Walk in Sofia, Bulgaria | travel vlog | 索菲亞| 保加利亞 |

So this is complex ancient serdica. And it presents the ancient culture. So here is square of tolerance. As you can see, in front of me is a mosque. And left hand side is a Synagogue. And the opposite side… Behind the building, there is a catholic church. And the left hand side… the final one is a Orthodox church. So here are 4 different kinds of religions. That’s why here is square of tolerance. So this building was used for bath. And right now it becomes a regional history museum. There is an urban legend that this mineral water can heal the heart broken. So this is president building of Bulgaria. And this church is one of the oldest church in Bulgaria. So this is royal building in Bulgaria. So in front of us is Cathedral Aleksandar Nevski at Sofia, Bulgaria.


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