visiting an old abandoned cinema hall + going on the rooftop of a mall

||at the cinema||
-light the screen up
-there smell here on top of the unintelligible maybe homeless people live here honestly, it looks like it is it full? -it’s full!
-so there are homeless people who live here when burgeranch were still here right, burgeranch are not here anymore like ten yea- ok not ten years i’m exaggerating like five years -(i think that) theres someone here
-it’s so weird -Elad, can you not say things like that wait Elad do we have a way of getting out? -yes yes *BOOM*
-fuck this is locked, we can’t -ouch!
-be careful we are walking bent down because the ceiling is right above us hi *chocked laughter* -woo!
-ok now there are these rooms here which have nothing inside -you can get inside them
-are these rooms? -yes
-isn’t that something that’s holding the mall on top of us so we won’t die? uhh… no they’re not just pillars, they’re actual rooms’ get in and you’ll see walls ok now we need to get off through here it’s something that i like doing -ok
-or go around and get out through there -where is “there”?
-what do you prefer? -what do you mean… i don’t understand
-you want to go down through this? I don’t think it’s very safe… *nervous laughter* I went down that many times -you want to…
-and what’s the second way? a very safe way -what’s the second way?
-on the safe way my back really hurts you can stand on your knees and straighten your back the fuck?! -next, remember the unintelligible, ok?
-remember what? holocaust? what the fuck… -a lot of childrens shoes (sorry for saying “wtf” all the time lol) what is this exit? where are we getting out of exactly? ||on the roof|| we’re going to get killed – what are you doing?
-oh it’s mcdonalds! -do code morse!
-do an S.O.S ♪call me S.O.S♪ -(Eli) *laughter* you heard (that)? -Elad no! ELAD!
-Elad no! elad! that just overdoing it (as in rediculous) Elad! how he likes to ruin things… Elad come here! -*whistle*
-ELAD!! -ELAD!!! there was a woman that sat there i whistled to her and she was looking (for me) “what? who did that?” *laughter* you are insane -and then she looked…
-did she see you? -here, here, where are you going?
-no no no… -come down elad…
-is there somebody there? -(look at) how shes running away…
-ELAD!! come here! -theres light from there…
-what? what? is there somebody there? theres nobody there what? from… that thing -what thing?
-that’s on top -what?!
-from the building here -and…
-there’s light inside -there’s somebody there… I’m going *nervous laughter* without us? 🙁 my heart is weakkkk….. I’m just scared that somebody will come and shout let’s see yes. (he) went inside. there’s nobody here! aren’t they houses of people that sleep… he said there’s nobody there no, right at the back I’m telling you I think I’m about to die of a heart attack at a very young age that’s the fun in life are these stairs that go somewhere? the engine room of the elevator -oh
-want to get an elevator stuck? this is the time I’d rather not I’d rather not do that. theres nothing to see. I think our journey has come to an end ohhh 🙁 -did you have fun?
-yeahhhh 😀 yessss 😀 it was free right? no, a thousand shekels I don’t take money, i take other stuff *WHEEZE*

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