Video Tour di Londra: Southwark

hi I’m David Hill with New York habitat welcome to another New York habitat video tour of London today we’ll be visiting a beautiful neighborhood called Southwark sitting on the south bank of the Thames at the southern end of London Bridge is the area of Suffolk Suffolk is a great example of London’s phonetic minefield of place names if you’re looking for directions make sure you say it right Suffolk the area we are looking at today is on the south bank of the River Thames between Blackfriars Bridge and Tower Bridge and going as far south as elephants and castles we start our tour in the area known as Bank side once a thriving theatre land in Tudor times play houses drew large crowds to see plays by some of the greatest playwrights ever before they were closed down in 1642 be sure to check out Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre this is a modern reconstruction of the original theatre which was built in 1599 Shakespeare’s Globe is now a major tourist attraction with plays being shown almost daily adjacent to Shakespeare’s Globe is the Tate Modern this Museum of Modern Art is housed in a disused Power Station right on the banks of the Thames admission is free so if you’re a fan of modern contemporary art then this has to be on your London list of things to do built on the site of the original prison the clink is possibly England’s oldest prison now a museum it is an educational experience with hundreds of years of history and artifacts dating as far back as 1140 for you can see some torture devices and here’s some incredible stories of past inmates New York habitat has many apartment opportunities in the Southwark area why not check out NY habitat calm to find some of these hidden gems with a mix of old and new we have something for everyone just a short walk from London Bridge is the renowned borough market if you’re in Southwark then this is a must-see London has many markets but borough is one of the oldest it’s open from Thursday to Saturday wherever you are in southwark you are likely to be able to see the shard completed in 2012 this building is the tallest in the European Union Suffolk was a trading hub for centuries with the end to commercial traffic in the Thames many of its wharves have now been converted Heys Galleria was a large warehouse that is now a shopping outlet and the perfect place to either shop or sit down and relax at one of the many restaurants the transport system in London is second to none but one of the lesser-known options is to travel by River with regular service of the Thames clipper can offer River transport whether you are commuting or taking in the sights well that’s a wrap of our video tour of Southwark if you know of any hotspots that we’ve missed in this video make sure you share them with us in the comment section below and if you’re coming to London be sure to visit our website at NY habitat comm and book a vacation rental or furnished apartment with New York habitat you’ll find furnished apartments all over London I’m David Hill with New York habitat thanks for tuning into our southern video tour and we hope to see you soon in London

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