Walking from Kyiv Centre to Podil – Walking tour with an Englishman – POV – Guided Tour Kiev

Hey! Welcome to my walk. Today I’m in the
centre of Kyiv and right behind me is Khreshchatyk Street – which heads that that way. If you head all the way to there to the building. Where you see the temperature (displayed) I’m not sure you can see it…. but the one sticking up! That’s the building that got burned down and sadly a lot of people died. I don’t want to put
bad things into this episode, straight away, but a lot of people died during the
George Soros funded revolution that happened in Maidan. Caused the toppling of the Russian friendly president and putting in a western friendly president.
Who has since now left the building and now we have an Actor in place! Very
Noisey road this because of the paving stones which are slowly getting replaced
in Kyiv. These roads used to all be like this. Used to be cobbled roads and
everywhere you’d go you just hear a sort of constant noise. Which is what you can
hear in the background with all the traffic. But to avoid this road if you
want to go to “Podil”. Which is exactly where I’m going to walk now. You can walk through the park. Which is slightly away from this road….
That’s the Union Center behind me I think…. It’s a performing centre, I think
they put on performances there…. I have to admit I’ve never been!
I’ve only stood outside. It’s an interesting building. But we’re going to head up towards the…. The park and then we’re gonna head down towards
Podil. I’m going to show you what the place is like…. It’s all a little bit bleak because it….
It’s actually it’s November and November obviously, all the trees have started to
shed their leaves. We’ve lost all the colours in the trees.
And it’s a little bit faded…. Up the hill there…. is the puppet theatre for
children….. somewhere up there…. It’s quite an impressive monument this! The monument that we’re approaching is
called the friendship……. “Friendship of Nations arch” effectively! Well I think
“Ukraine” basically trying to be friends with the rest of the world really. Very
impressive monument! It’s one of these very “Soviet-inspired” monuments….. I have to admit I’ve often wondered if the crack in the the middle is deliberate or a repair job?
Maybe someone can tell me? Was that deliberate? Was it always like that? I think it’s almost better if it was a
repair job. But I’m not sure. And then obviously here, sometimes back
in the day they used to have events. I have to had to admit you don’t see them often
now… However, the weekends this place is
incredibly busy. Especially on a sunny day! A bit of a viewing platform up here….
You can actually climb up the hill, get your photo taken next to one of the massive
statues. Ahh… should we head up there and take in the view? I think so!
So, Kyiv is going through a lot of changes at the moment. I’ve noticed……. Ah! see I
can’t get on to the viewing platform! But…. I guess it’s for the events that take
place. But as I’m saying! Kyiv is going through a lot of changes at the moment. A lot of development is happening. If you compared the…. If you compare to when…. The
Maidan Revolution was going on and then just after that. There was a lot of
uncertainty there was a lot of….. Well people came from the….. came from the East as they were sort of fleeing Civil War and they moved….. they moved into
Kiev…. A lot of people also left the country. But the city grew dramatically
despite people leaving the country! And because of that and once people became a
little bit more confident about life, the the city has really taken off! And here we are! I mean since….. since my
original video I did on Kyiv which was a long time ago now! “An Englishman in
Kiev” this didn’t exist! This is all new, This is sort of basically being
implemented by the new administration, the new mayor. Ahh well, not the new mayor! The new……..new administrators!
They’ve spent some money on the city! What we’re going
to do is we’re gonna take in the view. Because previously it just used to be
this…. But now we got this…. And I have to say, when I first saw it, I was….. I was very
impressed! The first day it opened you couldn’t move there! There was literally
people everywhere! Today…. today is a Tuesday. And it’s just the middle of
the day on a Tuesday. And it’s still reasonably busy! I was actually hoping it
would kind of be empty but it’s a popular place! See, they’ve embraced cycling in this
part of Kyiv! It’s actually very difficult to cycle in parts of Kiev.
Because of the cobbled roads… But as the cobbled roads change….. It becomes a
little bit easier to cycle. I have to admit….. Because you see so
few cyclists it’s not something you need to really pay much attention to, If you
walk in this cycling lane……. In Amsterdam, you might see ten
cyclists every second. Here you’d be lucky to see a cyclist every ten minutes!
However, the Uber delivery people… Got to admire their leg strength!
They are cycling! The bridge that you see just behind me… For a very small fee… You can jump off with a bungee… I think it cost around about ten to fifteen dollars….
It really isn’t expensive! Normally not available during the weekdays but if you
head down there on the weekend there’s quite a few crews sort of
setting up allowing people to jump off the bridges. It’s great! It’s a great rush!
