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Previously on Crisis
on Infinite Earths… There’s a wave of antimatter sweeping across this universe, destroying everything in its path. He fought to his last breath knowing every moment was
another life saved. Dig, we are working on bringing him back the same way that he
brought me back, remember? You’re talking about a trip to Purgatory? – Yes.
– Fine. Count me in. I need you to come back to us. You’re my brother. Can’t lose you, man. Oliver Queen. – Who are you?
– Jim Corrigan, but I’m also Spectre. It’s your turn now. Only you can light the spark, Oliver. It is your destiny. ANTI-MATTER WAVE
DETECTED NEARBY What’s happening? Iris! ALERT: EARTH-1 DESTROYED Where are we? This is the Vanishing Point. It’s a point outside of time and space. – Something’s wrong.
– No. Hey, hey. What did you do? Well, I held “The Book of Destiny,” and I thought destiny could
use a little rewrite. What do we do now? PLANET MALTUS TEN THOUSAND YEARS AGO Are we ready? Just about. You better suit up. I love you. I love you. Ok. This will be temporal jump trial one. All systems nominal. I look ridiculous. Is this really the height of
fashion at the Dawn of Time? The suit provides a shield against… – The coronal radiation…
– The coronal radiation… My body will be… yes, yes, yes. I’m familiar with the jingle, but you couldn’t have designed something a tad less… bulky? Remind me again, why did I marry you? You have a thing for men
of towering ambition. Are you seeing this quantum flux cascade? I am just a time traveler here, my love. You are the Monitor. Engaging quantum portal. Field is stabilizing. The portal is engaging. Next stop… the Dawn of Time. I am in the Temporal Zone. Oh, I wish you could see this, Xneen. The birthplace of all creation. It is beautiful. Mar, I’m getting readings
here I don’t understand. Your presence has corrupted
the zone somehow. It’s releasing radiation
I’ve never seen before. I think… I think this
might be anti-matter. You have to get out of there. Get out of there right now! Xneen… Xneen, can you hear me? Something went wrong. I do not think this is the Dawn of Time. No, it is. It just isn’t the Dawn of Time of our universe. What? You breached the wall between our universe and its opposite. An anti-universe? Your body was suffused
with coronal radiation. The suit couldn’t contain it. Mar? Mar, can you hear me? I’m sorry, my love. My towering ambition… Has doomed us all.
-DIFUNDE LA CULTURA- THE VANISHING POINT Dear Amanda, so… you’re dead along with, well, everyone, everyone who’s ever lived
in any reality ever, and me, I’m supposed to be a Paragon, one of 7 people who are supposed to be the multiverse’s last, best chance. I don’t see it. The so-called Paragon of Destiny, she doesn’t even believe
in tomorrow anymore. The Paragon of Courage spends every day working herself to the bone, training for a fight that will never come. The Paragon of Honor just meditates for hours on end. The Paragon of Hope has lost hers… And me, I spend my days trying to repurpose the broken technology of this place to find us a way out. Careful, careful. Narcissist, sociopath, evil genius… There are a lot of ways
to describe Lex Luthor. Idiot! Why couldn’t I be trapped
at the Edge of Eternity with someone possessing
more than 200 IQ points?! But I find douchebag to be the most descriptive. As for Barry Allen, aka The Flash, aka the Paragon of Love, he’s just gone. Missing. What, you guys building modern art now? Hey, team. We’re repurposing leftover time masters tech. Mr. Luthor and I think we’ve retrofitted it into a teleportation device. To teleport us to where exactly? Kate makes a good point. There is no… there out there anymore. So we send somebody to test it. – I’ll go.
– No. We’ve lost too many good people already. Thanks for volunteering, Lex. Well, that’s very cold. Is it because I killed your
parallel reality cousin? Start it up. If this works… We get out of here, we defeat the Anti-Monitor, and we find a way to get all
the people we lost back. Perhaps it was too much to hope for. Is there some way you can get it to work? It was a longshot to begin with. Watch out! Barry! Where am I? Where am I? The Vanishing Point. You’ve been gone for months. What are you… what are you talking about? I just left two seconds ago. To go where? To the Speed Force. I didn’t… I couldn’t… it was like… It was like running into
a mountain at Mach 10. I couldn’t… There’s no way out of here. What did you see? Everything. I see everything now. Then you’re ready. Why would you make me relive all that? Every fight, every punch you’ve thrown, every kick you’ve landed, every arrow you’ve fired,
they have all led you here to this moment, to the ultimate fight. Who am I fighting? Not who. What. The Anti-Monitor. PURGATORY The Monitor’s adversary. Not just adversary. A being who stands against all
there ever was or will be, the apocalypse itself given life and form and terrible purpose. How do I beat him? With help. It’s time to get your friends. Barry, wait. You look spent.
