Vince McMahon DRAMA @ Rocky Johnson’s FUNERAL! Surprise Entrants In Royal Rumble 2020! AEW &WWE NEWS

Here is your news for
January 23, 2020. We’re starting off today with some
news from the late Rocky
Johnson, as the WWE Hall of Famer has been laid
to rest. Though the world has mourned
the passing of the Soul man,
the funeral did have some drama, according to
Superstar Billy Graham, and
Devon ‘Hannibal Nicholson’. The pair are claiming that during
the service, Vince McMahon and
Pat Patterson were disrespectful to the late Johnson,
which caused people to get
upset at them, and in a now-deleted Facebook post,
Graham claims that “Patterson
described the former Tag Champion with some very
unkind language. He said: out of nowhere Patterson goes
into this rant and called Rocky
Johnson, lying dead in the casket right below him, a
mother F-er and started this
vulgar rant about how worthless Rocky was and a bunch
of guys had to drag Patterson off
the church platform and sit him down.” “Patterson who just turned 81
must be losing his mind literally.
Only in pro wrestling folks, very sad to hear about this
and I actually feel a bit ill over
this bizarre behavior.” Nicholson said everything that
he has heard so far on his
YouTube channel, claiming: “I’ve asked around some other
people that were there. I won’t
mention their names. Billy Graham said that Vince and
Pat were very rude on the
podium. This other person who I spoke to said he wasn’t
really going to defend what
Vince did.” “Pat apparently said ‘goddamn’
a few times in the church, and
he said the word ‘sh*t.’ The exact speech of Pat’s that
Billy Graham alleged Pat was
escorted off the stage. Now I guess we’ll find out more
as more people come out that
were at the funeral. From the people I spoke to
they said that there was
some drama.” “There was frustration that I
guess the preacher spoke for
more than an hour and was very negative toward professional
wrestling. So, Pat and Vince’
attitudes on the stage may have had to do with the
preacher who — this is not a
joke — but, apparently some people were saying he is
acting like wrestling was fake
and more of a joke.” “Also, the funeral was supposed
to take place at a much smaller
place in front of only about one hundred friends and
close family members, but it
was moved to a massive church and there was a lot
of people there.” We’ll have to see if anyone was
recording the speeches of
Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson that apparently ruffled
some feathers, but the sermon
going long and the pastor’s attitude to pro wrestling
probably didn’t help the
congregation. In a second video by Hannibal,
the indie star had a letter from
Harry Smith, who was too busy at the time to talk, but
could confirm what had happened: “He said lots of people could
confirm this because lots of people
are asking him what happened.” “He said: ‘I think Vince and Pat
were really strange or they
were drunk, or they were a bit of both probably. Pat’s
microphone got cut off because
he was talking so long at the funeral. Pat’s ending line
was: ‘Last night I was drunk,
and I was drinking water or what I thought was in the sink
and then the toilet seat fell
on my head.’” “‘Vince said: ‘Rocky Johnson
was a great wrestler, but the
greatest thing he ever did was marry Ata and Ata had
some kids.’ Then he walked
out of the building.” “‘Vince strutted on and off the
stage like he was doing a
promo. He looked like he really shrunk too’ — I assume he
means in size. Harry goes on to
say ‘Vince and Pat are completely out to lunch. I thought
they were drunk, but I spoke to
Pat and maybe he’s just going senile.’” “He’s not the only one I’ve
heard that’s said Pat is gong
senile.” “He said: ‘I don’t think Pat’s
memory is all that good.’” This certainly isn’t a good look
for Patterson or McMahon,
and though Billy Graham is known to be a vocal critic of
WWE, it seems he’s being
accurate on this occasion. We’ve got news from WWE
Women’s Tag Team Champion
Asuka now, as the Empress of Tomorrow was at the Fashion
Show Mall in Las Vegas, around
the time of the shooting that left three
people injured. On Twitter, Asuka let her fans
know that she had just
escaped from the incident, as police report that three juveniles
got into an argument, though
when it looked like a fight was going to break-out,
one pulled out a gun and
fired into a crowd. A witness at the scene told the
media that she saw two people
with gunshot wounds, and one of the victims was an
elderly man, and though
there’s no word on any arrests, local reports are saying the
mall is on lockdown. As Asuka is from a country with
one of the lowest gun-crime
records in the world, this is probably the first and hopefully
last time that she will have been
in a situation like this. With that in mind, it’s great to see
that the Empress is fine, and for
now, there doesn’t appear to be any fatal casualties
from this awful incident. Onto some lighter news now,
and Kofi Kingston was the
guest on this week’s edition of the Bump, and before his
incredible WrestleMania 35
