If you don’t bother I will
bang my head on that wall.. ..and give up my life.
Aunty what are you doing? What are you doing? Sister! -Aunty! Aunty! Oh God! What’s happening/
Everything is shaking. Oh my! How come it’s so windy?! Why is the dog that cries
in the night cring during the day?! Oh God! Why are the
buffalos shouting?! Is it my feeling or are
you also having similar feelings?! Oh My! Why is that pumpkin shaking? Oh God! What if this pumpkin breaks? Why is the smell of
a burning dead body coming? Oh my God! He looks like a vagabond. What do you know about him?
He is an Aghori monk. He has gained great powers
from the graveyard of Banaras. He has the ability to bring
the ocean at the place he sits. Oh, so has the rain
come because of him? Oh my! He is coming here. Please come Kundalik baba, welcome. Oh my God! Jaggu bhai, you go first. Be brave.
-I can’t go into the mouth of death. If you have called me.. means you are
not an ordinary person. You are a demon in the human form. You are one who drinks
the blood of others. You are seeking my help.
Jam jam mala, jam kapala! Kundali mo, chandaali jama. What is the reason for calling me? Now tell me that. Let me tell you, if you hide
anything the loss will be yours. Tell me everything without hiding. Only then you will be successful.
Tell me. Tell me. Sister, come here. The engineer is coming. The items have not been delivered and
he is here to collect his percentage. Please come sir. Please come. Please come. Hello Bilawal. Sit here sir. Please sit. What is this?
You are roaming with a brass plate? If you know the truth,
you will be surprised. Brother Bilawal,
this is not an ordinary brass plate. There is such a matter hidden in
it which can change all our destinies. See the map of the temple. But this is our temple! Yes madam. As an archealogist
it’s been found that there.. .. is a treasure hidden
here for many ages. This is the temple
of mother Vaishnavi. Below the sanctum sanctorum there
is treasure worth millions hidden. Wow! Treasure is hidden?! If I inform the government.. .. I will only get permission. But, if I inform you,
both of us can become millionaires. None other than me in the department
or outside know about this. And no one should know this. This matter should
not be told to anyone. You are right.
Now let’s talk business. I have used my brain. 75% is mine. The remaining work is yours.
25% is yours. What? As you mentioned gold,
brother’s heart has become gold. Forget percentage etc. See where brother sends you. Why are you looking at me?
Just look there. Brother, if the treasure is to
be taken, the temple has to be closed. This becomes your problem. 50 50. Is it okay, brother? -Oh no. Give that knife, brother. Engineer sir, come here.
This knife is of 3 feet. 3 and 3 is 6. Above 6. Oh my God! You are above 6 feet! What is this brother?
Why are you measuring me? It’s to make brother’s work easy.
I was measuring your height. To dig your grave. Wait a minute. Brother, I worked hard
and researched for 4 months. I too should get something. 25% mine 75% yours.
-Come on the bargain is good. Please agree. You wipe your sweat. Quiet. Do you think he
doesn’t know to do business? What is this officer? You are reducing your own share! I am not a bad person. Wipe your sweat. Wipe it brother. Sit down. You have made a mistake.. telling me what you know. But, I will not make a mistake. All I needed was that
which was in your brain. Your body is a waste for me. press brother, press. Enough, his time is over. There has been no use for
this ever since I picked it up. Ahoy! Dispose of the body. -Take it away. Come on. Lift it. Take it away quickly. Dig a big grave. His height is more. If we have to get the treasure.. ..we should get the temple closed.
Daily devotees come. Different types of prayers
take place every week. Then the pandit, and Vaishnavi. She forecasts things. The full village gets collected there. Yet, we have to get the temple closed. You will get the temple closed?
This is not your bedroom.. ..that you lock it as you wish. Hello! When it comes to wealth.. brain works at great speed. If I need to take the heads
off of many, I will not go back. What will Vaishnavi
tell about others future? I will wipe out her future. Does it mean you will kill Vaishnavi? Brother, no brother. Vaishnavi is a goddess who
is worshipped by the whole village. We will not do anything
wrong with her. Please listen to me,brother. Letting Vaishnavi go means,
letting go of the treasure. Please come swamiji. I salute you. -May you prosper. May you prosper. Hope you are fine, swamiji. What do I need? I am a popular astrologer
who has money, name and fame. That means we don’t
need to give you anything. What? -The house is
fine isn’t it , swamiji? Yes, the house is fine. Okay. This is brother and this is his wife. They look like the
pair of SitaRam don’t they? To me they look like
Ravan and Mandodari. Swamiji has recognised them. Please come. -Nothing can be
hidden from the emperor of astrology. Whether it is of the past,
present or future.. ..they are stars and
planets hidden in my almanac. Have you seen the almanac? Come on. You shoud not make
fun of the stars and planets. Please excuse me. Shastriji, please sit down. Tell me. Come on, tell me. Is it foundation
laying or house warming? Is it wedding or birthday
or golden anniversary? Tell me, tell me. I shall look at all the
stars and fix an auspicious time. Tell me what is the occasion? Auspicious event? Not auspicious event,
shastriji, it’s inauspicious event. Pick an inauspicious
time to kill someone. You are asking me to pick
an inauspicious time to kill someone? Who are you planning to kill? It’s Vaishnavi. Mad! have you become mad? You want to kill an innocent girl
who is equal to a goddess. Madman. No one has ever asked for an inauspicious
time to kill some one innocent. No problem. Do it now. By the way there is
prosperity in brother’s hand. You pick a time for her death. Swamiji, you will become wealthy. Control your tongue and talk you fool. Not me. You. If I curse you, you will find
yourself directly in the graveyard. Don’t try to tempt me. Otherwise I will make
you vanish from this world. I will not be with you in this work. Swamiji, please wait. Hello Shastri.