I highly recommend it! But this is…. This is KYIV! And I don’t know
if you’ve noticed comparing it to previous videos it has changed! It’s new….
There’s new development…. The bridge over here is finally getting around to opening! And
we’ve got new skyscrapers over there! You can see the industrial area over there…. We’ve got this sort of glass down here…. In fact, I have to admit….. I think….. the
glass….. I think the glass that I just stood on…. has…. has been cracked at some stage…. so a couple of glass panels have been replaced! To be honest a slight fear of
heights so standing on the glass that has been known to crack….. I’m sure it’s
okay now? I’m sure the engineers have fixed that problem!?! But it is still sort…
Leaves me with a little bit like…… this is a problem!!! So, we’re gonna head…… Head that
direction…. Normally the path to get to Podil…. back
in the day… You used to have to go down these steps or the alternative was to go
around the forest over there. Obviously you can still do both these ways! But now
because of this new bridge, there’s a new route. Effectively when you were stuck on that Street to access that side you would generally had to climb up these very old
steps. You could do it….. but it wasn’t it it wasn’t obvious, such an obvious route!
So, the more obvious route was to head down those steps. So today we’re going to head this way! And see what we see…. But one thing I really noticed in the last…. Certainly last few days I’ve been in
Kiev…. The place is booming! The bars… the bars are extremely busy………… four
years ago that wasn’t the case! The bars at the weekend some of
them were you know, it was hit or miss if something would be busy. And, to be honest, I kind of liked that because it was just sort of………. you
had a bar to yourself and great service! But now it’s all change! There is
foreign accents everywhere, there’s Americans everywhere, people noticing
English accents everywhere…. I even noticed…. I mean there’s even people from
Manchester up here …. I mean I say that because into a lot of Mancunians last night and there’s new flights from Manchester there’s
new flights from Liverpool. And there is new flights from all over…. All over Europe! So, people are coming here and it’s more accessible. And
I think people realize Kiev is a safe accessible place and certainly worth a
visit! As you will see…
Not one cyclist yet! I did see….. I did see a cyclist in Maidan
square earlier…. Maidan square that way…. Obviously Maidan’s a bit flatter….
I hope cycling takes off more in Kiev because everyone seems to be very
reliant on the car. The culture over here seems to be if you have a little bit of
money you avoid public transport. As soon as you….. As soon as you can
afford it you (give up) public transport which is sad I think because the buses
are very good the underground is very good if you can do it if you if it takes
you in the right direction the underground fat fantastic. I might…. I
might do a video on how easy the underground is to use! However, because it is such a walkable city. Obviously, the left bank, which strangely on the map is
on the right-hand side of the map…. with the left bank…. In my mind…..Requires…. You need to get a taxi there or a bus…. you could walk it but it’s going to take
a long time! You head up the hills….. You get towards….
Actually my embassy – the British Embassy! is just up there. But also some amazing Churches and Cathedrals…. And, also a lot of people that sell paintings, a lot of artists are at the top there.
And then the narrow streets that head down into Podil. It’s one of the places
worth visiting if you like sort of random bits of Art. And you know
something a little bit different…. But look you can hear the road I
mean this is one of the last remaining roads in Kyiv where they kept
the cobbles but as you can see…. What a racket! And I’m glad that they’re slowly
getting rid of this…. I’ve noticed since my last trip here, a lot of the
roads with the cobbles which had been therefor, obviously, decades have started
disappearing! The roads are suddenly becoming very
smooth again. And it’s very, very quiet! And see there’s the bridge where you can jump off with the bungee…. So, I have to admit, I’ve just had to look
this one up. This is apparently Volodyrmr the great monument A bit of background on this…… Apparently, he was a great leader who brought Eastern Christianity to the Kiev. Ruler to Kievan Rus. And the monument has
spectacular wonderful views from the Volodymyr hill…….. so the hill is actually named after this Monument It’s strange actually, the only time I’ve
ever walked down here, was at nighttime so I haven’t really fully appreciated
the surrounding, the monument to an extent. Obviously, at nighttime you can walk down
here….. Kiev is….. Kiev is safe Most of Ukraine is safe! However, just
like in any country be alert. Be alert to any problems at nighttime. And in
reality is, it’s not the Ukrainians that are probably gonna be causing any
problems. It’s probably some low IQ foreigner, who thinks that
Ukraine is their playground. Generally the Ukrainian people are very, very, very
chilled out people, very welcoming people! And on the other side…… Which is….. Which
is what we refer to as the left bank. As you can see. …. Then if you can see through the trees you’ve got the beaches….. Those beaches during the summer are
packed. And especially on the other side when you get to the beach clubs if you
go a little bit over that direction you get to get to Ibiza Beach Club. You get
you get to…… No, no, no not Ibiza beach club that’s in Odessa!
