Washington theatre needs heat for the show to go on

BRINGING MORE ATTENTION TO A LOCAL THEATRE’S MISSION TO KEEP ITS BUILDING PROPERLY HEATED. THE TURNAGE THEATRE IS ASKING FOR YOUR HELP TO FUND A PERMANENT FIX TO THEIR BROKEN HEATERS. W-N-C-T’S EMILY GIBBS EXPLAINS WHY THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO THE CITY OF WASHINGTON. Looklive THE OLD TURNAGE THEATRE IN WASHINGTON IS FULL OF HISTORY.BUT NOW IT HAS FALLEN COLD. NOT BECAUSE OF LACK OF EVENTS, BUT ANOTHER ISSUE. MW “We had not one but two units fail during one of the most crucial times of the year.with a lot of events, and programming going on.” A BAD TIME FOR THE HEAT TO FAIL.AS THE TURNAGE STAYS BUSY IN DECEMBER WITH A LINEUP OF PROGRAMS. MW “It’s going to cost roughly 20,000 plus dollars. You know, at the end of the year. It’s just not a good time anytime, especially this time of year.” THE ROOFTOP HEATING UNITS ARE RUSTED AND ABOUT 12 YEARS OLD. NOT TO MENTION HAVING SAT IDLE FOR THREE YEARS WHEN THE TURNAGE WAS IN BANKRUPTCY BACK IN 20-13. MW “you try to do what you can to keep it running, but eventually the age of the machines and you know time takes care of a lot of things. We’ve reached that end time.” ITS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT TO GET THE HEAT FIXED…AS TURNAGE THEATRE DRAWS IN TONS OF PEOPLE EVERY WEEK, WHICH ENHANCES AND ENRICHES WASHINGTON’S TOURISM. CH “We do a little bit of everything.we do art shows, we do movies, we do live theatre shows, concerts, kids activites. Honestly, we cover the whole spectrum. CH “Palace theatre actually sits 432 people and we’ve found out this December that we can fill it up with both the Embers and the Polar express that we showed. We packed the house!” BUT KEEPING THE THEATRE A PACKED HOUSE, WILL TAKE COMMUNITY SUPPORT AS THE QUICK HEATING SYSTEM FIX BY ENECO EAST IN GREENVILLE IS JUST TEMPORARY. MW “Please have some compassion and help us with this.” Looklive IF YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO HELP THE TURNAGE THEATRE WITH ITS HEATING PROBLEMS, YOU CAN GO ONLINE ON THEIR WEBSITE.OR YOU CAN STOP IN RIGHT HERE AT THE THEARTE. IN WASHINGTON, EMILY GIBBS, 90YS. SPEAKING OF HEATING ISSUES, IF YOU’RE RELYING ON A SPACE HEATER TO KEEP YOU

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