storyline and 2019 run as WWE Champion, the New Day star
claimed that he was best known
for his remarkable Royal Rumble spots. Therefore, it makes sense that
Kofi would announce himself
for this Sunday’s 30-Man rumble match, and he’ll be
bringing Big E along too. This brings the number of male
entrants to 24, or 25 if you’re
including R-Truth in the situation, and The Bump also
discussed the women’s Royal
Rumble, as five Superstars have confirmed their place in
the match: Charlotte Flair,
Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Sarah Logan and Natalya. Though only five women have
announced themselves for the
Rumble match, one Superstar fans could expect to
see is Naomi, who last
appeared on TV against Sarah Logan on a July 2019 edition
of Main Event. According to the sources
speaking to PWInsider, the
former Women’s Champion will be in Houston this Sunday for
the Pay Per View and given
that she’s rumored to be returning to SmackDown soon,
her return could come as part
of the Women’s Rumble match. Naomi’s absence from WWE in
July matched up with the Usos
break from TV, which was the same month as Jimmy
Uso’s DUI arrest. The former SmackDown
Women’s Champion hasn’t been
completely gone however, as she has appeared on Total
Divas during this time period,
and the Usos recently returned to SmackDown, helping
Roman Reigns fend off the trip
of King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Speaking of the Rumble, one
shocking name fans could see
enter the men’s contest is Booker TV, who has been teasing
on social media that he could be
appearing on the show. Online, the two-time Hall of
Famer has said he’s in shape
just he gets the call to participate in the Men’s Rumble
match. For what it’s worth, WWE recently
applied a trademark for Harlem
Heat, so we’ll have to see how things go for Booker,
especially with the Rumble
happening in his hometown. From WWE to AEW now, as three
matches have been announced
for next week’s AEW Dynamite. On the show, the Inner Circle,
represented by Chris Jericho,
Santana and Ortiz, fresh from their victory over the Jurrasic
Express, will take on Darby Allin
and Private Party, whilst the Young Bucks will take
on the Butcher and the Blade. In singles action, Cody Rhodes
will face Kip Sabian, and fans
will also hear from the number one contender to the
AEW World title Jon Moxley,
who defeated Pac to earn the spot in the main event of
this week’s Dynamite. Following his huge win on
Dynamite, Moxley had a stare
down with Chris Jericho who was on commentary, and the
match has been made official
for next month’s AEW Revolution. Though there’ll be plenty of big
matches for Dynamite next
week, WWE NXT will also have a stacked show, as the
Broserweights will face the
Grizzled Young Veterans in the finals of the 2020 Dusty Classic. On this week’s show, Zack
Gibson and James Drake got
the upset victory over the Undisputed Era, whilst Pete
Dunne and Matt Riddle
defeated Imperium’s Fabian Archer and Marcel Barthel to
round out the finals. A match that’ll feature four of
the top stars from NXT, next
week’s show will be must- see, as we crown the next
Dusty Rhodes Classic
champions. More news from NXT now, as
CM Punk could have picked
anyone to win the WWE Royal Rumble but has decided
to go with Keith Lee. An interesting pick given that
Lee hasn’t been announced
for the match, the Limitless Superstar saw what Punk said
about him on Backstage and
said that should he ever get to meet the Straightedge
Superstar, he’ll have to share
his gratitude. Following his incredible
appearance at Survivor Series,
Lee has become a favorite of many people, leaving WWE the
choice whether to find a spot
for him on the main roster, or leave Lee in a
major spot in NXT. Whatever the company choose,
expect CM Punk, and millions
of fans, to be paying close attention to what he
does in the ring. We’re looking ahead to Wrestle
Mania now, as it looks like the
36th show under the name has confirmed its first
celebrity. On his youtube channel, Gabriel
‘Fluffy’ Iglesias is scheduled for
the WrestleMania weekend in Tampa Florida, and
is also scheduled for both
WrestleMania 36, and Monday Night RAW. Another sign that those dates
are for WWE, is that those
dates aren’t listed on his website for Comedy tour, implying
that the WWE has booked him
for these days, and though a Hall Of Fame induction
would seem more likely than
a stand-up appearance at Mania, anything is possible
with WWE. Fans may know that Iglesias is
a long-time WWE fan and
friend to many current and former Superstars, and fans will
have been able to catch him
this week on Chris Jericho’s cruise around the
Bahamas. From one possible future Hall of
Famer to a woman who more
than earned her spot in the group, as Trish Stratus will
soon be adding another award
to her list of accolades. As confirmed on her website,
the Canadian legend will be
inducted into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional
Wrestling Hall of Fame, and a
statement on her site read: “She is the first female to receive
the organization’s highest award.