Don’t act in front of me. I give you 10 minutes.
Choose an inauspicious time quickly. Otherwise,
I will give my men only 10 seconds. Brother, why talk to him.
I will cut him now. -Stop you fool. Will you kill swamiji with a knife?
Do you have brains? I will strangle you
with love and kill you. Leave me. Where will you go? I want to see joy in brother’s eyes.
Sit down. The meaning of that kick is, sit down. Sit down. The reason for Vaishnavi’s fortune,
wealth and future being bright is.. ..this Ketu.
But the position of ketu is.. shaky. The power of Ketu is reducing now. Hence, it’s the right time
to cause damage to Vaishnavi. Getting a chance is enough. I will cause damage to her. This forthcoming full moon
of aashad from 10.30 a.m to.. ..noon 12.30 is the
time of yama ghanta. If you want to cause any
kind of harm to Vaishnavi.. ..then, this would be the right time. Even if a second goes wrong.. will result in the
death of the one causing harm. No! -Oh God. Son of a pig! With the intention of killing
whom are you lighting matches here? Madam, I had forgotten. Turmeric and
vermillion are being made for the mother. You sons of pigs. This is not ordinary turmeric
and vermillion that’s being made here. We are adding explosives to these. Vaishnavi! Just as the turmeric with
explosives will be applied on her.. ..she will burn from head
to foot and become ashes in a second. Brother, no brother. This is a sin, brother.
Don’t kill her. She is mother goddess. What is the necessity for this,
brother? Kindly listen to me, brother. Vaishnavi has an innocent child,
brother. I don’t know anyting else, brother.
-Sit down. Sit down. -Please, brother. Brother, please listen, brother. Vaishnavi is an incarnation of the
goddess. Please don’t kill her, brother. Really brother. She is a goddess. What ever she says, comes true. When I was young,
and sick, everyone told I would die. Only Vaishnavi told
I would survive, brother. For the sake of wealth,
I have murdered my father. Vaishnavi will die. Mother, please be calm. Mother, please become calm. One of you take the aarti of mother. No. Ajay has seen us. If he informs the villagers,
it will be dangerous for us. Go and catch him. Go. Be quick, quick. We have removed Vaishnavi
who was our obstacle in our path. Now I will spread
fear among the villagers. I will tell that.. ..these accidents are happening due
to the anger of the mother goddess. I will get the doors
of the temple closed. Father! Who ever goes to the temple is dieing.
Don’t know what has happened. Since Vaishnavi’s death, there
has been trouble for the villagers. Vaishnavi died in the temple. And after that the devotees coming
to the temple also started to die. Outsiders are fearing
to enter this village. Hence, let’s close
the temple for a few days. If we close the temple,
then where will we offer prayers? Panditji, if we don’t do so.. ..this village will
become a graveyard. I am telling this for your good.
Do you all want to die? Come on,
close the temple for a few days. Close it. Sir, sir. Sir. -What happened?
What is the matter? Sir, as per your order
we were digging in the temple. On setting foot in the temple
we are getting strange sounds. Animal sounds and bullock sounds. We feel scared to enter
the temple, brother. Sir, we are telling the truth. Getting the treasure from the temple
is difficult. Please believe us. To do this, I will call
the person who is to be called. I will call him. I am impressed with you. There is nothing that
I can’t do with my powers. You did all this with the power
of yourself and that of your men. You killed Vaishnavi. You got the temple closed. There can be obstacles in good deeds. But there shouldn’t
be obstacles in bad deeds. When your brain and my power meet.. ..then you will definitely
obtain the treasure. It’s fantastic yaar, I really like it. Excuse me. -Yes. I am Kaal Bhairav. ie, Bhairav. Happy death anniversary! Are you mad? This is our death day
in our previous birth. What’s the meaning of birth? Exactly 400 years ago both of us, I
mean, we were in love with each other. You were a princess and
your name was mitravinga. and my name was kaal Bhairav. When obstacles came in our marriage.. became depressed
and comitted suicide. On hearing this,
your father sent me to the gallows. Our relationship
is for several births. You have totally gone mad.
-Yes, completely. I am mad in love with you. Every lover should
love his beloved like mad. And every lady should
worship her lover like God. I forget the one
whom I loved yesterday. And tomorrow I will forget
the one I loved today. If you want I can
love you for one hour. Will you give me 10,000/? -Oh my God! Give me this. -He acted unnecessarily. Oh God! She looks
like Gajini’s sister. She doesn’t remember anything.
Now what shall I do? Unnecessarily this
boquet has become a loss. You will see tsunami
in front of your eyes. Crows will be seen flying around you. There will be lightening in the sky. You will definitely get married. Go! “Emperor. Oh emperor.” “O great and magnificent emperor,
ruler of royal decree.” “May your life be everlasting.” “Words alone cannot praise you,
you’re the cornerstone of India.” “India is your life,
you’re the life of India.” “We welcome you in our hearts.” “We welcome you in our hearts.” Where did she go? Where did my princess disappear? Help me meet my princess. Ramesh! -Yes madam. Will you display a sari designed
with so much effort in this manner? Sorry madam. Quality and creativity is our
company’s motto. don’t forget this. When we charge in lakhs, it’s
our responsibiity to present it well. Okay? -okay ma’am. Wow! Fantastic design. -Thank you. There are more colours in this.
