Veronica’s Room Theater | Ira Levin

Theater sale Director: Siamak Safari Veronica’s room
playwright: Ira Levin
Adaptation and player: Samaneh Banayi That day suddenly i saw i was in a house… with victorian style with a decoration belong to 1935 everywhere was full of bedsheet a single bed in corner of room a armchair a game table with an unfinished puzzle on it a gramophone a desk full of barretee and barcelet and necklace with a easel some incomplete images of a dark tree this room always gives me a strange sense i have a strange feeling when i am in this room like i am not myself and yet i am myself the other day i and larry were in restaurant we were talking then an old couple came near us and said oh my god
you are like her you could be her twin sister how this much likeness is possible? i looked them surprised and said like who? they were maids of Bravisant family a family with 3 child their son, conrad, was killed in war their big daughter, veronica
at the age of twenty… died because of Tuberculosis and their little daughter,sisi is 56 years old now and doctors said to her she has cancer recently she had illusions and thought… her sister, veronica is alive and she is studying in a school in buston and she does not come to visit her sisi thought cause she commited sin, her sister does not come to visit her they had a request from me
they told me: because of your likeness to veronica and because doctors said… sisi will die after one or two weeks and for peace of sisi, i play role of veronica for a short time when i was walking in veronica’s room
i realized she was prisoner in this room for 5 years sure it was so terrible knowing you have tuberculosis when you are 15 and you can’t stay alive more than this maybe because of this she was busy with puzzle and music and painting i told to john and morrin
maid and gardner of that house… you know i had a few psychology classes in college maybe playing role of veronica is not a good idea maybe illusions of sisi becomes worse they said please accept our request even larry said to me, maybe they have another plan for example because no one in that family is alive they want to seize money of that family they want you to go to sisi and give them all of their money i thought it was a silly idea i played cordellia of king lear in high school i thought it was good to play role of victoria of course i had a good intent helping sisi i told them ok i will accept to play role of veronica john and morrin were so happy morrin said we must prepare room very fast she gave me one of veronica’s clothes a long blue shirt
with a wide belt while she was making my hairs like hairs of veronica, i asked her: Bravisant family had no friend that i should know? she said:
they had not so much commute with others just me and john and chef and their doctor, doctor simson while i was thinking how i play role of veronica, i asked her: they had money, so why they did not send veronica to sanatorium? morrin said: Mr and Mrs Bravisant loved veronica they could not tolerate being away from her so they decided to take care of her in home i went toward gramophone i played a music i thought veronica had accent
so it’s better to practice then i felt morrin left the room and locked the door i called her but then again i attracted to music i was thinking what should i say to sisi?
for example: hello sisi
i am happy to see you -hello sisi are you mad?
– no i’m not mad i just could not see you because of my sickness poor sisi you never should saw that scene, never. while i was thinking what to say to sisi i saw a woman with a glass of milk came in i told her wow you become so beautiful she looked at me surprised and said:
what are you saying? i laughed and said:
what you mean? of course about your hair and make up an clothes. it seems you are 20 years younger she looked me angrily and said: look veronica, tonight is not like other nights your father is in bad mood because workers strike moody is on vacation and i am alone and your father is in very bad mood. so drink your milk and change your clothes and go to sleep i was looking at her dumb-struck and she left and locked the door i went toward door and screamed: open the god damn door i was knocking in door with my shoe then i saw barrette on the table i picked it and started to opening the door then a man said to me:
go back veronica i said:
i am not veronica
i am susan cherner.
open this door then a 40 years old man came inside he was like john but with older clothes and he was 20 years younger he told me:
why are you screaming veronica? i told him:
i’m not veronica.
i am susan cherner give me oy clothes.
i wanna leave i was calling larry that woman came and said:
talk with you ususal tune i said: this is my ususal tune where is larry? larry? -she said: we have no larry here
– i said: she is in down stairs you closed the door and he can’t hear me she said: we closed the door because of conrad he will wake up with your noise i said: we are in 1973. conrad is dead?
what are you talking about? i went toward door. they pushed me back and said if you talk we will beat you they said me: relax veronica i said i am not veronica.
i am susan cherner and i am a student this is in my ID. that is in my coat my cloth is with you. bring it and you will see i am saying the truth they were laughing and mocking me i said: who are you?
