Vidya – 21st January 2020 – विद्या – Full Episode

Enough! Stop this nonsense! What’s going on here?
Are you teaching here… …or is it a dancing event? Vivek. I was just teaching the students
in an interesting manner. Is this how you will teach? Is this your method? You come here. Take this and leave. Thank you. All the teachers… …you have been supporting her. If you are interested in
dancing and singing… …then leave this job
and join someplace else. Vidya Singh, I hope you know… …that education
is a serious issue. You can’t make fun
of it by dancing. Vivek, I know. But I wasn’t joking. A while ago when I taught
the students by singing… …and Mr. Tripathi scolded me,
you had explained it to him. ‘Vidya seems to have come up… …with a new method to teach
English to the students.’ ‘The method is
not the problem… …but it is the intent.’ Vivek, I have good intentions. I want to teach
the students well. So, how is my method wrong? Vidya Singh, but… …it’s okay once in a while. You can’t change the
education system… …created by the government
and the education department. This is the way 1.5 million
schools in India function. You have been a teacher
since the last 5 months. And you are trying to change
the education system. DM sir, ma’am was just trying
to get the students motivated… …so that they can study. But why are you scolding her? You are the one who made
her the principal, right? Look, I just meant to say… …that singing and dancing… …will not help the
students to study. They will forget everything. No, Vivek. They won’t forget anything. Alright. Let’s take a test. Kanni. How would you greet a
person in English… …if you meet… …him in the evening? Good morning. Not morning, I said evening, It’s okay. Are you satisfied? “When the sparrows
return to their home… …the sun goes to sleep too.” “So, what do you say?” “Good evening.” “Good evening!” “Good evening!” Good evening. Hurry up, Bablu!
We will miss the bus! Be careful! Don’t fall down. Dad, what if mom actually dies? What if she really dies? Are you a fool? Nobody dies falling
from such height. Don’t you see,
your mom had grown fat. She will be fine
except a few bruises. Come on. Let’s go. Mom, come down.
I have some work with you. ‘Nanku Singh’s plan
against Vivek and Vidya… …has become successful.’ Vidya! Come home quickly! Parbatiya is unconscious
after falling from the stairs. What! I will be back in sometime. Let’s go.
– Yes! Mom! Mom! Doctor, what is
wrong with my mom? Her head is injured
due to the fall. So you need to take
good care of her. She needs someone
around her all the time. In case she vomits, you need to
take her to the hospital at once! Also, one more thing. As she regains consciousness… …feed her this tablet. When will she be back
to consciousness? I gave her the injections. She
will soon return to consciousness. As soon as she gets
a little well… …you must take her
to a big hospital. You also need to get
her CT scan done. You must check for
an internal injury. Order the medicines
I have prescribed. Fine.
– Take it. Let’s go, doctor. Mom. Where are Bablu and father? I saw them heading towards… …the city along
with some stuff. ‘Oh, Goddess Durga.’ ‘What kind of trouble is this!’ ‘Mom is struggling
with her health.’ ‘The exams are
around the corner.’ ‘How will I take care
of children’s studies… …and mom’s health together?’ I will call up Bablu
and inform him. They will be back as soon as… …they learn about
mother’s health. Someone is calling me. Dad!
– Yes. What should I do?
It is Vidya’s call. Oh! Poor, Vidya! She would be worried after
seeing your mom’s condition. She might be uneasy after looking
her mother-in-law’s condition. Pass it to me. Here! ‘The number you have
dialed is busy.’ I was about to receive the call. The battery ran out and
the phone got switched off. Tell her that, okay? Keep it inside your pocket. ‘The number you have
dialed is switched off.’ Did you speak to
Dharma and Bablu? Are they returning? No. Their phone is switched off. I am trying since a long time. I need to go back to the kids. They have their exams.
