VLOG | Job Interview & Theatre Date Night!

Hi guys and welcome back to a brand new vlog.
– Hello. So today is a day in the life vlog,
we picked it up at about 20 past 12. We had like a pretty chill
morning and we’ve just driven to a location because Martyn has an interview.
– Yes it’s my turn to be nervous. We did wonder whether we would vlog this.
You were so brave like putting up going your audition. So I thought
I would include going to a job interview. This is like a grown-up job interview.
– It is. So you know I’m self-employed at the moment.
– Look how smart he looks. So I’ve decided to take the camera just to
show you, just because the actual location is in the background and I’ll
have to keep it secret for, I mean if I don’t get it I could probably say what
it is but if I do get it I’ll have to keep
it secret. Internet safety.
– But yeah, I’m a bit nervous. I am prepared though. I’ve got a notebook.
This is the most prepared I’ve ever been for a job and I’ve like make notes
on different aspects of my career so far. And because I was off today I thought I’ll
come and support you. And then following it, so I’ll
update you as to how it went afterwards. You’re gonna sit in the car.
– Watch Circle or Made in Chelsea,
catch up on my reality shows cause you don’t like them, so I can
watch them.
– And then following off from here we’re gonna go back home for a
little bit and then we’re going into London and we’re gonna go see your show.
– Yeah it’s a really really nice evening and I think that’s, I think that’s
sometimes a really good thing to do if you have an audition or a TV, a TV? Or
a job interview, I think it’s always nice to plan something that evening or
plan something after so that it just takes your mind of it and you can like
relax and have something to look forward to at the end of the day.
– Yeah, because I’m dry mouthed and sweating a little bit at the moment
so it’s good to look forward to something.
– You’ll be good, you’ll be great. Also wanted to say a huge thank you for all
your well wishes on our last vlog for my audition. Your well wishes worked
because I actually did get the job which I’m really really
happy about but I’m just sorting out a few logistics because it’s for six
weeks in the build up to Christmas but I have to sort out logistics about whether
I can actually do it because of accommodation and traveling. So yeah, I’m
kind of in the process of sorting out if I can do it but I was just so happy to
actually ‘A’ go to the audition and ‘B’
get it. First audition back as well.
– Yeah, filled me with a lot of confidence for the future, fingers
crossed but yeah I just wanna say all your well wishes worked so thank you so
so much. The beans back with his shades on.
How was it? Yeah, good. So I think it went well
unfortunately I did make a bit of a boo-boo at the end. So when they
phoned me up to invite me for the interview they said bring in your right
to work in the UK which would be your passport, and because I was so focused on
writing my notes and stuff, what did I forget to take? My passport.
– That happens though. Yeah but the rest of the interview went really
well I was able to draw off of the experiences I had on the cruise ship and things. So it’s a
two stage stage interview, so it’s not over yet. Fingers crossed.
– If I get through to the second one, have a second interview and then they
make a decision so…it’s good. What was that?
– I look like a creepy like just hand appearing from the camera like, well done.
– It was a good experience, good to get them done but yeah, I don’t like them.
– I don’t know if there’s anyone that likes a
job interview. They’re just quite high pressure aren’t they?
But I’m quite good at when I get in there, slowing down my tone and being more
relaxed and trying to think of what I’m gonna say type thing.
But yeah, we shall see. So we stopped off because I
really want nuggets. So we tried these corn nuggets the other day, I will show
them if we manage to get them and they’re so good. They taste exactly like
McDonalds chicken nuggets but hopefully a little bit healthier.
– I tried to get them the other day again but they were sold out.
– They were sold out, secret’s out. I think it was actually Brogan Tate who first
introduced me to them. Not personally, on the vlog. But yeah, right.
– Let’s go. Martyn is in his element.
– What are these? Helena – Guys. Duke Caboom.
– I CAN-ADA! Martyn – And Forky.
– What’s his name?
Bunny. Then Buzz. We love that character don’t we? Duke Caboom.
– Yeah, he really made me laugh. Mr Potato Head. Yes! Success. So there was an offer. So I got
four packets of nuggets.
– Four! They’re so good.
– You just said shall we have a bag each? I was joking. Or was I?
Oh, can I try a refresher?
– Okay, I love these. They’re probably really bad for you.
Just pure sugar.
– Thank you. So we had the nuggets, we only shared one packet
between us and now we’re ready and up to go into London and actually we must
be honest. We’ve had a little bit of a snooze. I got under the covers because I
was a little bit cold and then probably like, the adrenaline of the interview and
stuff wore off and made me quite tired and sleepy so yeah, nodded off for a little
bit but now we are rushing for the train. [MUSIC] So this…oh that’s close. This is a Carlsberg
but in a plastic bottle with a lid on.
– Clever that. So it is much much much much later,
in fact it’s the day after.
– The next day. We got back a little bit late didn’t we?
– Yeah. Yeah and then also in the room it was quite
dark and stuff so we thought it would be better just finish the vlog the next day.
So we loved it.
– It was so good. It was hilarious. So so funny. I am such a fan of slapstick comedy.
I mean I’ve grown up watching, like Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, Norman
Wisdom. So to see it still done because slapstick isn’t around a lot these
days, as much as it used to be so it’s great to see a show where it’s just
welcomed with open arms and just silly. It was so slick. Some of the scenes were so quick.
The actors were just phenomenal, they were so good. Yeah and it was a mixture of understudies
and the regular cast and it was just fantastic.
– So so good. They’re called the Mischief Theatre and they do
Play that Goes Wrong, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Comedy about Bank Robbery and then they
also have two new ones out. Magic goes Wrong
and Grown Ups. Yeah Grown Ups was the other one
at the vaudeville theatre.
– They’ve got so many. But I would highly recommend any of them
but especially Comedy about a Bank Robbery cause it’s so funny and also we haven’t seen
it yet but we’ve booked tickets to see a Play that
Goes Wrong. Yeah, well we’re in the process of getting tickets
to go and see Play that Goes Wrong. Going to see Dacve from Sophie and Dave. We’re so excited to see
him in that role and actually Comedy about a Bank Robbery sent tweet to you
didn’t they?
– They’ve commented on my Instagram. Oh it’s Instagram, sorry I thought
it was on Twitter and it was like “Thank you for joining us for the robbery we’ll
be sure to send you the address of where to send the diamond to.” That’s a
really nice touch. So we’re gonna leave this vlog here.
Thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you in the next video. Bye guys.


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