Vidya – 13th January 2020 – विद्या – Full Episode

Officer! Officer! Anyone around! Please help me! Anyone around! This van has caught fire! Please help me. ‘How a bangle can be
removed by applying oil.’ ‘May be even I can remove this
handcuffs in a similar way.’ Anyone there? Please help me! Anyone there? Driver. Driver. Hail Goddess Durga! Sir, Vivek Vardhan Singh,
DM of Azamgarh. I have been involved in
the mid-day meal case… …of Deogarh Government School. MLA Avtar Singh. Please sit.
– Thank you! Please bring forward the
accused in this case. Sir, she is on the way. She will be here in no time. Sir. Inspector. Where is Vidya Singh?
– I just got the news… …that the van in which
Vidya was being brought… …has met with an accident. Sir, there was a fire in the
van due to the accident… …and the van was
burnt completely. When our team reached the spot
they found no one in the van. What! Vidya. I hope the accused didn’t
make this plan herself. Go find it out and catch her. I will issue a arrest
warrant against her. A man becomes more handsome
once he gets some money. What are you looking
at, Parbatiya? Did you bring tea for me? I hope you haven’t
mixed anything in it. Yes. What?
– Tea powder… …milk, sugar and tea ‘masala’. What else would I add? I see. Listen.
– Yes? Can I say something?
– Speak. Let alone tea… …I will make nice
dishes for you everyday. I will make your bed. I will massage
your legs everyday. Please forgive me now. I had lost my way. I didn’t know… …that Vidya would
turn out like this. Vidya has left. Where will I go… …if you leave me as well? That’s just great! It’s great! I used to think that
only I am the best. But I must say,
you are better than me. You switched the party… …at first opportunity. Please forgive me. I won’t make any mistake again. Stop crying! You drama queen! Listen. First, you need to earn my trust. And then I will think… …whether I should
forgive you or not. Go and prepare nice food… …in a similar manner you
have prepared this tea. And don’t pretend. Go on! ‘I will do anything
to save my daughter.’ Sir, may we come in? Hail India, sir! Sir, she is Vidya Singh. She was supposed to
appear before you. Our vehicle met
with an accident… …while we were bringing her. Sir, she had a chance to escape. But she didn’t escape.
She helped all of us. I beg your pardon,
but she cannot be a criminal. Do one thing,
you take my position. And pass a judgment
in her favour as well. Sorry, sir. Sir, it’s police’s job
to save the people. But Vidya saved us. District Magistrate.
– Sir. You’ve produced
her as a criminal. In fact, she has
done a cop’s duty. The entire police department
is supporting her. Sir, everyone said what
they’ve experienced. Vidya did good to them. Hence,
all of them spoke good about her. And Vidya Singh, you had a
great opportunity to escape. Then why did you not escape? Sir, I have utmost faith
over our judiciary and law. I want to prove
the truth about me. The murderers of Chanda
will be certainly punished. Sir, I just want an opportunity. I want to expose
the conspiracy… …against those children. I want to bring the truth
in front of you all. If I’ll be sent to jail, I won’t be
able to prove that I’m an innocent. I won’t be able to
bring the truth to you. Sir, hence give me
a few days of time. So that I can prove
the truth about me. If I won’t be able to do it… …then I myself will
stand before you. Sir. This is her bail petition. Sir. Give me an opportunity to bring
the truth in front of you. Please. Accept my bail petition. Please forgive me, sir. But I stand beside the truth. You too are a protector
of the truth, right? Considering the mishap… …that the police
has faced today. And considering Vidya’s
help for the police… She didn’t escape even though… …she had an opportunity. It represents her good conduct. The court orders the police… …to investigate this case… …and produce all the
evidence before the court. The court releases Vidya
Singh on a bail for 24 hours. So that she can prove
that she is an innocent. Thank you, sir. Sir, I will prove
that I’m an innocent. I’m sure that you will
be proved innocent. Because for this nation a teacher’s
post is of the highest rank. And a teacher should
always be respected. You all can leave. Sir.
– Hail India, sir! Vidya, go home.
We can discuss about it later. Vivek! I forgot to tell you something. When the Tyre got
punctured today… …It seemed like
someone had punctured it. It didn’t happen on it’s own. I felt like someone
wanted to help me. But that person also
knows that I won’t escape. I’ll certainly come back. Hey, DM sir got Vidya arrested. DM sir obeyed the law. Or she must have gone Scot-free
after troubling our children. Hey, Vidya is set free. Isn’t she punished? DM sir tried to make
a fool out of us. He might have thought that if
he doesn’t create this drama… …then he will not be spared. They both love each other.
DM sir can’t punish her. You are right. He fooled us. She killed Shankar’s daughter… …and look she is
wandering around fearlessly. She is a shameless woman. Hey, the kids of our village
are still in the hospital. Let’s go and teach her a lesson.
– Let’s go. Stop! Sinners are prohibited
inside the temple. Hey, you shameless woman. Why are you still alive?
Go away from here. Ma’am, but. Don’t dare to take my name. You called me a family and
yet killed my daughter. You killed Chanda. Chanda was born after several
vows and votive offerings. I have prayed for a
child in the temple… …mosque and a church as well. And then I was
blessed with Chanda. But you! You killed her. We wanted to bid farewell
to her as a bride. But today we are forced
to carry her bier. Munni’s mother was right. You are inauspicious. Your
shadow is inauspicious as well. ‘You are inauspicious.’ You killed my daughter. Ma’am. I know that Chanda
is not my child… …but I considered
her as my own. Believe me. I’m innocent. We have nothing to trust now? Ma’am. I am telling the truth. Had I known that the food… …was poisoned,
I would have never… …allowed that to
happen to the kids. I love all those kids! You all are wondering how… …I came out on bail, right? The court has given
me 24 hour’s time… …in order to
prove my innocence. In order to collect proof
about Chanda’s killers. What! Vidya Singh left alone but why? Are you people out of your mind? Why did anyone not accompany
with Vidya Singh from our team? Sir, Vidya Singh was…
– Anand, this is a village! People forget everything about
law and order when they are angry. We will seek revenge for
Chanda’s death by killing her! We all know this!
Jail was mere a reason for… …her to spend quality time
with DM sir, right? – Yes! What if they harm her in anger? Vidya Singh never listens.
She only does as she feels! We seek 24 hours time
from you all too. Just give me 24 hours time. I will prove my innocence
in front of you all. I will get Chanda’s
killers arrested! And I will also make sure
that they are punished! In case I fail… …then I will surrender myself
and you all are free to punish us. Just give me 24 hours time. Can you bring my daughter
back in 24 hours? Tell me.
Can you return my Chanda? If anything happens to Vidya Singh,
who will take the responsibility? Anand, it is our responsibility
to protect Vidya Singh. This phone keeps ringing
throughout the day. Now when I need it,
network is busy! I hope we aren’t too late. No, ma’am.
I cannot return Chanda to you. But I will certainly
help Chanda get justice. But we will seek revenge
from you right now! Yes, right away!


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