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Hi Hey How are you? Sit How are you? All good What’s happening? I don’t think i am gonna complete my monthly target Why? Infront of everyone you said, your target is complete Bro i had a fight with Shalini So i just showed off Infront of 20 people you showed off Look Shalini is our manager You have to take care of her Forget it man you have to help me.Take some of my leads. Ok Don’t worry I will take care of it. Sure? yes sure Thank you bro One second bro…i am getting a call Ok Hello Rajan Yes…Rajan speaking, who is this? Mr Can’t you recognize my voice? Who? Who? Rekha speaking Rekha…it’s you Yes How are you? I am good Dear Yes Your no is saved on my phone but it’s not showing up on my phone display Ok Actually you know? i lost my phone Ok And to get the same no sim card it take’s 2 days so i am using my sister-in-laws phone Oh…ok What’s new? what’s going on? Everything is good Oh i forgot to tell you Yes You remember my friend Sonam Yes…that fatty? Rajan Ok…tell me you were saying somthing,yes I wanted to tell you that she is getting married So i am coming to Mumbai for shopping OK… you know very well that won’t get good stuff here Ok…ok So i am coming to Mumbai Will you help me out? Ok, when are you coming? Tomorrow morning 9 am flight Tomorrow 9 am? Why? Are you busy tomorrow? No no i am totally free, in fact i have a holiday tomorrow Oh Wow Do one thing So tomorrow you gonna
help me in shopping Ok Then we will have lunch,ok And i will fly back in evening Deal Rajan Say somethingyes, yes… yes… yes…
ok i will come. done Sure…ok See you tomorrow ok bye bye Sorry bro Who was that? Why are you giving me this killer smile? Bro it was Rekha Tomorrow she is coming to Mumbai Who is Rekha? Do you remember? I used to chat with a girl through SMS back when night SMS were free Tell me from the starting
who? when? where? and how? Bro It was around 5 years back when i came to Mumbai for the first time. Yes I am here for interview Ok you can go inside and wait What about the interview letter? You can keep it with you…
ok Thank you What’s your qualifications? Sandeep i have done B.A It doesn’t look like Mind your on bussiness Where are you from? Please do your work Oh bro…don’t have any manners how to sit? Yes, you tell me somthing? Yes, to you Yes…say hi or hello Rajesh Hello madam Hi Hi My name is Rekha Your name? Yes Rajan Ok Rajan Yes All the best Can you move your chair? my bag is stuck So early? Yes… Shekar… they asked me to wait Well i am done with the interview If you are done too,we can share the cab…Rajan… your name Don’t worry i will wait for you…ok Let’s go… you are done? yes…let’s go…ok
let’s go Let’s go Ok Are you from? I am from Orangabadcand you? From Indor Well i have 9 pm train And it’s already 5 pm And by the time i reach it will be 8 pm And mine is tomorrow…Indor has trains on alternate days I don’t know anyone here in Mumbai and i am not strong to see the city alone But i have an idea Let’s do one thing Your train frequency is very high, you can rest today… tomorrow we will see the Mumbai city and in the evening we will catch our respective trains. But i have been to Mumbai many times and i have seen the city So what can’t you see the city again with me? Allright you are not feeling comfortable then forget It’s not like that.I will figure something out Ok done tomorrow morning 9 am,
now you drop me at my hotel and we catch up tomorrow let’s go auto…let’s go Ok this is my hotel.i am going now, catch you tomorrow…come on time… ok… bye How much for pani puri? Sir it’s 15 rupees per plate Sir i can give you 8000 rupees…ok Where have you been?and what about your clothes? It sees like you have slept like this only Ok… ok, forget it,let’s start from there. listen to me Rajan I have never had so much fun in my life Rekha, why are you embarrassing me Don’t say like that…ok i am going now Ok…ok bye… bye Since then i am in love and i never said to her Oey bro totally filmy both of your names start from alphabet R…Rekha and Rajan Bro you can save this love story I will favour you but in return don’t disclosed my whereabouts to Shalini tomorrow? Ok you better go now and buy some gifts for your future wife And i will say to Shalini that you were not keeping good and you left early Thank you so much bro, ok i will leave now… catch you day after tomorrow…ok bye… bye… bye Rekha Hi Rekha…hi Sorry hi Rajan How are You? I am good and you? I am doing good You are looking so beautiful Thank you Rajan Tell you something you are looking very handsome…thank you Ok let me see your phone Take Wow it’s amazing Rajan.i thought you are still using that old shitty phone Now i know the value of these stuff,am i right? Very good and you are looking very confident like husband material Yeah ofcourse i work for a multinational company…impressive Ok listen i got only 5 hrs to shop and then i have to catch the flight in evening.lets go for shopping..yes. So how’s your office going…all well What Rakha you are here for just 5 hrs? Wow…let’s check this out…ok, this? How much for this? 500 rs only 500 rs? ok i will pay for this…don’t worry i will pay…why? I am here for my shopping, i will give Alright but next buy is from my side.