Would you like to see. -Yes, sure. Ramesh, show her those. Which fabric will you choose?
-This one. Hi. So till where have we reached? Hey Honey, we’ve selected this fabric.
Have a look. This? Use your brain a bit. First of all
customer comfort is very important. The softer the fabric the
happier they will be wearing it. Now, it’s the festive season as well,
isn’t it? Let’s try something ethnic. We’ll do traditional design
work on both these fabrics. And we have to come up with very
trendy designs for the fashion show. There should be no mistakes from
our side in the upcoming fashion show. We have to be perfect. Hello. Hi, Honey. How are you? -Fine. Meet the event manager
of our next fashion show. Andrew. -Hello madam. I am the camera man
of your fashion show. And I am proud of it. -Same here. What happened Honey?
You are always perfect in bowling. Today you missed your target.
What’s the matter? The fact is that I feel
scared once it’s Sunday. My aunt takes my life
out in teh name of marriage. And everyone supports only her. The one who gives all of us
tension is being tensed by her aunt. We should thank your aunt. The matter is very serious okay?
Don’t joke. And there are my parents.
I ask them to get me married. They say you are still a child and
ask what I will do getting married. Think of it. One should get
married when the figure is good. What’s the use of getting
married when you have sugar? You listen to your parents now. I don’t have interest in marriage,
children, family etc. -Any love? Oh God! That is a bigger torture. Love and marriage can
happen anytime in life. But every human has an ambition. And, my ambition is that my designs.. .. shine in the paris show world. I will get married after that. Her problem is just not reaching
paris alone, but her aunt as well. If the guy turns out right,
then fine. If not she and her
ambition will go to hell. Where there is a problem,
there is a solution as well. Simple. Study, study.
You keep playing all the time. From where are you coming? Shaking your hips
from side to side, Yeh! Aunty! I am feeling shy to tell. She has definitely made a plan. Seeing you feeling shy,
I too feel shy. Tell me, what’s the matter. Today, I am going to
give you all a good news. Do tell, dear. She is definitely fooling grandma. Show me also the photo. Oh, witches! Where are all of you? Come here. All of you
come here and see this photo. Just see why she is screaming so much. Who is this boy? Your son in law. Okay, so get married soon. And give a baby in my hands. Honey, who is this boy? Hey, he is such a nice boy. From which village is he? What does he do?
-Hey, stop your questioning. The boy is very nice. Why dear,
you’ve brought the photo of the boy. You could have brought
hi home isn’t it? -Oh I am dead! He is studying in America. -Oh good. What’s the boy’s name? His name. His name is Ravi. That’s a very nice name, dear. Hey! Everyone is assembled here.
What’s the matter? Our Honey wants to tell you something. What’s the matter? Daddy. -Yes. I am in love with someone. Are you telling the truth?
-I am telling the truth,daddy. She’s telling it’s the truth. But, it will not be the truth at all.
-Aunty is fooling everyone. Since how long have
you been loving him? And why didn’t you tell us till now? Daddy is asking you, right? Tell him. Your father will not mistake you. Oho! Very good. The boy is smart. Nice boy, isn’t it? Now we all have to get together and
print the card, call the relatives. We have to buy clothes
and jewellery for her. -Aunty. Ravi is studyong in the US. After his education it
will take two years to get a job. He says we can get married
after he gets a job. If you really love him, your marriage
will take place only with him. Congratulations! Thank you. Hello, can’t you
see properly and walk? Hello, mister.
Haven’t you seen a girl before? Why did you bang on me, tell me? Excuse me.
You were the one who banged on me. Have you heard that proverb? -No. Whether the leaf falls on the thorn,
or the thorn falls on the leaf.. The mistake is always of the thorn.
-It’s not the leaf’s mistake right? My name is Rajesh. Rajesh sharma. I am not a Sita. Lift the bag,
tell sorry and get going. Sorry! Please take this. Irritating fellow. Why are you staring
at me like a clever thief? Mitravanga! What are you talking, Mitravinga? You are the thief princess
who stole my heart 400 years ago. And you are calling me a thief? What is this?
Are you telling me some film story? You close your mouth. When a princess is talking to her
army general, why are you interfering? Now what was wrong in what she told?
-Mitravinga! Each life is like a film story. How can I make you believe? See your Kaal Bhairav in me? See your mad lover in me. Hey Pooja. Call the mental hospital. Mitravinga. Don’t talk like this. If you don’t believe me
then come with me to Udaipur. Hey mental. I will not
come with you even till the door. Come on. -Mitravinga! Mitravinga. I have recognised you. But, you didn’t recognise me?
No worries. It’s been 400 years.
400 years have gone by. Listen to me Mitravinga. Sometime or the other, you will
definitely recognise your Kaal Bhairav. You will sit with me on the horse. And I will ride the horse, tak tak.