I need to teach them. Aunt. Aunt, please stay
with mom for sometime. I will be back after
teaching the kids. I would have stayed… …but Runjhun’s dad is
suffering from Malaria. Still I came here. He too is alone at home. I am here because
I heard the sound. Vidya. I am heading to the farm to
deliver lunch for Shyamu’s dad. They are all there to harvest. I would’ve stayed back, Vidya. But I forgot that I have kept
food on the stove and came here. I have to go.
– Come on. Oh, Goddess Durga! What should I do? Let me have a word with Vivek. But it’s wrong to
bother him every time. It’s not good. I have to do something. What kind of massage is this? Can’t you do your work properly? Do it properly. What, Dharma! Are you trying to
send aunt to heaven? Wow! I don’t think you
father loves his mother. Nanku, I only love myself. It costs money to stay happy. So the rest of the life… …can be lead in happiness. It seems today you will… …shower your
graciousness on me. Why do you think so? That I will be kind to you? Look, now that
we both are here… …and that Avtaar… …is attending a rally. Vivek is so furious on Vidya that
they are not talking to each other. Vidya is busy in taking
care of her mother. Now who will teach the
students in the school? Am I right? Jagat! Yes. Give the money, dear. Go and look at the
state of Vidya Singh. And keep me updated
with all the news. Kanni, teacher has gone home. What should we do now?
Shall we also leave? No! Everybody will stay here. Teacher will come back. If she wanted to
announce a holiday… …then she must’ve
announced it earlier. That’s fine.
Till the teacher comes back… …we’ll repeat whatever
she has taught us? Yes, that’s good. Anand! Is any meeting remaining? ‘No, sir.’ Okay, I’ll meet you
in the morning. Bye. ‘Bye, sir.’ Dayanand! Give me a glass of water. I have asked you so many times to
not place your hand over your head. Mom! Vivek! What happened? Nothing, I was just
surprised to see you here. What do you mean
by, what happened? Do I need a permission
to hug you now? I missed you. I missed you too, dear. Come. Sit. I’m extremely sorry. I had to leave in such a rush. But there was no other option. I had some important work. Now
that I’m here, I will stay back. Mom, that’s fine. How is Vidya? ‘Vidya is illiterate.’ ‘I’m an illiterate.’ ‘I’ve become an
English teacher.’ ‘That I made you the principal
because I’m happy with you?’ ‘Vidya, this is your punishment.’ ‘I accept your punishment.’ ‘Singing and dancing will not
help the students to memorize.’ ‘They will not forget a single
word. – Shall we test it now?’ ‘How will you greet someone if
you meet them in the evening?’ ‘Good evening.’ Vivek, what’s the matter? Nothing. She is fine. I’m so proud of you, son! You’ve saved Vidya’s
life from getting ruined. I wonder what would’ve happened
if Vidya had got married! ‘I know who you are.’ ‘He is the assailant who
had injured Nanku’s mother.’ ‘He abducted Munni and
tried to kill her.’ ‘Till now I’ve blindly
followed his orders.’ ‘Henceforth, I’ll do
whatever I feel is right.’ What’s going on
between you and Vidya? What are you doing? Did you
get a phone for the first time? I’m here after so long. Instead of talking to me,
you are busy with your phone. Fine. Check your phone. It must be important for you. What’s the matter? Mom, do you know this? You are the only one in
this world who is of the… …utmost importance for
me, mom. More than Vidya?
– Mom. You call me daily and
inquire about my well-being. But you never tell
me about yourself. Is there any progress
in the love story… …of you and Vidya? Mr. Vivek! Ms. Vidya! I know that there’s no progress. You can handle the entire
district, but… …you can’t express
your feelings to her. No worries.
Now that I’m here, I’ll bring… …a progress in your relationship.
Okay? Hello. Am I speaking to DM sir? Who are you? I won’t mention my name. Consider me as your well-wisher. Tell me. – Instead of
teaching the students… …the principal of
your school is… …relaxing at home.


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