#Vijetha Movie Theatrical Trailer | Kalyaan Dhev, Malavika Nair | Rakesh Sashii

It’s our success to bring in a smile on the face of others These youngsters are like carry bags They be responsible when burden is put
….They fly away in air if left free Even Buddha became great man after leaving home,
thus I too will go Buddha has got the Peepal tree those days,
but all trees are cut in the road widening now. Where will you sit? Here’s your money What’s your money? He’s assistant and you are the head, right? ♪ The one we know well and the one who moved with us
and he’s such a good boy ♪ Hey, there’d be very less from you who got good marks But those with less marks like me will be huge If you’re unable to get a job, don’t you have an interest
or wishing to do something else I’ll know when you say what’s it No, nothing as such daddy Check There’s a gang leader for these four.
That one guy is enough to evaporate your happiness I said so much not to be with this waste fellow. Have you heard to me? He’s been thinking just about you as to what happens to you without him.
He’s the real Dad


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