Visiting BUCHAREST: Keynote Speech, City tour and adventure – RogVLOG33

I’m here in Bucharest in Romania,
and I’m here for the Internet and Marketing World Conference.
I’m giving a keynote speech on, as you would expect,
fighting complexity in marketing. So let’s do the usual.
We’ll have a look around the city and then we’ll head to the conference.
Welcome to RogVLOG. Two flawless flights this morning with
KLM. So I’m here in Bucharest and I’m just
about to check into the hotel. I’m staying at the Arc de Triomphe Hotel
and it’s lovely. And it’s the first hotel I’ve stayed in
for ages where they give you a proper key.
And also, I think being given a welcoming gift by
the conference organisers. I always like welcoming gifts.
A bottle of something. And a little scroll.
Let’s have a look. “Dear
Roger, welcome to Romania.
We’re excited that you accepted our invitation to join Internet and Mobile
World 2018 and we trust your stay with us will be enjoyable.
It is our pleasure to offer you a small gift.
A bottle of Crosecco.” And I love this bit down at the bottom.
“Thank you for being here.
We believe that collaboration is the way we empower ourselves and the people
around us.” I love that.
I love a good pop, don’t you? Lovely.
Cheers. The architecture here is fantastic.
I’m just walking past the Parliament building.
Do you know what could really do with finding somewhere to get coffee?
My goodness that coffee was strong. You know in the UK,
coffee is quite weak, isn’t it?
Maybe that’s how we like it. Whereas abroad in Europe,
in eastern Europe, it’s like rocket fuel.
Well, I guess this is the obligatory fountain
shot. Now,
that’s what I call ancient and modern. I hadn’t realised in Bucharest they’ve
got an almost carbon copy of the Arc De Triomphe.
They’ve even copied that scary car crash waiting to happen roundabout as well.
It’s why Bucharest is also known as little Paris.
Well think that’s enough walking around for now.
I’m gonna head back to the hotel, rehearse my speech and then tomorrow,
it’s the conference. Here I am at the conference venue.
Is called RomExpo. It’s a beautiful day here in Bucharest,
so let’s get in there and let’s kick some ass.
It seems this isn’t just a conference. It’s also a gigantic Expo with lots of
standards, with marketing technology,
virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.
It’s pretty impressive. I’m here at the venue.
It’s absolutely gigantic. I hadn’t realised it was such a big
venue and this is the MarTech stage and this is where I’m going to be doing my
speech. Well the talk went really well.
A really engaged audience. I’ve been doing this fighting complexity
talk all over Europe, and the bottom line is “simplicity”
translates into every single language. Now I’m having another another coffee.
Well, the conference is over and I’m chilling
out in this beautiful park. Not only as this city stunning when it
comes to architecture, but you could also find these little
quiet places as well. If you enjoyed this episode of RogVLOG,
please do subscribe to my YouTube channel.
In the meantime, tell me,
which European city do you think I should go to next?


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