what you want from me? they said: we are your parents, fool. i said: what kind of game is this? you don’t really think i am veronica i showed them wound in my hand and told them: look. veronica had this wound? she said: you cut your hand when you was 14 i said: i felt down in a camp when i was 11 the did not believe me i said: how long you want to pretend that i am veronica?
larry will hear me and comes for help larry. larry.
where are you? i heard he said he wants a glass of water oh my god.
what you gave him?
what did you do with larry? oh my god
you killed larry he said: you better call doctor simson i sat down and said: look… i am not veronica. i am susan cherner. and you are not father of veronica if veronica was 20 in 1935, then her father was 40 and you must be 80 in 1973. but you are not 80 i opened my hair and said: look my hair is long, her hair was short he said: you always like to have long hairs girls love long hair how long you want to pretend that i am veronica? she came inside and i said: look… don’t you have radio? turn it on an you will see we are in 1973, nt 1935 me and larry were in restaurant, you came and said: wow you are like veronica do this for sisi come and tell her you could not see her because of your sickness are not you familiar with these words, fools? she said: you really think we keep you here for your sickness? look the fences behinf window if you had tuberculosis wasn’t you in sanatorium? you killed your sister.
you killed sisi no one killes her younger sister she saw you she saw you with conrad and you threatened her you said her if she talks to us you will kill her one day when she was watching you and conrad… she saw you took your 12 years old brother to basement and forced him to hug you and makes love with you ans she saw all of that she ran and you followed her and you hit her head with a shovel and killed her me and your father realized this we wanted to tell no one because of our reputation we had togave bribe to police, forensic medicine and even neighbors… even john and morry and a college in buston to hide your identity and i promised to my daughter, sisi to lock you here forever, bitch. what are you saying? i have no sister i did nothing with my brother i did not kill my sister these are not my clothes i am not veronica. this is not my hair style. this is not my room. then i heard someone is coming. i thought he ls larry i shout and said: larry please call the cops. they are crazy. they think i am veronica, but i am not. i promise not to talk with strangers anymore. go call the cops larry came inside he had no moustache his clothes were older you bastard these all are plan? oh susan lets go to a itallian restaurant. they have great food wow you are like veronica. you can be her twin sister. these all are plan? what yo wanna do with me? huh? what you wanna do with me? you wanna rape me?
what you wanna do? i became fluent in myself and said: look, we are in 1973, not 1935 i am susan cherner, not veronica i am from ohio my father was dentist my mother was a song teacher he used to sing in parties my brother is now in portugal i live in eighth district i have 2 roommate, rosa and poonsel i must give my research to college till monday now richard nixon is in white house. don’t you know john and ettel kennedy, george mccable, woody allen? i looked up and saw… larry is coming toward me with a ampoule. i started to run… they came closer and hold my hand. i said them please do not do anything to me they came closer. my hands was in front of my mouth i sould not say anything. i said: please. i said: ok, ok i am veronica i am veronica i don’t play role anymore just now my tune is changed and it will be fine tomorrow i am sorry. i promise to be a good girl i don’t make you trouble, please i am just a little jealous to conrad because he has all of your attention for his affiliation sorry sorry mom, dad sorry. please do not do anything to me i promise to become a good girl. drink my milk, xhange my clothes and sleep mom came closer and said: we were a happy family and you ruined everything veronica no one does this to her sister and brother you killed your sister you had sex with your brother no one does this to her family i said: why don’t you let me go? i go to a far place and you dont hear about me she just said: we were a happy family and you ruined everything please, please i will become a good girl. do not do anything to me they all was coming closer and closer they put pillow on my head and i was screaming she is silent we killed her time is 6 minutes to 11 but this time was different this time was same that i wished when she was confussing she was like me, veronica and i was myself and at the same time i was not conrad always told me: lets go veronica you are free now when she was punishing, as if i was becoming free so clean like i never did any sin in my life conrad was saying to me: come out veronica, you are free i said: oh dear you are like her you could be her twin sister her parents loved veronica. they loved her and always fondled her like what all parents do conrad was saying me: you are free veronica i said: i’m not veronica. i am susan cherner i am student in buston college mom dad please let me come out of here please let me come out of here mom dad i have nothing to say That day suddenly i saw i was in a house… Theater sale
Veronica’s room
playwright: Ira Levin
Adaptation and player: Samaneh Banayi Director: Siamak Safari

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