Vidya – 20th January 2020 – विद्या – Full Episode

‘Dear Goddess!’ ‘Please make me successful
in my endeavour… …of teaching the children.’ Nanku, what are you doing? This doesn’t suit you. This Vidya and Vivek have… …spoiled my whole plan. Nanku, I am not at fault here. I had asked Ranjana… …to tell you everything. Nice Dharma! What’s the use of making a fuss
after the mishap has happened? Tell me, what is the news? What about the news? I was unable to hear
Nanku being insulted. So, I came here. Insult? Who is he? Bury that guy six feet under! The whole village
is insulting him. Whom all will you bury? Nanku. You have lost respect in
front of the whole village. I am unable to tolerate it. Also, that Vidya! My God! She has become a
Goddess for them. Whatever she says the
villagers follow it blindly. The kids are ill. Still she is teaching them. And there is a exam
after two days. Dharma, what can we do if… …the exams are in two days? What can Nanku do in that? What are you saying! He can do a lot. There has been some
misunderstanding… …between Vivek and Vidya. Both of them meet. But only for work. Isn’t this news good? They both are not together. And this is the right time. What do you mean by
they are not together? That… ‘If I tell him about
Vidya being illiterate… …then he will
make that a weapon.’ ‘Then… …even I will be in trouble.’ ‘Even I will end up in jail.’ ‘Hey!’
– ‘Yes.’ – ‘Work.’ Where are you lost?
Come back to earth. What is the issue between them? Look, Mr. Vivek. The school has come
to the children. And our ‘Let’s bring school home’
initiative is ready for children. Very good. School looks ready. You have put a lot
of effort in it. But where are the students? I had told you that… …the kids are not fit yet. Therefore the kids
aren’t here yet. Look. It is not necessary that your… …plan will work every time. Greetings, teacher! Children, please go and sit
in your respective classes. Mr. Vivek, did you see that? No technique is wrong. You just need to try to
implement the technique. Like they say. The one who helps himself… …God will help him too. Today these villagers
have helped us. So that we can teach the
students in our school. Look at the enthusiasm
of the children. Their parents are happy too. Because they have their
children before them. They are not worried for them. Moreover… …thank you for
arranging a Hindi… …teacher sooner than expected.
Thank you. Mr. Vivek, you can… …leave now.
You may go ahead with your work. I will teach the children.
– Vidya Singh. Please go and
teach the children. Let me see how you teach them. Please go.
– Well… Will you wait here?
– What did you think then? Did you think I was only
here to drop Mr. Rakesh? Vidya Singh, anyone
else can do it, right? Please go.
Don’t waste your time. Why is Vivek angry with Vidya? Well… You are sweating profusely. It seems, you’re caught red handed. Why are you scared? Nanku, what should I say? Tell me, what should I say? Dharma, say something. Vivek is angry with Vidya… …because of the food
incident at the school. What! Vivek is angry with Vidya… …and he sent my
sister to jail. Do you take me for a fool? You are telling me nonsense. Tell me the truth. Wow! Excellent! You come here, speak nonsense,
take money and leave. Old man, you are very smart. Jagat, that’s not true. Be careful. Nanku. Vivek thinks that Chanda died… …because of
Vidya’s carelessness. He thinks, Vidya
didn’t check the food. That is why all this happened. And you… You were my chief… …you are still my
chief and always will be. We have to… …add more distance… …between Vidya and Vivek. But how, Nanku? If for some reason the… …children don’t appear for
the exam in the school… …then it will be considered an
even bigger carelessness of Vidya. ‘Vidya Singh is illiterate.’ ‘How is she teaching then?’ ‘How is this possible?’ Children. Today we will learn
about manners. Manners? Manners. Manners means good practices. She is teaching English so well. I will be on cloud nine… …when my son starts
speaking in English language. Really! Manners. If you meet someone
in the morning. Then how do you greet
them in English? We should say, good morning. Good morning! When we meet someone
in the afternoon. What should we say? Good afternoon. Did you get it? And if we meet someone in the
evening, what should we say? Good evening. Did you get it? I will not keep
it there anymore. Now that you have noticed
it, I will change the place. I will keep the
money somewhere else. Come on, Bablu.
– Where are you going? Underworld! Are you
interested in coming along? You will surely end up
there due to your deeds. You will never go to heaven. I will teach you a lesson
if you try to act smart. Do it then. I will not go alone but
I will take you with me. Do whatever you wish to do.
I’m not at all concerned about it. Mom, we are going to the
city for a couple of days. You can stay there
all your life… …if you wish to. I and our daughter
can stay in peace. Going to the city! An instrumentalist! Hey, stop playing the drums. Can’t you see that
the kids are learning? Stop. ‘What is ma’am up to?’ ‘Why isn’t she teaching us?’ ‘What are they all
discussing about?’ Students, we will learn
in a different way today. Tell me. Come on! What? ‘Vidya, you are a English teacher.’ ‘Then what are you doing here?’ ‘I was here to see… …the way they teach.’ ‘Vidya is an… …illiterate.’ ‘I’m an illiterate.’ ‘I became a English teacher
by submitting fake documents.’ ‘I made you a principal
because I’m happy with you?’ ‘Vidya, this is your punishment.’ ‘I accept your punishment.’ ‘I will teach every
student with dedication… …and honesty.’ ‘And I promise you this.’ Enough! Stop this nonsense! What is happening here?
Is the school been conducted here? Or there is some singing and
dancing program going on?


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