You need to rest. No. I’m fine. I have to try again. Hey, Barry, that’s a bad idea, ok? The effort alone could kill you. It’s better than just staying here. We’re not gonna let you kill yourself. Get out of my way! – Barry!
– We’re not letting you go anywhere. So try and stop me! In the condition you’re in, Barry, it’s not gonna be that hard. Cut it out! Whatever’s going to happen is not going to include
us turning on each other. Maybe you’re right. Maybe the Speed Force is our last, best hope. It is. The Speed Force is the key to saving you. It’s the key to saving everyone. Oliver? Yes and no. It’s complicated. Nice outfit. Very… sith. Oliver? I am Oliver Queen, but I’m also something more. More what? Some might call me a ghost, a Spectre that’s in tune with the entire multiverse. So there’s still a multiverse out there? No. It’s gone, replaced with its antithesis. An anti-matter universe. Which we need to prevent from happening. Right now, the Anti-Monitor is at the Dawn of Time, fighting to make permanent his destruction of worlds. Then we go there, and we end him. He’s extremely powerful. The 8 of us might not be enough. We need a backup plan. You have our attention. Several millennia ago on
a planet named Maltus, Mar Novu attempted to travel
to the birth of the universe but instead opened a breach to the anti-matter universe. So the Monitor gave us the Anti-Monitor. Correct. So while some of us fight at the Dawn of Time, others must go to Maltus. And prevent Novu from
freeing his doppelganger? I’m in. Travel to an alien world? So in. Same. Come on. You know you don’t want to risk letting me out of your sight
for even a millisecond. We can get to both through the Speed Force, but I can’t get into the
Speed Force right now. It’s probably because
there’s no multiverse left, but you said you’re in
tune with the multiverse. Does that include the Speed Force? What you’re asking me is
very dangerous, Barry. But possible. You could give
me the energy boost I need. Please. We have to do this. Everyone’s
lives depend on it. I’ve unlocked your potential, Barry. By touching my head? Use this power with caution. Do you trust me? Are you Oliver Queen? Yes. Then I trust you with
every cell of my body. Good. Now run, Barry. Run. Ok. Thanks for the kind assist. Why doesn’t this alien
forest look more alien? Let’s focus. Mar Novu could be anywhere, and it’s not like we can just
do an Internet search for him. Well, actually, maybe we can. Look at that. Any city that large has
to be a bureaucracy. And? Well, bureaucracies require some form of central data bank to function. We find that, we find Novu. That’s actually not a bad idea. Lex… Where’s Lex? Sorry I’m late, but actually my train was late. Well, the second one. The
first one I did miss, but that was my cab driver’s fault. I’ve got this great traffic
app, and he thought that… Queen Consolidated? Not exactly. You’re in the Speed Force, Barry. What happened to you? You’re not… Spectrey anymore. Well, I’m lost. I’m out there somewhere
in the Speed Force, too. Right. The Anti-Monitor attacked. We were separated, and I am utilizing various pieces of my essence to keep me, Sara, J’onn, and Kate together. That’s why I’m here. This is… This is where we first met. Right. There are few things
more powerful in the universe than memory and connection. I am using our memories of our friends and closest allies to keep all of us from falling
out of the Speed Force. Wait. What happens if they fall out? We’ll be consumed by anti-matter. I can buy you time, Barry, but you need to get to each of us. I mean, the Speed Force is infinite. I could never know where to begin to look. Remember, Barry, memories and connections. You need to consider our
greatest victories, our most crushing defeats, the moments when the bonds
between us were forged. The bonds were forged. Now do this, Barry. Because you have to. Hello? What the hell is this? I’m asking myself the
same question literally. No. This… this can’t be happening. This… you… what are you doing here? Well, I’ll tell you that when you tell me where… here… is. Is this cosplay? Do
you want a selfie, bro? – I’m sorry.
