Vidiyal – A Tamil Short Film by Dilli – Won Best Film and Cinematography GATS 2015

The Dawn Goutham Goutham Goutham Yes Breakfast ready Ok coming Goutham Goutham It’s been three years Ever since that bike accident he forgot who he was He still believes he is a ten year old boy After his brain injury he started to behave like a kid Now another accident happened Goutham Breakfast ready Ok coming He always wanted to play with kids Whenever we go out, it is painful to explain his condition to others I have been careful all the time But I don’t know how I missed today He doesn’t remember anything He even forgot my name! Mrs. Divya Goutham Yes His head is severely injured We have given him treatment He is stable now Please check the IV fluids and monitor the vital signs Page me if you need me You can see him now He will be alright Thank you doctor Goutham Goutham Divya… Divya… Goutham Goutham Goutham Goutham The Dawn


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