Victors for Michigan: School of Music, Theatre & Dance, vol. 2

[Hail to the Victors]>>I love dance, because I’m a perfectionist. You can be at the top of your game, but you can never reach that level of perfection. And so the work never stops and there’s always something to be improved. Which is why I love dance. It’s a constant fight, and it’s never gotten old in all the 16 years
that I’ve done it.>>One of the great things about theatre is
that it provides an escape for people to go out of their everyday lives. Even for us as students it’s an escape out of the classwork you do every day. And you get to enter this other world of imagination and make-believe and it’s this thing that’s bigger than all
of us. It’s such an extraordinary thing to be a part of.>>As an educator myself, I really value education. I think it’s really important to invest in
education, because that ends up determining the future generations of our world. And in music especially, it’s an art form
that makes culture so much more rich.>>I’m choosing to get a science degree, specifically in Microbiology because I’ve been doing research in it for
the past two and a half years or so. And the more I learn about Microbiology, I
can see how understudied yet important the field is. But I’m also on the pre-medical track. In working with my body for such a long time, and focusing on technique, and my muscles, and placement, I want to know how that works, from a very grounded, concrete and scientific perspective.>>As I was applying to colleges, I was really passionate about music education and performance, and so, I’ve really enjoyed not having to choose which one I’m going to do. I think that I will end up doing both of them over the course of my life in different ways.>>Weirdly I started in theatre design and
production in middle school. It was one of those things where everyone had to be a part of the show in some way, shape or form. And lights seemed interesting to me. My parents always told me that, from a young age, I messed with people’s light switches when I walked into their house. It was something that for me was so interesting to be able to change the way something was viewed just on how light was shown on that object or on those people.>>Getting a scholarship from the University of Michigan definitely made me feel really, really special. I wanted to go to Michigan so much because there’s so many great resources here. To be recognized as an individual, to get
this allotment of money for me, for my education, it made me feel
like Michigan wanted me.>>Right now, I’m student-teaching at Pioneer High School and later in the semester, I will be student
teaching at Emerson for grades 2-5. There’s something really special about working with younger students. You get to see them at a phase in their life
when they’re also figuring out who they are. And it’s a phase that I was in not so long
ago. It’s really exciting to see them be inspired
or become passionate about what you’re teaching them about. Getting to have that kind of a relationship
with the students has been really exciting, and inspiring, and it keeps me going each day.>>In addition to my classwork as a theatre design and production major, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as an accompanist for the Musical Theatre department. I’ve been playing piano since I was 8 years old, but I never thought that when I got to the
college level that that is something that I could continue to do. And especially with such a renowned Musical Theatre department. Being here at Michigan has allowed me to pursue my passions in a way that I don’t think I would’ve found
at any other institution. It’s such a unique place.>>I really love being at such a large and
respected public university, while still having a conservatory-style School of Music, Theatre & Dance, where I feel like I have my own community of people here.>>I love Michigan for of course all the cliche reasons. But on a more personal note, I love Michigan because I’ve never felt this much overwhelming support in one place in my entire life. And here at Michigan, everybody cares about you, and everybody wants to lift you up and see you do the best that you can. [Music] This is my world. My world needs victors. Be a victor for Michigan. [Music]

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