-Come on. Mitravinga! If you recognise me.. ..I will add milk in this can
and come to you for our first night. But, if you don’t recognise me.. ..I will add poison in
the can and makeit my last night. Okay? pass it here. pass it to her. yes! Pass it on yaar. Pass it here. Come on yaar, come on. Yeah. Yeah! Hi! Looks like the medical shop
has shifted here. See he has come. Can I play with you? With me? No chance. You think I don’t know to play? Of course. Then, can I join
you in the matinee show? How do you know that we
are going for a matinee show? Sixth sense. Not sixth sense. Nuisance. -What? Yes, Mr. Nuisance. What’s it with you and my programme?
Can you now leave please? Oh! Why do you get so angry? At least take me for dinner with you
at KFC, where you are going tonight. After pressurising her for 3 weeks,
she agreed to take us 3 days. But, how did you come to know? This is also sixth sense, madam. Will you stop disturbing
and get going from here? Okay, I will go. But, I will see you in the fashion
show you have organised tomorrow. I will definitely see you. Bye. He has found out so
much about the fashion show. Then, he must have
learnt a lot about you. His research show is over. Now, shall we think about
our fashion show? Come on. If Honey is tired, she won’t
drink water. She will drink juice. Is this sixth sense? -Yes. She doesn’t like Mango juice. Yes, thank you. She doesn’t like
to drink using a straw. Hello! -What happened? I am right no? We don’t know her taste.
How do you know? This also sixth sense is it? Shall I tell something else?
What sort of dreams she sees. Even what she murmurs in her dream. Congrats, Honey. You will definitely win in this show. You will succeed in your ambition. Is it the sixth sense speaking? Not just sixth sense. I have
confidence in Honey’s abilities. If I win as per what he says, I
will definitely give you all a treat. There is no need for a party. It’s enough if you come
tomorrow evening to KBR Park. Why so? -I am coming, isn’t it? What? -I shall wait. Bye. He knows a lot about you.
He is a nice guy. What? -He is telling everything about you correctly. It must be the sixth sense only. His head. It’s not sixth sense,
but its nuisance. The other day he found
my diary near the medical shop. He is doing all this with that.
-So then what shall we do now? I will go to the park tomorrow. I will find out what his
motivations and nuisances are. Aah! I’ll inform you to brother. Please leave me. After all we’ve been together
and roamed together. -What? You have done a great mistake
by going against brother. Why did you betray the person whose
salt you have eaten all along? Why? Hello. We have caught Ajay. -Kill him. Okay brother. We’ll kill him. Please listen. Remove the rope.
I want to use the washroom. No, no. -Hey, Vicky. He is our man.
He has played and grown with us. Let him go. Open the rope, man. -If you say so. Go, go, man. Hey, where is he? He is in the bathroom.
-Why did you let him go? Hey! Hey! He has gone! How did he run? He hit me and ran away. What was the necessity
to open up the rope? Hello brother. -Have you killed him? Brother. He hit our
man and ran away, brother. Mark, useless. Go and meet our inspector. How lucky you are! Mitravinga touched you with her lips. You are not the only one,
I am also lucky. Mitravinga, my darling! Mitravinga, Mitravinga. Mitravinga. Oh, Mitravinga. God is great. Today I will somehow remind
Mitravinga of her previous birth. Then both of us will fly in the sky. Mother, please give something. Wow, Mitravinga. You are really a princess. With such a great heart
you donated ten rupees! Fantastic. Hello, brother.
Please give me those ten rupees. You are begging from a beggar? I am not a beggar, my brother. Take this. It’s a hundred rupee note. Take this 100 and give me that 10. You are a great soul.
-Okay, all right. Mitravinga. Hi. Didn’t I tell you
that you would definitely come? You can only talk about
the future isn’t it? I can tell you everything
about your childhood too. For example,
when you were around 6 or 7 years old. Do you remember what you did then?
-What did I do? Oh my children, my children.
What are you doing? Why don’t you pull her head? Oh my. Oh, what are you doing? Oh, Honey dear, come, come.
Nothing has happened. Come, come, come. No, child, no. Give that pot. How did this get stuck
in your head, dear? I lifted it like this. Then I put it on my head like this. Oh, remove it, remove it. Remove it. Remove it. Oh my God! Who is this villain? I will return with four rowdies. Can your sixth sense tell only about
me, or can it tell about others too? My sixth sense works.. ..on those whom I am interested in. You are right. You should get their diaries as well. The other day, you had taken
my diary in the medical shop. You are telling me
what I had written in it. Leave alone sixth sense,
you don’t even have common sense. Sorry. I will return your diary.
-Thanks. For what? -You brought back some
of my childhood memories. That’s why? Bye. Hello. -Hello. On whose name?
-Today is our Honey’s birthday. Please offer the prayer in her name. What is the clan? -Vishnu clan. Star? -‘Swati’ star. It’s the deities star. Prayers being offered not dialogue. “Aum”. “We meditate on the glory of
the Creator,who has created the Universe”. “Who is worthy of Worship,who is the
embodiment of Knowledge and Light”. ‘May He open our hearts
and enlighten our Intellect.” “Aum,Aum’. Come, let’s go. Oh, God! Come with me. I’ll tell you something.
-What are you doing? You come, I will tell you. Leave me. Sit down. Now you are sitting in front of
‘Satya Narayan’. Tell only the truth. I know about you. If you open your mouth, you lie.
If you like you tell the truth. That’s why I am making
you talk in the temple. Now tell me the full matter.
