Volvo Penta – Mighty Jobs – The power to light Sweden Rock Festival

– Hey, Lacey!
– Hey, Lacey! Sweden Rock! This is Mighty Jobs. In this episode,
we’ll turn all our attention to the machines and people
that power up our world. It’s going to be loud,
electrifying and badass. This is Mighty Jobs,
powered by Volvo Penta. This is Sölvesborg, a small municipality with
a population of around 18,000 people, but once a year… Sweden Rock! …rock fans from all over the world
double that number with around 35,000 daily visitors
to this four-day rock festival. This is a Volvo Penta powered genset which helps electrify
this festival area. Inside, we’ll find a D16 engine
that puts out 650kVA and 520 kilowatts. In layman’s terms, this generator
can power more than 1400 light bulbs. But one just ain’t enough. This festival needs nine of them, with a combined maximum capacity
of 4.2 megawatts. To master all this power, Sweden Rock
has the right guy for the job. This guy is an electrical mastermind who’s been working on this festival
for 12 years. With more than 1200 kilometres of cable
to keep track of, Jimmy basically needs to be an
electrical wizard to make it all work. So you must have encountered
some pretty strange situations in this job over the years. What do you think has been the weirdest
problem you’ve had to solve? I think it was the last time
Kiss was here, when they used
a little bit too much confetti. The confetti went straight into the air
intakes and blocked the radiators. We had to reduce the power
of one generator. It was almost boiling. So you were up there
vigorously pulling confetti? We had vacuum cleaners and everything. Without this guy, we would be history. It doesn’t matter
what the rest of us do. Without the power, without these,
we’d be history. – He’s kind of a big deal.
– He’s really important. – I love generators.
– Damn right. So not everyone gets this kind of access
at a rock festival, but we do, thanks to this guy. What’s your favourite thing
about working at a rock festival? It’s like a family when you’re here.
We’ve grown together that much. Everybody takes care of each other.
Everybody enjoys working together. And the love for music is immense. This is the biggest stage we’ve ever had
in all the years of Sweden Rock. – Ever, ever?
– Ever, ever, so far. This baby can hold 90 tonnes
on the roof. So that’s like the equivalent of 40 cars
that could be dangling from the ceiling. – Pretty much.
– Holy smoke. So tomorrow 35,000 rock fans
will be entering through these gates. Let’s hope that Jimmy and all
his electric power are ready by then. Good morning. How’s it going? Hi, Lacey. We just need to fire one
generator up before we do anything more. So if you come with me.
They are overloading the stage, so… They overloaded the stage?
That sounds serious. – Yeah, I think it’s pretty bad.
– Is this something that happens a lot? It shouldn’t happen, but
we’re just going to take this online. And what happens
if that happens during the show? – There would be a blackout.
– Oh, wow. If the generator trips out,
then we lose all the power to the stage. You wouldn’t be a very popular guy. I think you have to escape from here
if that happens. You have a getaway vehicle
waiting for you? – Crisis averted pretty quickly, then.
– Yeah, for now. So we’re standing here at the entrance.
Thousands of fans are about to rush in. – Are we ready?
– We’re ready. Festival’s ready. This is one of
the biggest moments of the festival. You’re gonna feel it.
We’re ready to roll. Is this my colour? OK, so we’ve found the next big thing that we can expect to see
on the big stage next year. So I just found out that I might
get a chance to go up on the stage, which makes me feel
a little bit nervous. I’ve never been
in front of 35,000 people before. – How do you guys feel?
– Yeah, it’s OK. This is like old school for you. Hey, Lacey! Can you scream for me? Sweden Rock! Well, Jimmy, it looks like you nailed it
in the electrical department. Thank you so much for showing me around
the last few days. Thank you. It was nice to have you here. I definitely think your job
falls into the mighty category. I hope so.

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