VLOG In The Band Pit at Book Of Mormon (Manchester) S01E08

Hey YouTube what’s up? This is pro saxophonist Jamie Anderson, bringing you a quick Welcome To My World
vlog. I’m in Manchester this week doing Book of Mormon
so I thought I’ll try and get a little bit of footage and show you around.
Let’s do it! so I’ve got the standard show blacks on let’s head out to the pit.
Okay picked up some dinner at Pret, let’s head down to the theatre. There’s a pub there called “The Stage-door”. I
thought that was the actual stage door and they searched my bag. I was like, why have they searched
my bags and it turns out that pub is called The Stage Door, it’s not really the stage door. That is at the actual stage door. I have to go through about five
twists in the corridor to get to the actual stage door. Got a poster there for Jersey Boys, the show I
did for nine years. This is where the magic happens. Up to the the MD’s rostrum. Pretty big, pretty cool. Okay so here’s my little
station. Now this show, for my pad, is flute, clarinet, piccolo and alto sax. And
it’s a little bit tricky. It’s a little bit tricky. There’s lots of really
exposed stuff where you’re on your own so you’ve got to hold your nerve! Tricky flute parts. They’re still doing a few
little rehearsals up on stage but, of course, what you have to do for any
attempt at flute and piccolo is have a good warm up. So I’ve done these pit tours
before and we’ve got exactly the same stuff as the other pits. You got your screen to see
the conductor, despite the fact I can see him anyway to be honest. Microphone
for the woodwinds, microphone for flute and piccolo, instruments and stands – I’ve
got a cool little stand that I put my piccolo on – that little peg there by the
music stand, that’s quite cool. Then down here you got your mixer to get a good
balance. It’s not very clear compared to that one. There you go, and you can see all
the instruments on there and, of course, headphones. Now one thing I’ve started doing
recently is, just it’s very hard to film this, is just, lightly using my Reed
Geek, level off the back of the reeds. Look what I’ve got – the actual Book Of Mormon.
It is quite a boring read actually I have to say – the show is much more
exciting! Okay, that’s it, job done. Four nights on
Mormon completed. All I’ve got to do now is do the extremely short walk back to
my hotel. Less than five minutes, well like, two minutes really. So, enjoyed that.
It was nice to have a run at things. I think it went pretty well. My first real
block of work I’ve done after I’ve been sick so it went pretty well – got my stamina
back. I get the train home tomorrow and then off to get back to the Ritz, my regular
Friday gig, so yeah. So that’s it, that’s the end of the four night run in
Manchester doing Book of Mormon. Hope you enjoyed the little video. A little bit
low key this time, I haven’t got my camera so it’s all been iPhone-tastic, but if you’re
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will get back to the tuition videos that we all know and love – and we’ve got a
super special one coming up on Sunday, so look forward to that one. All the best
and I’ll see you next time on Get Your Sax Together. See you later!

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