-Which matter? That about your love affair
with the guy in America. What is it with the photo? Tell your love story. -Aunty! Please, please. The other day I had gone to the
medical store to get your medicines. I met him there.
Is that enough? -Not enough! Okay, okay. Don’t get angry. What do you like in that boy? Tell me, daughter. His sense is good. What is this sense? I won’t tell you anything, go.
-Please, please, please. Following me everywhere like a shadow. What I am doing today. What I will do tomorrow. He told all these like a forecast.
I fell in love with this style. Being an engineer,
he forecasts like an astrologer? Aunty, I will hit you. Sorry, sorry. I won’t tell anything. You tell. -I was angry
with him in the first meeting. Then I realised he loves me. Seeing his decency, I fell for him. He looked ordinary in the photo. But now from your
description he looks great. Call him and he will come running. You steal? You steal? I will break your bones. Hello, Inspector. -Hello. Is everything alright?
-Yes, everything is alright. There is a small work. -Yes, tell me. One of our guy has run away. He deceived our brother. We have searched for him everywhere. He is wearing a blue
jeans and a white shirt. Please find him somehow. This is his photo. What is this?
You are showing your own guy’s photo? Hello. -This is me, Jaggu. What is this Jaggu?
Why have you sent your guy’s photo? Brother doesn’t spare
anyone who troubles him. Be it his own person. Brother has told me this. I am telling you the same.
-Okay. Right, right. Sir, this guy in the photo
wants to run away to Dubai. Please catch him soon. Okay. I will do all that I can. Thank you sir. Thank you. -Constable. Yes, sir. Keep two of our people in front of
the passport officer Babulal’s office. He will definitely come there. Hey! Mother! -What happened Honey? Mother! -What happened daughter? Where is daddy? Tell me. He is upstairs. Tell us what’s happened? Honey! Honey, where are you going? Don’t know what’s happened to her.
She has never been so scared before. What happened? -Daddy! Don’t know what’s happened? Son in law! Please come, please come.
Why are you standing outside? Please come. Please come inside. What is the matter, Ravi? Vijay! Come down and see who has come. Son-in-law has come. -Oh! Oh! So that’s the matter? -Daddy! Why are you getting tense about this? Come, come.
Let me see. -Daddy, please. Welcome, welcome. What a surprise! Oh my God! What is this? Did you see this? Seeing each other,
not a word came from any of them. When I saw Honey so
disturbed I was surprised. I didn’t know my son-in-law,
to be was coming from America. It’s not so, daddy.
-Come on. You need not worry. We’ll have a lavish dinner tonight.
Okay? -Please daddy. Catch him. Catch him. Officer, what’s happening? He is a big criminal, sir. -Criminal? He ran from our custody
and was hiding in your house. Honey! You come on. Groan. Knowing he is a criminal,
you loved him? There is no use of bowing your head. At least tell me the truth now. Please excuse me, daddy. Everyone was troubling
me in the name of marriage. So I should a stranger’s photo
and told I was in love with him. Actually,
I just came to know he is a criminal. Whatever be it. What’s happened
shouldn’t have taken place. I had made a rule anyone who makes
a mistake should tell me on Sunday. None of you took it seriously. If someone makes a
mistake he should own it. Then should correct himself.
That’s why I had made that rule. Being friendly with you,
I gave you freedom. That’s my mistake. She has made a mistake unknowingly. Knowing or unknowing,
a mistake is a mistake. If you had told you don’t want
to get married, that would be it. Daddy. Whatever has happened, has happened. I leave further decisions to you. Please listen to me. Sister, your massage
gives brother joy. His body has also become strong. Have you brought Ajay? That’s great. Not just rowdyism,
but your brain is also great. Well done, Young one. You escaped from me all these days. This means your life
span is rather big. Yes brother.
He has been nourished by you. But, he has been give us
the skip for the last six months. You eat the chicken I gave you. You ate the lamb I gave you. You drank the liquor I gave you. If I asked you to hit someone,
you did that too. But, why are you doing so now,
young one. I ate what you gave,
I drank what you gave. I was as faithful as a dog.
Yet, I say one thing. You have done wrong, brother. The knife may just be of
six inches..the human suffers. But when it goes through
a six feet human being.. A tiny thorn pricks a man’s foot. He gets it removed immediately. Does he leave it without removing? The one who plays
with death doesn’t win. When death plays we go to sleep. When we play, death goes to sleep.
There’s no news. The girl you planned and
killed was not an ordinary girl. She was mother goddess who
was worshipped by the entire village. Mother goddess! The person who holds
a knife should not have fear. Nor should he have devotion. If that happens,
God will take the person with Him. You are one who has
both these in your mind. So, I am sending you to Him.
-Bring sticks. Let’s burn him. Keep them properly. Burn. You will die. All of you will die. She will come. Vaishnavi will come. She will kill all of you. Only then you will realise. What fear is. And what devotion is. Vaishnavi died in my hands. Will she kill me? Will she come as mother goddess? Let her come. Come. Come. Come. Hello. -Where are you? I will not be able to come today. There’s a problem. -What happened? To escape from my aunt..
I showed the photo of a stranger. Yes. He turned out to be a
very big criminal. -Criminal?! A small photo is
causing so much trouble. Don’t know what will happen
with my diary which is with Rajesh. You first go and get the diary,
so that there is no problem. I am going there now. Okay, bye. What a surprise? You coming like a breeze
is of great surprise to me. Stop this blabber
and give me my diary. Oh! Sorry. Your diary is still with me, right? You’ve come to my house for the first
time. Have coffee and take your diary. First give me my diary.