by the way you have lost your phone right?yes Well let me gift you a new phone…let’s go…let’s go, come Hello madam hello sir Yes… show me some good phones, ok This one… can you please tell me the price of all these This one is for 18 thousand,22 thousand and 16 thousand Rekha do you like any of them? Well actually i like these two, but i am confused Rekha do you trust me? Ofcourse Rajan… this phone is good Ok i will buy this one Ok madam… cash or card…card, card Pack this one Good choice Thank you Take this For friends had to carry bags Ok listen i need to buy so many things but i am not buying it What? My friend is getting married and i haven’t bought the bridal wear It’s your marriage or your friends? Rajan stop this nonsence, just tell me where to buy? Ok well i know one very good place, where we can get good bridal wear? let’s go there Ok… good, let’s go Yes this one Look yes this is good How about that yellow one ? that yellow one yes that yellow Yes,bro have we met before? huum no. Bro can you please show red one… no below one, which is below the pink, pink… that one How is ? Show me that one We have been met before Back ground sound No i don’t think we have met before Yes got it, this one, this Rekha this is looking so good on you Yes i am sure i think,we have met before Bro no we have not met before Rekha why don’t you try the other one? yes that one Yes yellow one is amazing And the one which is behind you Which one is good?this one or that one? Hello Yes i guess we have met before Interview Yes that interview about five years back What nonsense is this? Yes now i remember you Her friend is getting married, that’s why she is here for her shopping How much does it cost? Only 40 thousand 40 thousand Rekha Rekha Rekha if you like… you can buy it Ok i will tell you later Rekha What happened? Rekha What i am saying is atlest listen to me? Rekha listen… It’s out of my budget Don’t worry i will get something reasonable.let’s go from here Rekha at least listen to me Iam earning good…a friend can gift to another friend Come, come inside i am not gonna listen Show her whatever she wanted You like this Rekha? Yes… this yellow one…please make the bill…yes sure, bill is ready Before going see this one Show me the scarf Look… it’s from the real diamond madam Its a best product Try it out Well how much for this? 65 thousand 65? No no no…no just tell me you like it or not Ok tell me you like this one too? …enough yes you like it Bro pack this one too and make the bill…yes, sure Thank you Oh jewellery i forgot to buy want jewellery too? come, hurry up! come with me Bro Yes mam Show me some rings Ok mam which one? Show me Diamond one’s take a look mam wah no…no? Bro show me, what’s that?which one? this?yes Give me Take this mam It’s a wonderful chain mam Wow how beautiful it is? Rajan Say something I guess you don’t like it? It’s really nice right Yes it’s very beautiful You will get eight thousand Rekha i am sure you gonna wear this It’s very precious for me Precious? Forget it well pack this one…yes sir No Rajan you have already paid lot Rekha please… ok, take this sir, you can pay at the counter…thank you Rajan What happened?Rekha Are you tired? are you not hungry? Oh you are hungery, let me take you for a lunch , come… come Will have the Indian foood,lets see what do they have? Waiter… yes mam Ok tell me what do you wanna have? let’s have something good But what? Ok tell me what is the best dish you have?everything is best here mam Ok do one thing, get me 2 best curry ,one pulses and for two of us, get 4 breads Rajan you want anything in desert? Ok one lassi for me… ok and one fresh lime soda Rekha, let me pee Come on Rajan At least don’t say that i will go and come Ok Hey hi, Rekha hi Hi But how do you know my name?… i am Zamal Your engagement, and my break dance Oh Zamal How are you? It was you who danced Where were you? Well actually i was out of country, ok…i came recently You know what Deepak is super happy to have you as a wife I remember too When you were dancing, you are saying you got an amazing wife What is this? Yes this is my favourite jeweller, Vardan Jeweller Ok sister in law tell me the one who was sitting next to you? who was he? Actually i wanted to come to Mumbai for my shopping So i was look for some friend to help me out but everyone was busy, so i thought of getting some servant to carry my bags Oky thats was was like, who is this man with this weird dressing sense Ok sister in law i got to go I will catch you on your wedding Ok Ok bye Where have you been? I wanted to be your servant But you made me servant of deepak’s friend Congratulations for your marrage Rajan


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