Vidya – 22nd January 2020 – विद्या – Full Episode

The principal of your school… …is sitting
comfortably at home… …instead of teaching the kids.
– Don’t speak nonsense! I have seen Vidya Singh myself. She was teaching the kids. DM sir, you are very naive. She went away the moment
you left from there. If you don’t trust me… …then visit her house. You will know the truth. What happened?
Is everything okay? Yes mom. Everything’s okay.
I have some important work. I’ll be back. I’ll be back soon.
You take care of yourself. Nanku, that jailor was
not allowing me to come. He was saying that I
cannot come to meet you. I had only told him. That’s because I don’t
want to see your face. Jagat, throw her out of here. Nanku, she committed a mistake. She is your sister.
Please forgive her. You have not just made a
mistake but a very big one. You want to become Nanku Singh? You will do everything
without telling me? Go away from here!
– Nanku, please forgive me. I did not wanted to trouble you. I will not repeat
this mistake again. You have put me in
to great trouble. Nanku Singh. You will be presented before
the high court very soon. Vidya. Vidya, just give me that
cream biscuit. – Yes. Today a suitor is coming
to see my daughter. Take this. Vivek, mother fell down from
the stairs and got injured. Bablu and father are not home. And even Avtar has gone out. I wanted to call you
and tell you but… …then I thought that
you will be busy… …so I didn’t wanted
to trouble you. And even the doctor said that
I should stay with mother. Look, no one is here
to take care of her. I cannot leave her and go and… …I even want to
teach the kids. I don’t understand
what all should I do? How do I teach the kids?
How do I look after mother? You go and teach the kids. What… What did you say? I said go and teach the kids. I will with Ms. Parbatiya. This means that… …you have started trusting
me, right? And… Can you forgive me? I don’t know whether… …I can forgive you or not. I don’t know whether I’m
angry or upset with you. I don’t even know whether I
should hate you or love you. Whether my anger is
correct or wrong. I don’t know about anything.
I’m totally confused. Whenever I think of proving
you as a liar or a betrayer… …you do something
which proves me wrong. Though you are an illiterate,
you teach children… …better than
any other teacher. Nobody even imagines of
teaching in this way. I continuously blame you,
but you bear it quietly. Though you know that I’m wrong. It’s your mistake too, right? If you know that I’m wrong then
why don’t you tell anything to me? Why don’t you answer for it? Answer me. Why? Because I don’t consider
you to be wrong. Why? Because… …you are wrong? Right? Because I love you! Vivek, I’m telling you the truth. I have also started loving you. What did you say? You love… You don’t need to worry. Don’t be worried for
what I just said. Because I know… …that you are upset with me. Hence… …our relationship
doesn’t have any identity. Vivek, but the day when
you’ll forgive me… …I’ll ask you that day. What’s the identity
of this relationship? Vivek…
– You please go. Teach the kids. I’ll take care of your mother. Vivek. This is the prescription
of medicines. I’ll be back in three hours. Thank you, Vivek. I am a boy. Write it. Excuse me. Take it. Read from it. Don’t hesitate.
You must grasp knowledge… …whenever you get
the opportunity. One can study at any age. We can learn all our life. Take it. Thank you, dear. May God bless you. You may go.
– Okay, sir. Bittu, read whatever
I have written. I am a boy! I go to the school! Now I will take a small test. Complete the sentence. That is, fill in the blanks. The cat is… …’blank’ the table. Write down the answer. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Kids, will the answer be
under or above? – Under! The color of apple is… Red!
– Red! Very good. What happened, Kanni? ‘I am telling the truth.’ ‘I have started falling
in love with you.’ ‘I know that you are
angry with me.’ ‘And that is why… …our relationship
remains nameless.’ Parbatiya! Parbatiya! Mom. Mom. What are you doing here? What about you?
Weren’t you at work? Yes, mom. Ms. Parbatiya
met with an accident. And I sent Vidya… …as it was necessary
to teach the kids. There is no one else at home. Neither is Dharma at
home nor is Bablu. So I’m waiting for
someone to return. How is she doing now? She’s still unconscious. I couldn’t have left her alone. That’s why I’m waiting here. You did the right thing, Vivek. Friends must help each
other when they are in need. I will sit by her side. Okay. Bablu.
– Yes? What is the DM’s car doing here? Who knows. Doesn’t he have
anything better to do? He… He is inside the house!
Run, dad! Dad, if these two are with mom… …then I’m sure,
Vidya is at the school. Nanku Singh won’t spare us… …if he finds out about this. Imagine what he will do to us… …if anybody else
tells him about this. It’s a bread for both of you.
– Okay. Though, you look healthy. Why don’t you get
a job or something? Son, we are blind. Therefore, we have no
other choice but to beg. It’s very cold. I feel like,
I will turn into ice. Go and make a fire. Hey! Take this. Keep it with you. I will beat you so hard… …that you will get so
hot that you’ll burn. So, what were you saying? Have they become friends again? Nanku Singh, the thing is…
I mean… Dad and I didn’t do anything. Yes, he is right. We didn’t realise when they
settled thier differences. Uncle. These days, love has become… …like the electricity in
of our village. – Right. Just like, we often have
electricity outage in our village. I hard to understand. Love has become just like that. People fall in love and
then they stop loving. Then they fall in
love once again. Uncle, the thing is… …this love story… …must come to an end. Because if we don’t
end this story… …then…
– What’s this? It’s so cold and all
you’ve got is this! This is rubbish.
What is this? Get inside it. Stay inside it. Nanku, I’m burning.
I’ll be charred. Let go of me. I’m having an important
conversation. Don’t you get it? Cold has increased. Uncle, we need to
increase the heat. Tell me when the
exams are starting? Vivek. Vidya… How are you? And how is your school? Everything is fine. Keep teaching the children
in the same manner. You don’t worry
about Ms. Parbatiya. Now that I’m here… Vivek and me will take care of
her, okay? ‘I am telling the truth.’ ‘I am also in love with you.’ Vivek. Vivek! Mom! We must leave as
she is here now. You too look exhausted.
Let’s go and take some rest. No! A mother forgets all her exhaustion
as soon as she sees her children. I have met Vidya
after a long time. I should have a cup of
tea made by her, right? Will you make it for me?
– Definitely! I will make tea
for you right away. Mom, you can have it at home too.
Let’s go. You may avoid it if you want. Who is stopping you? I will have the tea for sure. You don’t need to
worry about me. I will be there by myself. Oh, my mom!
– Aunt! Oh!
– Be careful! Oh!
– Be careful! Be careful.
– Oh! I will bring some water for you.
– Yes. At once. Oh, ma’am! Mother! Have it.
– Have it. How did you get injured? What should I tell you? I was working upstairs. I don’t know how I
slipped off the stairs… …while getting down. Why are you standing?
Please sit. Yes.
– No, you take rest. We’ll take a leave. Please come, mom.
– Aunt, please sit. I’ll make tea for you. Okay. As you have come home. How can you leave
without having tea? Please sit and have tea. Now I will have tea for sure. Please don’t speak much.
It will hurt you. Please lie down. I don’t know what’s
wrong with me. Why am I not able to tell mom
the truth about Vidya Singh? What’s wrong with me? Thank you! Did you bring that for Vivek? Yes. He is standing outside. Go and give him.
In case he refuses… …you should beat
him like a teacher. He will drink it. Vivek! Vivek! Here’s the tea. Thank you. Vidya. Show me your hand. Are you okay?


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