I am in a hurry. What’s the hurry? Please come in. Please, come in. Sit down, please. Just a minute.
I’ll be back in a minute. Honey, come on. Good ball. Honey, coffee. Idiot! That video clip shows
how cheap you are. What? -You followed
me and video graphed me. And you are enjoying it? I had never thought you
would do behave so cheap. Honey! -Don’t talk. I feel hatred on seeing you. I will not spare you. Honey, please. It’s fair enough you
are angry that I video graphed you. But, that very video
is saving someone’s life. Come. See. My daughter Reshmi. The image of you in
the tv has given her life. It’s after seeing
you she falls asleep. Mother. It maybe my bad luck. Or my daughter’s good luck,
I found you. You are thinking why
I secretly video graphed you? See there. My wife, Vaishnavi. “Aum” “Aum” “We meditate on the glory of the
Creator,who created the Universe” “May He open our hearts
and enlighten our Intellect.”‘ “Aum, aum” “Aum,aum” “Aum, Aum” “O daughter of the mountain,
who makes the whole earth happy” ” ‘ Who makes the whole universe
rejoice, praised by Nandin” “Aum, Aum” “Aum, Aum” “Aum,Aum” “Aum, Aum” “Aum, Aum” “Aum, Aum”. ‘Oh mother goddess.’ ‘My son and daughter
in law don’t have a child.’ ‘Is a child in their destiny?
Please tell, mother.’ ‘It’s there. It’s definitely there.’ ‘Your son will
definitely have a child.’ ‘Thank you, mother.’ ‘Mother, since two years my
husband is suffering from bad health.’ ‘I feel very scared, mother.’ ‘His life is long.’ ‘He will be cured of his disease.’ ‘Fulfil your vow.’ ‘Uday Shankar.’ ‘Yes, mother.’ ‘The tears of joy from your eyes
are going to become tears of sorrow.’ ‘Make your heart strong. -Mother!’ ‘Make your heart strong.
-Mother, what are you telling?’ ‘Vaishnavi will die.’ ‘Mother! Mother.
You are everyone’s saviour.’ ‘If you talk like this,
how is it alright?’ ‘Save my daughter, mother.’ ‘This is destiny.’ ‘Father.’ ‘Mother, peace, peace.’ ‘Mother, peace, peace.’ ‘Mother. Please show pity.’ ‘One of you light the lamp
so that mother calms down.’ ‘Vaishnavi!’ ‘Father.’ ‘Mother.’ ‘Mother.’ ‘Vaishnavi. Daughter.’ ‘Vaishnavi.’ ‘Vaishnavi.’ ‘Daughter.’ ‘Vaishnavi.’ ‘Vaishnavi.’ ‘Vaishnavi.’ ‘Mother.’ ‘Daughter, Vaishnavi.’ Mother, please don’t leave me and go. She saw my Vaishnavi burning. She had a paralytic attack. I brought her to the
city for her treatment. It was a miracle. I found you in Vaishnavi’s form. I thought seeing her
mother’s body double.. ..she will get cured.
Hence I did what I did. Please excuse me if it’s wrong. On seeing my video, I got angry. I abused you. I now understand that you
did this for the sake of the child. I’m really very sorry. Mother, where were you all these days? Father, we’ll take mother home. Mother will live with us. If you don’t mind Please come with me to my village. Please stay there for a few days, My father-in-law will feel good. Please, come. Who knows, where she is,
in what state she is and what she ate? Let me tell the truth.
I don’t have peace without seeing her. No peace without talking
to her and scolding her a bit. I am feeling scared
without seeing her. Someone call her. Grandma, I will call her.
-Yes, call her daughter. It’s ringing, it’s ringing. Is it ringing? -Yes. Hello. -Hello, aunty. Where are you? Why Milky? -Without you,
this house has become sentimental. Since you are not here,
granny is making our life difficult. Making your life difficult? We should first kill that old lady. She is the reason for
whatever is happening. What’s her hurry to get me married? She killed her husband.
-What? Killed him? She pressed his neck and killed him. Are you telling the truth? /don’t you understand it seeing her?
I am telling the truth, Milky. How many ever demons,
witches are there. They have all pulled
the old lady’s teeth. Did they remove her teeth? Yes. She has false teeth. Look at her carefully. You can see a mini witch in her. Aunty, we thought this old lady
was our guest. But she is a ghost. Shall we cut her
from our family photo? No dear.
Whatever she be, she is a senior. The old lady will stay in
a corner like a scare. Crow. -Okay. I have not gone anywhere. I will return in four days.
I have told grandpa everything. I’ll call you later.