It’s Bora Bora Beach Club! The reason for the confusion is obviously; in Ibiza,
there’s a beach called “Bora Bora”. Hence the confusion! And there’s…. A couple of others….
There’s one, there’s one named after tequila. I can’t remember, it’s like the……
But it’s a good beach club! I’ll put the name of it! Just here! It’s, it’s, it’s
well worth a visit! It’s a very good beach club! Just, just bring yourself,
bring a smile, bring good behaviour, and you’ll have a good time!
Other beach clubs to recommend: The Queen Beach Club. Which is slightly to the
south of the city. A little bit of a taxi ride away. Or you can drive there, of
course! And the City Beach Club which is right in the centre of Kyiv. Well not
right in the centre, it’s just to the…. slightly south edge of the centre. In the,
in the big mall. Which (is) the ocean Plaza. At the top of the ocean plaza, you’ve got the big beach club. But look at these views! I mean this is a city. That stands apart
from most European cities because of the river that runs through it. And the
size of the city! It is a pretty epic City! And this is
just…… Over here we obviously got PODIL… Down here….
North of Podil… In the sort of far distance where the big skyscrapers are…
That’s “Obolon”… A lot of, a lot of new developments over there. Very grid
pattern over there! Obolon I think is…… A lot of residents live there….
But it’s not the most interesting of places… PODIL on the other hand, very interesting! Yeah, so this is slightly different
format to my usual. Rather than sort of lots of cuts. I’ve decided this new format
might be the way to go. It might be a way of getting more videos out. More
quicker! Because the biggest problem I’ve had is….
Because I’ve had…. My general videos in the past have been…… To be honest… Most
people said it…. Way too long! However, I do appreciate those people that do watch
those long videos! It takes time to sort of put everything together. It takes
time to sit down and just get the content ready and sort of put the music
over it. And actually to be honest, when I first started it. Just even learn to edit,
when I first started doing it. I did on my phone! Now, I’ve sort of upgraded to a
pretty basic Sony action cam. The link is in the description if you’re interested
for one for yourself…. Look at this…. See I’m almost like David Attenborough here… What’s amazing is, in the UK you’ll never see a Red Squirrel…. Ever! But here…. Honestly, that’s….. That’s something that, as a British citizen who was growing up in the United Kingdom. We hear about the mass wipe out of the grey squirrel….. The mass wipeout of the red Squirrel… This
is what happens when, you know, native the population has to compete against a
foreign invader. The greys were the foreign invader, they came from, I think
North America. And they came straight into the UK. And the greys…. I think the
last bit of habitat is something there’s some in Scotland… I think there’s some… Some in the north of England…. But reality is, I’ve never seen one in the UK!
Grey Squirrels everywhere! And as much as I like Grey Squirrels! Isn’t it a shame that
by introducing a foreign species that we lose, you know an amazing species like
that. But I….. It looks like I’m gonna have to go around. Because look, as you can see!
The park is still being built. There’s a lot of development going on. The steps
are being improved. That path didn’t use to exist! Last time I was here. These
guys have gone to work on the path. And I tell you something! They, they
build things in this country to last! These are granite steps, some of these
steps…. And they do it so well, you notice? You notice the marble, the shininess
of these granite steps, it is, it’s an impressive……
Is impressive workmanship. And they do this all over their parks in Ukraine. I just hope I can get down, because…. The ambition is, we’re going down there. But the workmanship may not allow it! So,
this video may come to an abrupt end. As I realize I’m gonna have to go back on
myself! However, by the time that you, take the same path. I’m pretty sure that these
steps would be ready. The people work here pretty fast….. Have to admit, maybe someone in the
comments below can tell me. How many parks are there in Kiev? There’s a lot!
There’s a lot of parks! Some of the parks in the centre, very well-manicured.