Past recipients of this prestigious honor named
after Lou Thesz, a 15-time
World Champion, include Edge, Booker T, Jim Ross, JJ
Dillon, and most recently,
Thunderbolt Patterson. Stratus became the first female
to receive Cauliflower Alley
Club’s Iron Mike Award in 2016 and as she continues to
find herself in trailblazing roles,
she is overwhelmed to be recognized by the National
Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan
Gable Museum.” As a pioneer of women’s wrestling
and seven-time WWE Women’s
Champion, Stratus has definitely earned this award,
and the ceremony will take
place on July 23rd through to the 25th in Waterloo,
Iowa at the National Wrestling
Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum. We’re taking a break from WWE
now, as one wrestler who knows
how to make an impact both in and out of the
company is KENTA, formerly
known as Hideo Itami. The New Japan star has made
quite a splash in 2020 already
following his Wrestle Kingdom appearance, and now
looks to have a phenomenal
run with the promotion, which starts with his pursuit of
the double champion Tetsuya
Naito. Though KENTA has his eyes
set on Naito, there’s quite a
few stars who have been calling out the former NXT
Superstar in the hopes of
getting a match, and one such name is Enzo Amore, who
competed with the Japanese
star in their WWE days, though KENTA isn’t entertaining
the idea of a rematch against
the Certified-G. KENTA will have his hands full
with Naito and many other
stars after him, as the Japanese star hopes to have a
career renaissance outside of
WWE, where he had an underwhelming time. The fact that KENTA doesn’t
want a match won’t stop Amore
from poking the bear, as well as antagonizing the entire
wrestling community, as the
former Cruiserweight Champion knows he is
considered deeply unpopular in the
business for a variety of reasons. Since his WWE departure though,
Amore has proven he doesn’t
care about what people have to say about him, as
all he wants is to succeed and
prove his doubters wrong, and a match against the
master of the GTS could do
just that. Back to WWE now, and though
Daniel Bryan is a beloved star
in 2020, it wasn’t too long ago that he was despised
by the fans. Around this time last year, Bryan
was in the peak of his run as the
Planet’s Champion, ahead of his title loss at Wrestle
Mania 35, but what fans may
not know is that he was instructed to stop talking about
the environment. Speaking to MySanAntonio,
Bryan revealed that WWE asked
him to stop talking about the environment, as they saw it
as a political issue, whilst Bryan
argued back that it’s a science issue instead, but the
decision was made to cut the
verbiage. He said: “When I was doing the
environmental thing, they
actually told me to stop talking about the environment because
they told me it was a political
issue and we don’t want to deal with politics. I said,
‘It’s not a political issue. It’s a
scientific issue, and the sciences pretty much prove it.’
So rather than looking at it
from a right or left point of view, let’s look at it as, ‘Hey,
improving the environment
is a bulletproof idea to improve all of our children’s
lives.’ And I think that’s also
something that people can get behind, too. But how you
do that in a wrestling format?
I have no idea.” Though he may no longer be
a heel, Bryan is still very vocal
about the environment, but doesn’t let that come through
on the microphone in WWE. This seems like another example
of WWE trying to keep their nose
out of politics, even if the science proves that this
isn’t quite the political issue,
they believe it to be. And finally today we’re recapping
from the Wednesday Night Wars,
as both shows once again fought for ratings. In a somber albeit hilarious
moment, the NXT Universe
paid tribute to the passing of Mr Peanut, as the beloved
mascot sacrificed his own life to
save others at the age of 104. In the ring, the Grizzled Young
Veterans defeated the
Undisputed Era in the Dusty Classic Semifinals, whilst Toni
Storm defeated Io Shirai by
Disqualification, thanks to an attack by Bianca Belair. Finn Balor picked up the win
over Joaquin Wilde, whilst
Shayna Baszler, still furious about being eliminated from
last week’s battle royal by
up-and-comer Shotzi Blackheart, got her revenge
with a win over the green-
haired-grappler. After Pete Dunne and Matt
Riddle earned their spot in the
Dusty Classic finals with a win over Imperium, it was time
for the main event, as Keith
Lee defeated Roderick Strong to become the new NXT
North American Champion. This clearly wasn’t a good night
for the Undisputed Era, as they
lost both one of their titles, and the chance to become
two-time Dusty classic winners,
and it’ll be interesting to see what happens
next week for the group. NXT wasn’t the only show that
saw title changes though, as
this week’s AEW Dynamite saw Kenny Omega and Adam
Page defeat the SCU for the
AEW Tag Team gold. In singles action, Britt Baker
defeated Priscilla Kelly
before berating Tony Schivone post-match, whilst the Inner
Circle got an impressive victory
over the Jurrasic Express. MJF got the upper hand this
week with a victory over Joey
Janela, and though Cody Rhodes can’t lay a hand on
his cocky former protege, the
Young Bucks did lay a foot on him, dropping MJF with a
superkick to end the segment. And in the main event, Jon
Moxley and Pac battled for
a shot at the AEW Championship, though it was
ultimately Moxley who won
the contest. With this win, the former WWE
Champion will have another
shot at Jericho, this time at AEW Revolution, and fans
will be able to check that
match out March 1st this year.


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