Victim Short Film | 2020 New Marathi Short film | Social Drama | Harshad Velonde

have you packed up? hmn all clothes have you taken? all clothes have you taken? yes getting… and your diaries? and what that one which which required for Dubai? passport yes. passport Get that also. That is important That Baban met me yesterday hmn nothing else but he was telling that… what? that Sirpa’s son… what about him? he also went to Dubai for job so what about him? No. Nothing… tell me daddy, so what about him? No. No. Nothing what about him? He was just telling that… Boys went to Dubai and they not returned Nothing. He is talking just like mad so do you think that I will forget you after I went there? It’s not like that my son I trust you. I will be back only one thing Lots of money spent for you borrowed loan keep that in mind Ok. I am not going No. No. You go I trust you. You will be return You go. No No. No. You get ready You go No. let it be I say go I trust you only one thing You know your mother had lots of expectations She died with her expectations And now you have to fulfill her expectations daddy I know that I know how you borrowed loan for my job at Dubai how you completed my education Daddy I can not forget this all Once I returned from Dubai, the I will nil all loan you will see once I returned and what I will bring for you? chocolate and for you? chocolate see my bag yes I do OK. Come in time Hey how are you Hi. Have a seat You going to Dubai? finally all set? have you knew it? news leaked in our area Oh my god and you not told me? me? I was about to tell you now you can enjoy there? No. Not like that Now I want party want party but? I want party? I dont want to hear anything. I want party I have financial problem Before I asked for party anytime from you? demanded for party? Ask your daddy. I asked for party before? I am not lying I asked for party before? right but? How much money you have right now? want to check. check it check it I have 70-80 rupees that’s enough for Chinese dish Yes for Chinese dish I have enough money then we will eat chinese Lets go You have set for Dubai Do you have girlfriend? No You are lying You have money? Hi friend Hey friend. Two half chicken rice Hey handle it Bhai. She replied me. Bhai. Gherya You will enjoy there, wont you? Hi. Gherya, Have you forget me? Hey Bhai. I remember you Ok. give me my money give me fast money for what? In Ganesha Festival. Gambling. Remember? Oh yes remember give my money I will give you later When you will give me? I mean I will give you I want right now I will definitely give you I want right now Bhai. This is public area. so what? Dont make shout. so what? I will give you money. I am not leaving area Give money to bhai Bhai, I will give you money to whom you touching? to whom you touching? to whom you touching? to whom you touching? I will give you (hit) Bhai. Bhai Bhai I told you I will give you bhai Hey Avinash lets go bhai bhai Hello.Police has he got died? ? Why you hit helmet to him? but he was also hitting me. Have you seen that or not? It could be settle by words Let it be. Do not take tension what? You destroyed yourself and myself also Dont advice me foolishly. You just get out get out I said get out I will handle the Police. You get out coming why so late? get the footwear inside switch off the light and go to the bed In the morning you have to go? switch off the light You want to go so early in morning for Dubai? Hello Hello Hello Hello. Are you Avinash? Hello. Who is this? Hello Hello. Bastard. Police is here Hello Where are you? Where you hide? ? Hello.You surrender yourself to us Hello. Uncle Uncle I did not hit That Gherya hit that guy Uncle please listen me. Gherya hit that guy I was go there to eat Chinese only Hello uncle Gherya told your name Where are you? ? Listen. Do not go away Otherwise I will be very harsh to you Gherya told your name and he is in our custody Now your turn We are coming to your home I will show you if you run away Uncle I did not hit him Dont say to me that Uncle I have to go to Dubai Do not go to Dubai first see this matter your bastard. I am coming Uncle What happened son? get asleep.You have to go to Dubai? sleep early what happened? why are you crying? Daddy I did not hit what happened? dont cry. Tell me what happened? why are you crying? I did not hit to whom you did not hit? I did not hit please do not cry. Tell me what happened? That Bhai who Bhai? what happened? Gherya hit helmet to that Bhai who Bhai? he borrowed loan from him He hit helmet to him he died what are you talking? He died daddy He died? Police called me also Gherya told my name to the Police Oh my God Daddy I did not him. I went to eat Chinese But why you went there? who told to Police? Gherya told to Police finish everything now. What to do? we had expected lots from you Daddy I did not hit. I swear I did not hit him But how can Police rely on it Everything is finish No any hopes now Police are coming now. They called me they coming here? They not permit to go to Dubai Finish everything Everything is finish Please daddy dont say like that Nothing remains now borrowed huge loan everything is finish Please Daddy dont cry Daddy I did not hit that Gharya hit him. I swear I did not hit him Who can explain to the Police now? who explain? Who? Police Avinash? Who is Avinash? What happened sir? Sir that is Avinash That T shirt one guy That one? Yes sir Sir listen listen Sir I did not hit him Come. Sir did not hit him lets come Sir leave him I say come come officers get him Its not his fault sir No. No. No Sir He is innocent sir In the said crime I was accused No.2 accused No.2 I was released on bail but after 3 months of jail to pay off the loan and for court expenses I was searching the job But I did not get the job for the acquittal I have to wait 5-6 years till then my life get destroyed destroyed sometime Judge on leave sometime witness absent sometime court holiday Is it system of society? Is it judicial system? if yes… then I am the victim of it Victim

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