Obviously, this is a sort of halfway house, which I think, it kind of brought
to two cities together. Because Podil before the sort of urban sprawl of what
Kiev is now. Used to be in a separate entity. So, it’s effectively back in
the day Podil was a little town, a little maybe even a village! And, as Kyiv expanded, Kiev
obviously sucked into what Podil now is. Now, Podil is just considered a
district, or a “Borough” as we would say in the UK. But I’m sure it’s the district
over here. And down here….. It looks like I can get down. I hope! I’m
not sure! I’m not……. I’m honestly not sure if I can! If I can get
down! Because the last time I came this way, I took the path, that way. So, this is
almost new! It’s a new adventure for me! Strangely! Okay, so, this is the usual way that
people basically get from Podil….. Up to the top where the Cathedral is and up
to the….. You know almost close to where the British Embassy is actually! They
take the very old, it’s almost like a cable car, type train. Is similar to what
you would see, well actually when I was in… Where was I? I was in Budapest recently! I think I made a video about it! So, Budapest, similar, similar vibe! I think in
Vienna exactly the same sort of vibe. These, these things are everywhere! And
you basically pay, unlike in, Vienna and Budapest. It’s slightly cheaper here to…. To get the cable car…. Either down or up….. But it’s a sort of….. I think…. it’s…. You know what I try and find out….. I’ll try and find out how much it is!! because the
price is changing all the time! There’s huge inflation going on in Ukraine
at the moment. Since we had the…. Since we had the revolution… We had the currency
crisis. There was the Ukrainian Hrivna. Dropped from I think… 10 all
the way…. I think it went from 10 to 40 against the pound. And then about 10 to
30 something against the dollar. And now it’s sort of stabilized and we’re about
20-something against the dollar and we’re, I think, just over 30 against the
pound. So, it makes things more expensive for myself now. But, because when you have a currency crisis like that. Inflation kicks in. Things have become expensive.
Now, while parts of the population are doing extremely well. Certainly those in
IT. Certainly those in Property. Certainly those in…. Whoever’s in charge of building
nice places like this! But some people are being left behind. Now, why you won’t
see that many homeless people in…. In Ukraine… They do exist! They normally…. They’re living close to the pipes, close in basements or something. But
unlike in London where you see them everywhere…..
You, generally don’t see many of them, sort of begging or anything………….. Okay!!! Filming
filming!!!! Someone else is filming now! So…… I mean there’s money pouring into this place…. I don’t know if I can see it… It must be a very
long shot….It might be, it might be television, it might be a movie! But it’s
a shame because that is a nice little area to sit down. What’s strange is, I don’t see the
cameras yet! I just don’t think she wanted me to walk around…. So, um…… See, Everyone’s being, everyone’s being
told they can’t walk there…. but the shot must be…… There must be camera crew
high up or something! I don’t get it! Time is, time is short! And, hey! I don’t
have time to sort of sit around for a student, a student project or a big
budget film! ……… Get back on a now! This little bird feeder…. I mean obviously, if you come here in the
spring, this is a far, far prettier walk. But even in the winter and this is bleak.
You know, this is just before the snow, is about to arrive. We’ve still got a few
leaves stuck on the trees. This one’s got a little bit more. But most the trees
have lost most of their leaves. Everyone’s almost set for winter. I mean
it’s cold. So, I’m wearing a scarf right now. I’m wearing, I’m wearing about six layers.
I feel the cold easily! Notice, enough satellite dishes on that
building down there…. I even just heard a German chap back
there…. I tell you! Four or five years ago when
the revolution was happening, it was pretty rare to hear a selection of foreign
accents. But now judging by what I saw on Saturday. There were Chinese people, the
Japanese people, the Korean people and French people….. All walks of life were
here! I don’t know, I don’t know what inspired them to come here!
Why? Hopefully they, hopefully, they’ve been paying attention to YouTube and
they thought well actually I’m gonna come check out this wonderful city that
is Kiev….. But is…. It is nice to see that the city is improving… It is nice to see, that you, know things like this are happening. This, this pathway is
incredibly new! Like this pathway did not exist when I
made my original video. I stress that again. None of this existed! I think they
used to be…. Used to be a wall that used to be here. And maybe some railings… I don’t
know, I can’t quite remember… Actually, to be honest I’m surprised it took that long before I saw a coffee place! Normally the coffee places are everywhere.
