Victorian Cut-out Theatre: A Peculiar Soiree

(classical music) – I want to thank you all for attending this evening of epicurean delights. We, the elite of London high society began this little party by feasting upon the world’s last
species of dodo bird. – It was a little dry. – Well, Lady Sophie, what do you expect from the last of a species? We have also sipped upon
a digestif of absinthe and laudanum so I’m sure all
of you are nice and relaxed. – I can’t feel my face, Lord Snickerbottom. – That just means that
it’s working, Lord Brendan. And now, for the main event, the reason I’ve brought you all here. Behold, shipped from Egypt, having just arrived last night, a mummy. (gasps) – [Lady Sophie] I can’t
believe you got one! – Maybe I don’t understand
what’s happening here. You brought us here to
look at a dead person? – Hardly. You are gazing upon the
remains of a human being not alive since 1300 B.C. – And? – And we are going to unwrap him. – Or her. – Yes, or her. – Yes, but why? – Because we can, my dear fellow. If they are to be digging
up kings in Egypt, then why shan’t we unwrap them here at the hub of the empire? If it makes you feel any better, you can chalk it up to
scientific curiosity. – I wonder what his penis looks like? – Or her penis. – That’s right. There really is so much we don’t know about ancient cultures. Like how many, if any,
penises each gender had. – There you are Lord Brendan. Is that enough scientific
curiosity for you? – I can’t even begin to tell you how misinformed that
conversation was just then. – Why do you hate science, Lord Brendan? – (gasp) Are you against science? – Against science? I’ll have you know that I recently funded an expedition to the Arctic
to test the layers of ice– – Boring! Lord Snickerbottom, Lord
Brendan is harshing my buzz. – You really are such a wet blanket, you know that Brendon? I invite the inner circle to this event for a night of forbidden fruits and you have to ruin it all because of your disdain for mummy penises. – Indeed. – Good grief man, I came to
this party because I thought we might see a vocal
performance or something. Maybe smoke some embargoed cigars. Not swill chemicals and
gaze at human beef jerky. I mean, is this what you
people do with your free time? You don’t have to go around
helping the disenfranchised or fighting for the female right to vote but you could certainly be
more productive than this. – Are you quite done Lord Brendan? This mummy penis isn’t
going to look at itself. – Lady Sophie. – Science. – Madam, science has
nothing to do with it. I’ve had just about enough
of your ghoulish perversions. I can’t even begin to
guess what you had planned for the rest of the evening,
but I want no part of it. – I’m sorry I’m late. I wasn’t sure what I should bring so I brought some wine and a fruit basket. – Yes I think I should go. (classical music) (thunder, growling noises)


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