Wakey Wakey | Thriller | Free Movie | HD | English | Drama Film

Hello. Please record your
message after the beep. Are you there? Samantha? Josie? I’m just wondering how my girls are going. We’ve been so busy, haven’t we?
Your mum and I? It looks like we’ll be slaving
away like this all summer. Which is no good, is it. But girls, I’ve got a bit
of a surprise for you. We’re heading out there tonight. So we’ll see you then, OK? And listen Samantha. Until then, remember the
rules, OK sweetheart? You sister’s not to leave the
house unless it’s an emergency. I know we say that to you every
time, but it’s important, yeah? Do your best to stop her
falling and hurting herself. OK? We’re relying on you. OK, we’ve gotta go. OK, yep… bye! What’s up with you? Nothing much. Just chilling. Sam. I’m sorry. I think I’ve been a bit better, haven’t I? I’m really sorry. You’ve got to stop saying that. Look, it’s cool. You’re wearing my top. Is that OK? I really like it. I’ve taken some really
good pictures lately. Since when are you
shooting black and white? I just think it’s kinda cool. So it’s not cos I shoot black and white. No. I just think it’s really cool. Oh my god. I’m sorry. What do you want? Where are Mum and Dad? What? Where are Mum and Dad? Working. And she’s not my mum. I thought they were coming home tonight. You know what they’re like. Just go to bed. If you go to bed, I might take
you out somewhere tomorrow. Like, out of the house? Like out of the house. What’s it like in the town? I’ll take you there and you can find out. Lily! Lily! Lily! Lily! Samantha’s taking me to the town tomorrow. Come on. Just don’t fall asleep. I’m sorry. Thanks Sam. Thank you. Thanks Sammy. Sammy. There’s something I want to give you. Taking photos today? Sure. You can take one of me. – Right now. Go on.
– No. You know… I had the strangest dream last night. Felt so real. Have you seen Lily? What? Lily. Have you seen her? Who’s Lily? Um… our dog. You know, sometimes I wonder
if you ever really wake up. What do you mean? Your dreams are creeping in again Josie. We don’t have a dog. We’ve never had a dog. Sammy. What do you say we run away together. This house is bringing us
down, don’t you think? Sammy. What do you think? Don’t open your eyes. I need you asleep. Bit of a nightmare last night. Where are Mum and Dad? You wet yourself. You know that? I heard you screaming and found
you shaking on the floor. I carried you to bed. Thank you. The kettle’s boiled. Do you want some tea? No, thanks. So, what, you’re just going to stand there? You’re not up to no good, are you, Josie? No. You must be completely dead. Because I tell you, I’m spent. Debussy. What? Claude Debussy. Pour invoquer Pan, dieu du vent d’été. Are you lost? Where are Mum and Dad? Having a bad dream again, are you? You killed them. Oh I love you. Please be mine. Sam. Stop it. Stop it? Where are they? Stop it, Sam. Stop it. Stop it? Where are they? It’s your dream baby. I’m only in it. Where are they, Sam? I’m going. I’m out of here Sam. Well, it was fun.

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