Van Helsing (2004) – Welcome to Transylvania Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

CARL: So, what do you remember?
VAN HELSING: Not now, Carl. There must be something. I remember fighting the Romans
at Masada. – That was in 73 A.D.
– You asked. CARL: What are we doing here? Why is it so important
to kill this Dracula, anyway? – Because he’s the son of the Devil.
– I mean, besides that. If we kill him, anything bitten
or created by him will also die. I mean, besides that. Welcome to Transylvania. – Is it always like this?
– Pretty much. ANNA: You, turn around. – Let me see your faces.
– Why? Because we don’t trust strangers. Strangers don’t last long here. 5’7″ by 2’3″. Gentlemen, you will now be disarmed. You can try. ANNA: You refuse to obey our laws? – The laws of men mean little to me.
– Fine. Kill them. – I’m here to help you.
– I don’t need any help. Really? Everybody inside! Hide the children! VAN HELSING: Stay here. You stay here.
They’re trying to kill me. – Marishka, kill the stranger.
– Love to. ANNA: Run! Carl, it’s not working. CARL: Try aiming at their hearts.

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