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welcome back to movie talk today we’re
discussing the San Diego comic-con 2019 updates from Warner Brothers on top of
that we also have some quotes from Ron Howard regarding how solo a Star Wars
story did at the box office and specifically his thoughts are online
trolling and how that might have affected how the movie did I am a very
lucky lady today because I get to sit at this desk with two wonderful guys who
have varying opinions on Comic Cons and that’s totally fine because we have John
Rocha who soaks it all up and Jeff Sneider on the table who knows
everything that goes on behind the scenes you want your industry knowledge
you turn to that guy right there hi hi everybody good to be back
oh it’s happy to have you all right story number one it’s a big one it was
breaking and evolving all morning this morning because it first started with IT: Chapter Two director Andy Muschietti taking an Instagram to reveal that that movie
was gonna have a very special event on Wednesday night at San Diego comic-con
which is now basically scare Diego New Line’s horror event we don’t know
specifically what’s gonna happen but one might assume some of the cast is gonna
be there maybe they’ll show some footage but the thing is when that information
started breaking then there was speculation that oh that was all that
Warner Brothers was doing we were asking each other what we thought all morning
and then officially we kind of got the word from Wonder Woman director Patty
Jenkins who then took to Twitter and wrote by now you’ve heard WB isn’t going
to haul H this year we’re so sad to miss you there and waiting until December to
start our official Wonder Woman 84 campaign in full but the truth is we can
just barely wait so first off let’s start with them not being in Hall H at
all this year and I guess the obvious question number one right now is why
what would lead them to make this decision especially when last year in
particular it feels like Warner Brothers and DC movies kind of dominated the talk
at comic-con from our perspectives at least I think it’s connected to a lot of
things that are happening now as the entertainment world landscape is
shifting right this idea of streaming services this idea of owning your
content producing your own content and then putting it out you look what DC you
look what Disney does with their celebration all that like they’re in
control from beginning to end of the thing with Warner Brothers here I think
they I think a lot as other studios are starting to realize that they don’t need
comic-con as much as they used to in the past there are other smaller Comic Cons
they could oh there’s New York Comic Con there’s other things that they can do
and I think they’re starting to realize that they don’t have to and they want to
control the message that control how they put it out and don’t be surprised
if Warner Brothers starts and launches their own version of Disney celebration
I wouldn’t be surprised at all and it’s an extension of the streaming service
wanting to own control from beginning to end everything that comes out so there’s
no kind of like a third party coming in and messing up the message that’s what I
think plus the attendance is slightly going down every year for comic-con yes
you can barely get a hotel room there’s people going but I think it’s starting
to feel not as overwhelming as it used to I think I would agree with you a
little more if Warner Brothers announced plans to have their own convention
because to me it seems like the smarter move for them to continue to dig their
claws in and dominate the conversation there especially because we still don’t
know the specifics of Marvel’s plan and also maybe even Star Wars but the thing
is Disney has d23 and they also have Star
Wars Celebration so that’s the way the landscape is changing going forward
wouldn’t it behoove warner brothers to use this structure that’s already there
and paid for and not their responsibility with a built-in audience
to put all of these movies especially right now when after Aquaman after
Shazam they’re having this resurgence all over again they have so many hot
properties coming up it just feels like such a missed opportunity to me and also
maybe I’m a little sensitive because I was looking forward to seeing them there
but it does truly feel like a missed marketing opportunity not to take some
of the spot but here is going to go to comic-con that wasn’t gonna go see their
movies anyway that’s the thing at the end of the day it’s like it’s a waste of
money at times and it’s a waste of time it’s just for the fans and the fans with
the trolling where you get to the second story
maybe Studios realizing why should we do all this extra effort if you’re just
gonna leak our trailers talk crap about stuff you know abut
patrolling into the sphere about our work why bother
we’re just going to put it out when it comes out and why take the risk you just
touched on something that will McLean brought up in the chat too is W be
skipping Comic Con as a response and frustration to their footage is getting
