Virtual Theatre and Digital Experiences BA (Hons)

The students on this course will be learning about the
technology that makes virtual reality work. They’ll be learning about augmented reality and
mixed reality… and how that fits into the context of theatre
and live performance. We find that people are coming out of courses that
are quite – or can be – one-dimensional. So someone might go on an animation course or
a performing arts course… The training at Rose Bruford College is closing the
skills gap by teaching people the right softwares… and also the practical skills needed within the
industry at the moment. So in the first-year students are going to learn
a lot of very foundational skills. They’ll be doing software training and hardware skills. On the the second year, they’ll start to learn to
apply that into projects where they will be working collaboratively with
other design disciplines in the university And in their final year, they’ll really start to
own their own specialisms. So they’ll be going out in the industry
working on internships or… engaging on projects in the real workplace. They may be developing their own research projects… and really trying to develop who they want to be
when they graduate. So if you’ve got an interest in coding or
technical skills like that this would appeal to you but at the same time,
if you’re creative if you’re an artist… and you want to learn how to make new pieces of
theatre in VR, you’ll be very welcome here. It’s really encouraging that a college is looking at how
can these students get a job after they’ve done the course and I feel that that’s the strength of these new courses,
is that they are designed… to be able to put someone out in the industry
and make them employable. We’re at a place where Cinema was a hundred years ago. We’re trying to create a whole new industry of
digital media and there’s literally billions of… pounds and dollars being pumped into this new
industry to move it really quickly and get it ready. And we’re one of the only people creating students that
will actually be able to create this new content in the future.

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