Certainly in the summer anyway! Certainly along these walkways. People set up their
little stalls and everything. But it just goes to show, that it is a little bit
quiet. Because it’s cold, it is a Tuesday it’s not the weekend. But here we are…
This is uh, this is Podil! This is pretty much the start of Podil
where this is….. Churches….. You might remember this church, from my previous
video. At the time it was under construction, still. It was closed, you
couldn’t go in. And still (it’s) closed and you could still can’t go in! So, I’m not going
to climb up to the top of there. But if you do, that’s the start of a very
beautiful street. That walks….. That’s cobbled, that’s cobbled……….and
you can go all the way down! It’s Podil. But I’m gonna see if this path
takes a slightly different route. Because at the end of the day this is a new path! That is the Church of St. Andrews. It’s
an Eastern Orthodox Church…. Look, here we go! This is similar to what
you get at the top of Podil with all the people painting. And look there’s my,
my city! London! You know don’t have to go too far until I see, something, something
that reminds me of home! But it’s a, it’s as you can see. A nice place to sort of
walk, very peaceful, very chilled out! Nothing better than the sound of crows….
Well, Maybe a few things better! I think knowing where I am on the map.
And it’s just knowing where I am in my head. This is the last bit of the viewing
platform to you. Because as soon as we head that, that way, we, we were into the
city. Down here is….. Well, basically this is, this is Podil down here. You can go down to…..
Their equivalent of the London Eye…. Pretty much the main square. And going
from the church there. Which is next to the, the eye. It’s a straight road that
takes you all the way there. It’s pretty much the edge of Podil. And it kind of begins there…. and all that direction is Podil and then obviously where the skyscrapers are
that is “Obolon”. And that is where I’m gonna go! See….As you can see…. All types of art…
A little bit for everyone. Even people who like cats. This is probably one of
the best places you can come, and also the streets above. If you’re just after
a sort of art…… And you’re look looking to support the local people. You can, you can
obviously, bargain (with) them depending on the price. But obviously, bid them what you
think is fair. Have a price in mind. If it’s, you know…… These people are trying
to make a living, At the end of the day so, please don’t try and rip them off! They’re not
going to sell it to you anyway! I appreciate that, if the price is too low….
But at the same time, most of these people are very honest people. They’re
not going to charge you inflated prices. Just Bid what you think is fair.
From your country’s perspective. I give you…. If you would pay this and you pay X
in America or X in France pay that. Pay slightly under, but don’t, you know.
Don’t… You gotta earn a living somehow! Obviously, if you walk down this street
or up this street, in the winter. And I’m talking about the winter when
there’s snow and ice! Please make sure you got grips on your shoes. Because I’ve
seen a lot of people fall on their ass! Walking down this street or even
just walking up the street! There’s a couple of interesting bars along this
street. I think just here is a very interesting bar. My experience was that a
few times had been there they play good techno. Obviously, if you watched a lot of
my videos, you know, that, that’s one of the requirements for a good bar. But just
down there. It’s a good view as well. Not actually open at the moment. And then
obviously, if you fancy coffee, there’s always these little coffee places. These are the best places to go….. Notice on the other side of the street
and I think probably a good idea to cross the street. And try not to shake the camera
too much! Because you look, you look at the road and it really is…. You know quite
uneven! But over here, people are selling little knickknacks, things that they’ve
made themselves, pretty sure it was knitted a lot of this stuff….. It’s um….. It’s around here, which is
probably the best places to come if you’re into buying souvenirs and
supporting the local people. They’re setting up stores and by themselves……. Some of them even make this stuff… This
is one of the key Breweries…. The beer is okay! There’s some amazing breweries
which I think I will try to cover in my next video. But this is, this is, a nice
little microbrewery you can obviously get a selection of beers, you can try
which one you like the most. Reasonable, reasonable, reasonably decent beer! My
favourites are elsewhere but that’s a reasonable place to come….. I think it’s um….. I think the Sun is safely
disappeared. So, I can now actually take my sunglasses off. So there’s my eyes
probably showing my tiredness from too much excess….. So, generally got to two ways to go, you
this way. And this will take you directly to the wheel. Or you can go this way
and this will take, this will take you an alternative way. To the top of Podil. And
this way you’ll find a lot more… It kind of takes you to the busier side of Podil. And a lot more interesting, sort of bars, cocktail bars, beer bars. That’s the way to go. But
if you’re into the more sort of tourist trail…. Go that way… What I’m gonna do is.
I’m gonna make, I’m gonna make that both journeys on a different set of
videos. If you like if you liked any of this…. If you hated it, give it a thumbs
down… If you liked it give it a thumbs up! But also leave a comment I’d love to,
love to hear your responses obviously! Slightly different format. I don’t want to
make the video too long. I really appreciate the fact you’ve been watching.
Next video I will take one of these routes… And we go see what else is, see
what else is in Kyiv! I appreciate the fact you’ve been watching! I’m The
Wondering Englishman Alex. Click subscribe and hopefully see you in the
next episode… Cheers! you


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