leaked so it’s an important thing to bring up are they are we are we
considering this a skipping Comic Con just because they’re not in Hall H
they’re just in a different room or wherever the heck’s scare Diego takes
place it’s outside I don’t know Warner Brothers a new line is
technically there they’re just not there with their DC films and actually if you
want to also think about the rest of their franchises who knows what’s
happening with fantastic beasts but that had a big presence comic-con last year
and on top of that the great leg Godzilla king of the monsters just came
out but we have another Godzilla versus Kong movie coming out too and that would
have had a place in Hall H yeah I don’t know but like what to say Warner
Brothers just skipping San Diego entirely isn’t true I just think that
the movies that they had ready you know dr. sleep it to are just you
know they’re they’re better suited for the the audience that will be at scare
Diego no that’s the thing is I also wonder what they’re gonna use scare
Diego for this year because last year I believe it was a teeny tiny
behind-the-scenes thing for it chapter two and then it was the announcement of
Annabelle comes home and then also the curse of La Llorona so I do wonder with
such a juggernaut like it chapter two is scare Diego just going to be that this
year no I think they’re definitely gonna have dr. sleep presence that’s what I
would assume even though it’s not a new movie yeah no I don’t think that that
necessarily matters I think we’re gonna get the trailer sooner rather than later
on that so yeah I have very high hopes for that trailer I want to see it very
soon Roka do you care at all about San Diego
about a scare Diego uh you know I’m I’m starting to slowly understand that this
is something that’s really a big deal and going to it would be fun to explore
I like being scared out of my mind I like all his horror films and getting
scared but overall I don’t see myself running to go see scare Diego yet and
I’m not even gonna be a Comic Con this year for the first time ever I’ve got a
wedding and that for me is the first time ever like normally I would have
pushed back in but like no honey I can’t go you
go to the wedding in Portland I’m gonna stay here but I don’t feel an
inclination to go I found myself last John’s growing up folks becoming an
adult I’ve done it for 12 years in a row now
and I kind of that last year I felt myself coming back to the hotel room
more often than not and needed a nap I do that to rest whereas I was doing that
to just watch the trailers in peace and calm in the hotel room rather than in
the mania of a room pareo is scary diego is it just a branding thing like where
where is scary diego held is it inside of the convention center or no gerd
diego last year no not in the convention Spencer I forget specifically what the
theater was called that it was held up but it was a very very small venue as a
teenager I can’t accommodate that many people you’re saying unless they move it
to a different venue this year I think we’re talking about I’m terrible at
estimating numbers maybe I would guess like a hundred people in you estimate
numbers to different estimates are like seven thousand people no III just think
we’ve seen this more and more each year where there’s always one or two Studios
that hold out that don’t go to comic-con and I think frankly it’s gonna be a more
common place yeah Marvel didn’t do it HBO didn’t do
it during Game of Thrones to promote the final season they didn’t do it so like I
think more studios are just realizing it’s not worth ass and they brought one
woman last year they showed that footage of comic-con last year and criticized it
allthe right off the bat they were tearing it apart online saying it looked
cheesy say it looked terrible saying it didn’t look good yes there’s
some people who liked it but there was a lot of people who didn’t so it just
doesn’t make sense to me alright well just to clarify here Brian Gallagher is
asking is one of others in DC skipping as a whole or just the movies you were
emphasizing that before Jeff they’re not gonna be in Hall H that’s specifically
what we’re covering because they are going to have scare Diego and apparently
they’re also gonna have a bigger presence on the convention center floor
which I plan on staying far away from not because I’m not interested I want to
see whatever they bring this year but just because it’s so congested in there
let’s see if we can squeeze in one always losses luster it does maybe a
little bit actually actually let’s take this question from from Steve here could
Warner Brothers at least release some exclusive
images from Joker birds of prey Godzilla versus Caan Kong and dune around San
Diego comic-con well they already released an exclusive image today right
gal gadot did dad is right there yeah so they already released an image and look
how it captivated the online on any day really yeah I wonder if there is a way
to kind of strategically plan it in a way that would almost like steal away
