Vidya – 31st December 2019 – विद्या – Full Episode

Congratulations. There’s
a very good news for you. Vidya, from today you have been
appointed as the school principal. Vivek sir has got these
orders passed overnight. And I am sure that he
wants you to take care… …of the school’s
everyday activities. Vidya, now you have to take
care of a principal’s job… …along with a teacher’s job. So, please come and take… …over the school’s
responsibility. Good luck! Bye! ‘Keeping Goddess
Durga as a witness… …I promise you that… …I will make your
future a living hell.’ ‘I will punish you myself… …for what you did with me.’ Vidya. Ma’am, you have been made
a principal along with… …being a English teacher. Congratulations to you! What are you doing here? Come. We’ll tell everyone. Come. Please come. Listen! Vidya ma’am has been appointed
as the school principal! Congratulate her! Mr. Tripathi. You also congratulate Vidya. Why are you looking so gloomy? Why? Have you
become the principal? That you are so
happy and ecstatic? And how can this
happen when there is… …a senior teacher
present in this school… …a recently appointed teacher
can becomes a principal? Is this a joke? She may be close to the DM? But she cannot act on her whim. Listen, the government
has changed. I am telling you to… …change your side as well. If you keep cribbing then… …you won’t get anything. I am telling you this. Vidya should have… …been tried in the court. I am confused. Why did Vivek not file
a case against Vidya? Are you insane? Will Vivek file
a case of fraud against Vidya? When police had caught you… …at that time I got scared. So, I went to Vivek and told
him everything about Vidya… …to save myself
from getting caught. Vidya is illiterate. Hey! Where are going? I want to meet Vivek. Did sir call you or talk to you? My name is Vidya Singh. I’m from Deogarh. Try to understand. Meeting is going on inside. Sir is very busy right now. You can meet him only if you… …have appointment.
Else, you can’t meet today. Do this. Register your name today. And come and meet tomorrow. Listen. Try to understand me. It’s important that
I meet Vivek today. Go and tell him that
Vidya Singh is here. He knows me very well. Okay. Go and sit over there. As soon as the meeting is done… …I’ll inform sir about you. Go and sit over there. Beat them! Beat them! Take them out. We won’t spare them. Nanku Singh has
oppressed us a lot. If you have evil
intentions towards women… …of the village,
we’ll destroy your family. He grabbed everything that the
government had allocated for us. And he even pocketed the
benefits meant for school kids. Beat them! Take them out! Ranjana, wait. Don’t step out of the car now. They have gone insane. They can do anything. Let’s see what they do. Beat them! Hey!
– Beat them! Hey!
– Beat her! Beat her!
– Hey! Beat! Leave me! Leave! What are you doing?
Have all of you gone crazy? You stay back. We know… …that you are the only kind
person in this sinners’ family. Ranjana used to work
for Nanku Singh, right? We’ll break her bones. Listen. The law has punished… …my husband and brother… …for whatever they did. The law has… …only freed her. Then why are you trying to
take the law in your hands? And… Even if she deserves to be
punished, the law will punish her. Trust me.
– Okay. We consider your words
and are leaving today. But tell her… …that if she tries
to play any tricks… …we won’t spare her. Come on! Let’s go! You saw it, right? These people who were… …not worthy of standing
in front of our house… …have come to break
our house today. These people who used to… …bow in front of us… …now want to beat us up. You know why? Because they know that
my brother is in jail. Else they would never
ever dream of doing it. These people only understand
the language of force. I won’t spare them for… …what they have done to me. Oh my God! I’m grateful, mom and dad. Nanku Singh, my parents
have done one good thing. That they have made
you my brother-in-law. Even in the jail,
we have all the facilities. The fridge, AC, TV and the… Oh my! It feels as if… …I’m not in a jail but
in a five star hotel. Nanku Singh, our
dominance is forever. Mister, I’m thirsty.
Can I get some water? Vivek. Vivek… Vivek. Where did Vivek go? Sir has gone to the
forest for survey. Where are you going? Don’t you see, the DM is busy? I have to meet Vivek. It’s very urgent.
Let me meet him once. Tell him, that Vidya Singh
is here to meet him. You stay here. Sir, a woman is
here to meet you. Ask her to wait. Don’t you see that I’m busy? What did he say? Did he call me? He has asked you to wait. He got angry on me due to you. Vivek. Hey! Where are you going? Mister, I couldn’t
meet him even there. I need to meet him only for
a moment. It’s important. Let me go in. Why don’t you get it? He’s a DM. He has to handle
the work of the whole district. You can’t meet him
just like that. You can come later. ‘Vidya is… …illiterate.’ ‘Vidya, not even one student
has passed in your subject.’ ‘What’s all this? The students
have written all wrong answers.’ Sir, shall I bring
anything else to eat? Sir, a lady has been waiting… …to meet you since morning. She said her name
is Vidya Singh. Can’t you see that I’m busy. Sorry sir. Stop! Give me the keys. Leave.
– Yes, sir. Vivek! Vivek! Vivek, just once! Vivek! Vivek! Wear the seat belt. Vivek, please. I just… …want to have a word with you. ‘You have… …misunderstood Vidya.’ ‘Vidya is… …illiterate.’ Sir. Take this. Alright, you can leave.
– Yes, sir. Vivek! Vivek, I want to… …ask you that… Vivek. Instead of punishing me… …why did you… …made me the
principal of the school. What do you think? I’m very content… …and so I appointed
you as the principal. This is your punishment,
Vidya Singh.


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