-Aunty, come home soon. Bye. Okay, bye. Bye. From birth till death, this temple
was everything for my Vaishnavi. My Vaishnavi was an
incarnation of the goddess. This temple was her actual home. Finally, the goddess called
her beloved daughter to her abode. Let’s go. Daughter. Father, father. Grandpa. Son. -Look at this girl. She
looks like our Vaishnavi, doesn’t she? Yes, Rajesh. She looks exactly
like her. -But she is not her, father. Her name is Honey. Is it? Come, daughter. Come in. All of you come in. Come dear. Come, daughter. Rajesh, Our doll! The credit for Reshma recovering
goes to this Honey, father. I didn’t have hope that
our doll would become alright. Daughter, what’s your father’s name? Vijay Shankar Verma? I’ll be back in a moment, daughter. See this photo, daughter. How is my family photo with you? You are also in it. Your father is none
other than my older brother. But, uncle till now, you.. Yes, daughter. You thought right. My brother forgives those
who accept their mistake. But he never forgives
those who hide their mistake. I was in love with a girl. I was scared of my brother’s
position and wealth. Hence I couldn’t tell him the truth. Not knowing this my brother fixed
my marriage with an affluent girl. I married the girl I loved. And I took her to the
house at the same time. The bride’s family talked
bad about my brother. My brother’s head hung in shame. All this happened because of me. I was not able to
show my face to others. I took my wife and
came to this village. Uncle. After that my brother also
didn’t like to live in that village. I came to know that he
went far away with his family. ‘By accepting your mistakes
you get relaxation.’ ‘But, by hiding your
mistakes you get risk.’ ‘My wish is that none from
my family take such a risk.’ Right. -What is this? What is this?
It’s relief for those without clothes. Just as is corruption
fund for the uniformed. I mean, bribe. For what? -My queen is not traceable. Is queen your daughter or your dog? Not dog. My pet lover. Her name is Mitravinga. Age is 23. -If a young girl
is not seen, you don’t tell missing. It means run away. If you don’t have brain, ask me, sir. As there are no bones in the tongue,
don’t talk what you wish. Since when is not seen? -She is
missing for the last 400 years, sir. 400 years? -Yes, sir. Don’t know what game
was played on her by nature. She is not recognising me, sir. No matter what, my queen
has to be in front of me, sir. Do you thin policemen are mad?
-If I tell so you will feel bad, sir. If you want more bribe,
please take, sir. But, by morning my queen
should be in front of me. What? -Sir,
you are feeling bad on hearing this. Think of the plight of
the one who has lost, sir. Why are you standing and
looking at my face? Go to UP. You go to Bihar. Hello, you go to Gujarat. Hello, should I announce in a mike? Don’t you understand?
You go to Udaipur. Oh, my God. Your holiness, your holiness. You are also here, your holiness? My queen is not seen. Please
tell me where she is, your holiness. Hello! How would I know where
the queen of an old man like you is? You leave me, brother. -What
will happen of me, your holiness? I don’t know what is
going to happen with me. Your flashback and your heroine! Don’t you see films?
-I see your holiness. Here make a call. Keep it. You had told me a film story,
your holiness? -Yes. Both you and uncle are definitely
hiding something from me. If I live here, the villagers
will think I am Vaishnavi. You are scared of this matter. That’s why,
you have not yet shown me the village. I can understand your problem. Okay. Forget about the village. But, I want to see the temple. The temple whose goddess,
Vaishnavi used to fervently pray. Rajesh, If want you want,
you don’t come. But, tonight, I will definitely
go too see the temple. Oh, my God! He doesn’t have the
habit of sleeping at night. He keeps chanting like ghosts. I asked you to keep quiet. Uhh. What is this? All the lemons
rolled in all directions. But one lemon stopped here
as if brake has been applied! Don’t you understand?
He’s asking us to dig here. Dig. Dig. Chanting Brother, Jaggu.
The sound of anklets is heard. It’s the sound of anklets. My grandpa used to tell that you
hear anklet sound from the graveyard. Is it so? -How do you know? Why won’t I know?
His grandpa told him. And his grandpa told him.
You continue working. There’s no comparison to you, brother. Chanting. What’s happened to him? Even after hearing the anklet sound,
he is chanting like a deaf man. ‘Bhum chukla’. Run, Vaishnavi’s ghost has come. Chanting Brother. Brother, open the door. Brother, open the door. At such a time?
I’ll have a look and come. Open quickly. Brother. Why is he not
opening the door? Brother. Brother, Vaishnavi’s ghost is seen.
-Keep quiet. She has come as a ghost? Yes. -You would have seen the
vagabond in the dark and got scared. Or you would have seen
your own shadow and got scared. Brother, i am telling the truth.
-Get out of here. We saw Vaishnavi. You spoiled my good mood. Now go. Brother. -Go from here. I am going to the village. He will believe only when he sees. What has happened to you? Jaya, Jaya. Jaya, what has happened to you? Jaya! Who is here? Who is this? I asked, who is it? Who is it? If you are brave, come in front of me. You! Vaishnavi! You are still alive? Didn’t you die? Am I dead? Am i dead? Am i dead? Tell me. How can i die? Without killing you. Will you kill me? Hey, Vaishnavi!
When goddess came in you.. .. in front of the whole
village and devotees.. ..I then killed you using fire. The one you killed was not me.
It was my body. You can never kill my soul. I am still alive, to destroy you. My aim of coming here
is not to talk with you. It is too kill you. You are only a soul Remember,
it’s not possible to destroy me. I killed you in front of everyone. And I made you daughter
a motherless orphan. I have got the temple closed. I will now acquire the treasure. Not only you, even if goddess
Vaishnavi comes, I will destroy her also. People have seen mother
Vaishnavi in the form of ‘Durga’. But whenever sin increases in the
world, she takes the form of ‘Mahakali’. I would have killed demons
like you by tearing your chest. The day mother takes the form
of ‘MahaKali’, will be your last day. Are you scaring me?