some of something else is thunder I don’t know we’re gonna wait and see and
you can bet we are gonna be covering all the comic-con planning leading up to the
event in July and then we will also bring you all the coverage straight from
San Diego comic-con 2019 before we move into Story number two Ron Howard’s
thoughts on solo a Star Wars stories box office numbers we have some stuff to
promote there’s actually a really cool episode of comic book shopping that I
urge you to check out here’s a clip for you guys I’m Cassandra we’re here at golden apple
comics in the heart of Hollywood right on Melrose and I’m here with Alexandra
Shipp yes storm herself loin day it’s gonna work
what credible I gotta read this I’m gonna figure out those sticks I’m so
ready in addition to comic book shopping we
also have another interview on the channel with that guy right there John
Roca talking some sports stuff yeah on the
college sports channel I had the WBC welterweight champion Shawn Porter and
one more four-time featherweight champion Admiral Mars stopping by there
from inside PBC on Fox talking all things that are going on in the world of
boxing including that Andy Rees jr. upset update of Anthony Joshua so watch
that interview a great half-an-hour Ron Howard is but he’s busy right now
promoting a documentary and he popped on to the happy said confused podcast and
while he was there he kind of veered off and talked a little bit about solo a
Star Wars story and said this specific quote about how it sit at the box office
he said I wish it would have lived up to the box office expectations and so forth
so that’s disappointing why maybe it’s thoroughly state maybe
it’s the idea that it’s sort of too nostalgic push back from the previous
movie which I kept hearing was something and some trolling definitely some
trolling it was especially noticeable prior to the release of the movie and
several of the algorithms whether its Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes there was
an in order it pushed down on the want to see and on the fan voting so this is
where he stands on this right now or at least this is the opinion he’s
expressing it is a year later and there have been some changes out there so do
you guys think we’re in a different position as far as how these types of
incidents are affecting movies when they hit the box office do you know not
particularly I think it the real problem here is that Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
places like that need to change their their algorithm because right now
critics a very limited choice that you movies either rotten or fresh and
there’s no there’s nothing sort of in between and we’ve seen that today with
like the x-men reviews like I think Dark Phoenix is the lowest rated x-men on
Rotten Tomatoes even though I don’t know how anyone think it’s the worst x-men
movie cuz it’s not I just don’t see like how these scores affect box office like
because anyone who’s voting for these scores theoretically has already seen
like in theory they’ve already seen the movie so the studio’s already gotten
their money so it’s like are how many how many people out there were going to
see a Star Wars movie are going to see solo and then they see this these scores
that reflect negativity and they’re like well now I’m not going to go anymore I
think you hit on two things there so a recent change over at Rotten Tomatoes is
the verified ticket element where someone can’t put up their review or
vote on something unless they have a verified purchase there but also it’s a
matter of like stepping outside our little bubble or even like movie
diehards that really make that a priority when their hard earned money to
see as many as they possibly can Rotten Tomatoes has grown exponentially
over the years it’s a utility tool I understand why if someone says you know
I’ve got X amount of dollars to spend on my movies these couple of months I will
turn to this aggregate and I will see what they recommend and you know in Dark
Phoenix in this case it is unfortunate but the other thing it’s what’s worth
probably clarifying is on Rotten Tomatoes what you’re able to do is you
can break down your score to whatever you want whether you use a letter system
or a number system like I could do a six point five out of ten if I feel like it
for whatever movie and then you select fresh or rotten so it’s like if let’s
say a five out of five is fresh for someone they could put fresh or they
could burn rotten if that’s a rotten score on their scale so there there are
a little bit of like gray areas here and there but I think it’s a system that
just needs to continue to chip away at that evolution until we kind of figure
out how to write the conversation again yeah I get that in but I also think this
idea of trolling becomes a cop-out for directors now and I it’s starting to
bother me and for studios too and I’m just like oh what’s the trolling that’s
why they did it no the movie didn’t appeal to a lot of Star Wars fans Star
Wars fans could have troll the hell out of solar but it was a damn good movie
people would have gone look Ron Howard is an is a fantastic filmmaker a great
