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-That’s it.
-That’s it? Good. THEATRE FOR ALL An actor must be active
at least 14 hours a day. I’ve seen these hollywood
actors, y’know. The rise at 7 a.m, then lift
weights ’till 9, and then their workday starts. 12 to 13 hours, to 14, to 15, to 16,
to 17, they’re shooting. These guys just shoot. Whereas we… move stage props. A Toothbrush and toothpaste
made a pact,
that’s one healthy fact. – I don’t believe it.
– Look at Lucky’s socks! People, we gotta find some shoes.
I saw an oversized but usable
pair over there.. – It says ”good news’
– As in what?
– ”A boy that brings good news”, get it? – No, I don’t get it.
– Come on, man, no time for grub. Look, they didn’t remove our
posters here. Or here. Unlike
the school. Not there, good. Just one. I think we should do it here. Is that him? – Who?
– Him.
…no it isn’t. At 20h! At the school.
Oi, what’s he doing? Hey, lads, do you have a permit
for this? – No, and it can go nasty with
the strict police control ’round here. Dear audience, dear citizens
of Kac, tonight at 20h, at ”Djura Jaksic”
primary school, on Vinogradarska st. We shall be giving a play
”Waiting for Godot”. Here we are in Kac, at the
old Kac’s old pensioners’ club.
To announce the show. I’ll do it. Since we’re here together, it’s
best that I tell you… tell me, Milos. Tonight at 20h at ”Djura Jaksic”
primary school, on Vinogradarska st. We shall be giving a play
”Waiting for Godot”. It is a charity action, so no ticket charge.
You can bring sweets and snacks instead,
for children’s shelter. ”Waiting for Godot” at 20h. Welcome! All are welcome! See you! – I’ll take this cheese.
– That one’s 780 dinars.
– Give me a kilogram of it. – Sure.
-What’s it like?
– Here, taste it. Real good cheese. – This last one was a little saltier?
– Yes.
– That’s the one I want. We have 17 curtains, that’ll suffice. – Look at this. Something totally different.
– Uh-oh.
– Four 3-phase sockets used to be there. There were 3-phase sockets.
On my mother’s life. – It takes 2 hours to fix. With any problem
along the way, we’re screwed. -So, I should tell him to turn on the 3-phase
-There’s no 3-phase electricity here. Or maybe in the kitchen?
Must be some there,
that’s the catch. But I don’t see the amper value
on these fuses. – I’ve crammed in the 10, there’s space
for the 20. – That shoud add one phase.
That’s one, two, three. – But watch… -Now it blew them all.
– Should I switch it off?
-Yes. Fuck, it just keeps blowng. I won’t bother to perform at all… As taught by the great electrician,
Slavomir Sibar from Futog, use only one
hand ’cause two close the short circuit. – Have you checked if there’s
electricity over there?
-No, it’s dead. Can he come and try to fix it, then?
– Just to tell us what it is.
– Text me that, please. Thanks, bye. – What’s the problem?
– The only 3-phase socket in the building
is dead. ‘..no one shall know our story, darling…’
Look, now one of them works.
‘..so you…’ – Wait. Hello, Vlada, it’s Pedja..
Maja gave me your contact. We have
an issue with the electricity and our show starts in an hour,
we need an urgent…
– A ‘princess’ doughnut. ‘Let’s get out of here, please.’ – No phase on the cable.
– On this here?
– On the rolled one. Cile, cigars? Vule, got cigars?
-I need tobacco for the pipe. If you want to do social work, you get a
certain licence but you need one for
education as well. Or healthcare or… My name’s Misa, a tutor in the Shelter for
Children and Youth of Novi Sad. A few
months ago, Pedja approached me with a great idea of ”Theatre for all” project,
so we came to the idea that, instead of
buying tickets, people could donate sweets and snacks for our users.
The idea is nice and, besides helping
themselves with culural content, they will also get to help children in need.
Halloween and the New Year’s eve are close,
so we’ll make good use of candy. Give us the first line, from the moment
you appear on stage together.
– First line? Give me a break… I want to thank women from ”Becar”,
the grill house, who cooked our meat
so we can have bones for the play. -Whass’at for?
-Take it, read for yourself.
– Retard can’t read. – Then you read him. Hey, come, I’ll read it for you.
You know, some kids have to work or beg
for the money at five years of age. And there’s one place I work at, where they
come to, to eat or to take a bath…
– That’s why we’re bringing snacks? That’s right. Then, I bring it to them,
and they are very happy to
have some sweets. So, you’ve just made some kids happy.
Thank you very much, that’s a nice bag.
– Good evening. – Good evening. I’ll go take these to the Shelter now.

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