I am no ordinary man. I am a demon in a human form. You evil man.
What do you think mother Vaishnavi is? There is the power of the
five elements in the mother. You can escape after
playing with human beings. You can also escape
after playing with animals. But you cannot escape
after playing with the deities. Listen to me. I will kill you three days
later on the full moon of ‘Ashad’. I will purify the
village with your blood. I will protect the
innocent and the weak. I will kill evil demons like you. No power in the world
can save you from me. I will kill you in the exact place,
where you killed Vaishnavi. That too, in the temple and
in front of everyone, I will kill you. By getting the temple closed,
mother goddess doesn’t get closed. Mother has taken the weapon.
The Trident! The Trident! You are feeling scared
of Vaishnavi’s words. By Vaishnavi’s words? How can someone who is dead speak?
-Vaishnavi is dead. Due to her devotion to the goddess.. Even now, her soul protects
the treasure in the temple. That is the reason why you have
not been able to acquire the treasure. We have to tie the soul of Vaishnavi. That too in the temple
itself in the auspicious hour. This soul will meet the human soul. And when it meets the supreme soul,
it will get destroyed. Will get completely destroyed. I will convert that auspicious
time into time of death. We keep that soul
away from the human soul. I will then remove the power of the
five elements from Vaishnavi’s soul. This is my claim. First I will search
for that human soul. Then I will encapture it. We have come to take
a suggestion from you. I am in a situation where
I cannot think about myself. What suggestion can i give? We lost Vaishnvai in
last year’s temple festival. Since then the temple has been closed. The full moon of
‘Ashad’ is coming again. We don’t know what
to do in the festival? I have not come out of
the sorrow of Vaishnavi’s demise. You please do what
all of you think is right. When we were clueless, Vaishnavi
used to guide us. But she is no more. It would not be right
to stop the festival. It used to be celebrated
with great fervour. All the ladies will
make a statue of Vaishnavi. They will then decorate
it with turmeric and vermillion. For us, the decorated
statue will be Vaishnavi. We will then light a lamp
in front of that divine soul. We will then pray to the goddess. Praise the lord ‘Siva’. Praise the lord ‘Siva’. Son, Rajesh. Yes, father. – Take Honey and
leave her in my older brother’s house. What happened, father? The day after tomorrow
is the full moon of ‘Ashad’. We lost Vaishnavi on that day. Thinking of what will happen
this year, I feel very scared. Father. -Yes. We will take ice
cream for mother too, won’t we? -Okay. Daughter, where is your mother?
-At home. At home? Stop! Father, father. Leave me. Father, father. -Stop. Don’t worry.
Everything will be alright. It’s a matter of few days. Sir. Sir. -What’s the matter? Sir. Why have you brought my daughter here? Who is this girl’s mother? And, who is the one
who is in your house? I want to know. Who are you to enquire
about my late wife? I am the one who killed your wife. Just as it’s true of the
existence of soul and human soul. It is also true of two
people looking alike living. We have to control Vaishnavi’s
soul in the same form. In the same form
as was the human soul. Chanting Chanting Chanting Chanting Chanting. Chanting Chanting Aah. Aah “Hey, Vaishnavi!
I have come at your doorstep”. “Uplift me and give me your shade”. “Hey, Vaishnavi!
I have come at your doorstep”. “Uplift me and give me your shade”. “The shadow of sins
have started to increase’. “Mother, I have come to your shelter.” “You had destroyed those
sinners from the world”. “You were the one who ruled
this world with your glory”. “There is lot of power in your
devotion, mother show your form today”. ‘Remove the name of those who
burn your devotees from this world”. “Burn them with your fire such
that the sky also punishes them”. “Mother Vaishnavi, kindly
do this favour and kill the sinners”. “You are the mother
and the destroyer.” “Even the strongest
head bows in front of you”. “You had only killed ‘Basmasur’
and you only drank his blood”. Stop whatever is taking
place in the temple. “Those who recite
in front of Lord ‘Siva”. “Will attain the abode
of ‘Siva’ and enjoy his bliss”. “Mother Vaishnavi, mother Vaishnavi.
The mother of all”. “Mother Vaishnavi, mother Vaishnavi.
The mother of all”. Stop this worship. Our Vaishnavi who was
like a goddess died here. No worship should take
place in this temple. After Vaishnavi’s death,
several devotees also died. We had closed the temple for the
welfare of the village. -that’s true. It is the tradition to celebrate
the festival in the temple only. What is this? -Every year Vaishnavi
used to be present personally. This statue of turmeric and vermillion
is a representation of this. We will call Vaishnavi again
with the power of our devotion. Will Vaishnavi come if you
make a statue of turmeric and call? If she can really come, we will
make a very big statue and call her. Will she really come here? Sir, don’t talk like
this about Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi can once
again be born from my womb. Will Vaishnavi be born again? That too in your womb? Hey, Vaishnavi. Do you want to die again
once again in my hands? What? I had only killed Vaishnavi. What? “I pray Lord ‘Siva”. What is this? This is torture. Screams Let Vaishnavi’s soul come. Let mother goddess herself come.
I will kill everyone. No power can stop me
from acquiring the treasure. Mother, Vaishnavi. “O daughter of the mountain,
who makes the whole earth happy”. “Who makes the whole universe rejoice,
praised by ‘Nandin”. Mother goddess, mother goddess. Mother, mother. Hail mother. Chanting


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