filmmaker but the last time he walked up audiences in a movie you could you could
barely remember so get him be taking over solo Lord and Miller
if Lord and Miller had been allowed to finish this movie then we would have
seen one way or another how this would have turned out positive or negative
that’s the way it is Ron Howard stepped and made some Corrections made some
casting decisions and in the end give us a ok movie ok it was an okay movie so
this is on the heels of last Jedi it got swamped by that it wasn’t about
patrolling was the fans didn’t like the movie itself and told people didn’t like
the movie itself and then people didn’t go and then once who did it was 50/50
whether they liked it or not so that’s what you get that’s why the box-office
was low I don’t nothing to do with showing it
was all this backstage drama and then what eventually you got a man of a film
this is why I didn’t do it well once that’s like the last spin-off that
really did well I mean it may be outside of which one Row 1 Row 1 was incredible
and did a lot of money successful yeah okay and damn good I thought it was
great too yeah trolling is a real thing but like
theaters when we talk about box office it’s it’s a multitude of factors that
come into effect I do think that as far as online trolling goes last year was
just an especially bad year where we saw so many different movies targeted for so
many different reasons and it was also the first time I remember specifically
the Rotten Tomatoes like audience score and those types of metrics being
manipulated by people who hadn’t seen the movie and that they’re working to
correct but Captain Marvel overcame that and this is still such a small number of
guys Twitter Oh everyone on Twitter is coming at me and blown what Twitter
represents like 5% of the population you could have a hundred thousand people
saying something negative about your movie a hundred thousand people equals a
million dollars at the box office that’s nothing the other layer of this problem
we’re not just saying like oh this this small community like shame on you for
trolling and trying to spread that but bad vibes the problem in this particular
instance though is that by manipulating a tool like Rotten Tomatoes that could
affect wide moviegoers out there that’s when that that loud the the vocal
minority could then affect overall sales but one important thing that planet
Planeta Sophia brings up is is the constant talking and reporting about the
trolls the real cause of the poor performance of some movies I do think
that’s part of it but I’m also of the mind that if we just sit back relax and
let it happen it’s like I want to take any opportunity I get to
not just say like you know not talk to someone who is super negative the same
whether they’re talking about a movie or another person but – I don’t know spin
it in a positive way set a good example something like that I don’t want to
completely know well III think you need to ignore there’s only to it like it’s
no different than a schoolyard bully there’s two ways to deal with them one
you hit them in the mouth right which you can’t do here online the other one
is to ignore them I don’t understand how many editors don’t troll don’t do that
like there is credence to it you’re feeding into it yeah I get your point
Perry you do want to stand up to him but in the end you’re not really going to
change no how many you know people talk about that serosa room in exchange you
had with that person who is politically against her and it took 32 comments and
a thread for him to finally go oh yeah I see your point of view who has time to
waste on every single troll 32 common thread so it doesn’t make sense you can
make your comment make your stand but to actually enact change rather than just
feeling good that you stood up that’s the difference there and I don’t think
you know making a comments gonna change your giving to so many of those
situations where you know someone says something that you know I have no
problem when someone says something negative about a movie I love it’s when
it’s malicious and I’ve reached out to people on Twitter and I say like you
know like I wouldn’t express it that way because this and this and this and then
you rethink maybe they spread that mentality that’s what it’s for
that’s what Twitter’s for reach out on Twitter have that conversation it’s not
for websites to do I don’t know why so many websites Collider included give
credence to these things when I was running the tracking board if someone
had pitched you know fans for trolling whatever I ignored that that’s not a
story it’s not news it shouldn’t be on websites and I don’t know why anybody
picks it up well it’s subjective to argue I think it is news depending on
the situation like the Captain Marvel situation I think it was nice because in
the end it did cause change for Rotten Tomatoes like they decided to change
their aggregator all that kind of stuff and put this in place because the
Captain Marvel situation was the final straw
that was news that trolls caused this to change now reporting on trolls
exclusively as just in a vacuum no maybe not news but if the
if the reaction to the trolls causes some change that is the news item to
talk and I’m with you on that that but that’s when it becomes newsworthy like
when changes affected not beforehand can I throw something in before we stop I
know I know we got a little bit I’m like there’s nothing else Ron says in I’m
sorry Ron Howard says in the article he says I don’t know if a film like
beautiful mind which is one of his best films ever made would get made nowadays
and I find this to be very interesting because this is starting to become the
drumbeat of these older filmmakers that films that are like adult dramas are not
going to get made by Studios any more to the level and the frequency and the
volume that they did in years past because people of studios are more
focusing on ten pole picture superhero pictures franchise pictures that kind of
jazz and I found that to be very a very interesting comment it’s a whole nother
discussion frankly I because it’s not about trolling that in the article and I
thought that was interesting too yeah I mean it is I don’t think we have time to
get into it yeah that’s the whole I mean that goes right back into the theatrical
versus streaming conversation the landscape how it’s changing and where
we’re gonna wind up with releases and creative opportunities I’m sure we’re
gonna get to that another day though right now though we wanted to save some
time for your live chat questions and I’ve got one here from Louis e de la
pena who’s asking didn’t the ad astra trailer have a
gravity or interstellar vibe oh my god stop comparing it’s a space movie
there’s there’s I don’t think it has interstellar vibe I get the father-son
aspect of it all what you’re trying to get across but his father is still alive
and he’s not jumping dimensions to go find his father it’s something I think
it’s more interesting about whether it’s destruction of the universe as we know
it that’s more the exploration gravity I don’t know I I get the comparisons
because it’s mother daughter or father daughter and this is father son but I
don’t think it really alright I was surprised by the scope of it it was
bigger than I thought that it wouldn’t be it looks like it’s sort of on the
level of those kinds of movies maybe not pushing the the technological envelope
like gravity did but yeah I was surprised at how much it reminded me of
interstellar things like yeah I’m curious to see how that one
pans out because it feels like that was a very full trailer story-wise which
makes me think given the people involved that there’s gonna be something that
catches me off guard in the actual full feature and I’m curious to know what
that winds up being I also have a question another question from Planeta
Sophia who asks what other type of sport event should get a movie like Britney
runs a marathon and I love the trailer has a lot of heart I couldn’t agree more
well I’m biased I would say the Liverpool run to the Champions League
victory that they had becoming the champions of Europe last week I would
love to see them profile that team or do a movie about that team and how they
overcame the odds and fought through so many things to get there to win the
first title for that manager who’d been in five Cup finals before never won and
finally wanted I would that’s unbiased though because I’m a massive Liverpool
thing there’s one sport that has not been brought to the big screen and that
is mini-golf you’re gonna go with something like that do something with
mini golf you puppet you mini golf yeah I will challenge you on movie talk John
when you watch the inside Jesus Christ all right as long as we can bring our
own putters I don’t wanna use those like no it’s not the part of the skill is
being able to really putter hit that’s like you that’s like bowling with Cody
and coating us to bring his own ball come on Cody I think I’ll go your route
Geoff I want I want a skee-ball movie but like that’s one that’s like done
hangover style cuz you know my buddy Matt Donato he plays in the league in
Brooklyn Park or play and they have beer and they drink and like can you imagine
the crazy stuff that comes out of like a spray it sounds like like a skee-ball
version of dodgeball in my mind hmm I like that idea I think it’s genius
alright well keep you updated if that ever happens and also what the results
of our mini golf competition is going to be right back put someone Dorian you
film this thing you come with us that night we’ll do it a German okay Sherman
do it alright we’re gonna make it happen guys thank you so much for joining us
for this episode of Collider movie top Roca Jeff thank you as always Adam in
the booth thanks for your hard work and Doreen in the live chat always working
hard there guys do not forget like and share this episode of Collider movie
talk tell everybody you know about the show on the YouTube channel and in
podcast form as well and we will be back 3 p.m. Pt live tomorrow for a brand new


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