– No, no. We’re not… no. I’m also The Flash. You’re also the what? – The Flash?
– The Flash? – The Flash.
– It’s complicated. I like your outfit. It seems… comfy. I was thinking yours is pretty cool. – Smooth.
– Seems safe and… It’s breathable. I’m Barry Allen. – No!
– What? What does that mean? How can this… This should be impossible now. Should be impossible now? You don’t know about the… Oh, my God. Don’t do this to me. I don’t know about the what? – Are you ok?
– Oh, my God. I told Victor this was possible. What does this mean? What do you think you’re doing? What you should have done the moment fleet feet dropped us off here… Checked out the lay of the land, looked for hidden dangers. We are on an alien world. Any number of chest busters or predators could be lying in wait. Don’t you capes ever watch a movie? You know what? Whatever
it is you’re planning, I’m gonna figure it out, and… I’m gonna stop you. I doubt that. In a contest of mind over muscle, mind wins every time, but here. Let me make it easy for you. Ask me what I’m up to. Go ahead. All right. What are you up to, Lex? Universal domination, of course. Oh, I probably should have mentioned that I gave myself a few upgrades when I checked “The Book of Destiny” out of the library. What are you doing? God, I am so tired of
answering that question. Moving on. Yeah. The Black Canary. She tried to shut me up,
but it’s not gonna work. I didn’t kill those people. Yes, I know. Felicity told me. An impersonator, right? Hate when that happens. 5 years on a deserted island. That kind of thing really
changes you, doesn’t it? Must have been difficult if not impossible to hold on to your sanity all those years, and here you are, pretending you have everything in control. Felicity told you the truth, and you should trust her judgment. How can I do that? Her perception of you is clearly clouded by her emotional attachment. She’s not seeing you for
what you really are. You have no idea what
this city is up against. Actually, I think I do, and I’m gonna stop him. Who are you? INVASION EXTRATERRESTRIALS ATTACK EARTH I want to limit your involvement in this. Why? Because I’m an alien? I also happen to be your biggest weapon. You’re an unknown quantity,
and this isn’t personal. Except that’s exactly how this feels. When I… when I started living this life, I was going up against human threats alone, and I could handle that. Then there were metahumans, and I could handle that. I just discovered that
there are multiple Earths, and I was brainwashed
aboard an alien spacecraft. I’m sure that was unnerving. I don’t get unnerved. When I
go up against something new, I push back. Right or wrong, it’s who I am, and it’s what I do, so I am asking you for just a little bit of space so that I can draw a line somewhere so that I can claw back just
a small sense of normalcy. I’m afraid we’re well past normal. J’onn, what are you doing here? That… is a very long story. Supergirl?! Supergirl, please wake up. – Hey.
– Ryan? Yeah. I think Lex pulled a Luthor on us. On the bright side, I haven’t been knocked unconscious on an alien planet before. It’s pretty much the same as being
knocked unconscious on Earth. No broken bones. You’ll be fine. Thanks. This definitely makes
me question again why I’m here. I haven’t got special powers or, you know, powers. I’m pretty much the dictionary definition of unspecial, and I definitely
don’t feel like I’m a Paragon of Anything, let alone humanity. Wait. Are you sure you guys got the right guy? You left your family because someone you never even met told
you you were needed. I’d say that makes you pretty special. I don’t know about hope, but you’re definitely the
Paragon of Pep Talks. Years of practice. We
need to catch up to Lex. How do you know where he’s headed? Well, before he knocked me out, he said was looking for universal domination, so… Hardly sounds like a newsflash. The universal part is new, and if I know him, he’s looking to mess with Novu’s experiment, change
history to his advantage. He really is a selfish asshat, isn’t he? You really have no idea. What are you doing? I’m guessing you haven’t flown
on an alien planet either. – I’ve never flown.
– No, but it’s ok, Dr. Choi. You don’t have to be nervous. It’s just up, up, and away. It’s over, Deegan! No. I decide when the story ends! All right. Come on, Oliver. Where are you? I wasn’t here for this. Told you you’d catch me. Thanks for the save. With a magic arrow, no less. It’s a gift from the Monitor. – Barry?
– Hey. Did you go out shopping for a new costume while you were supposed to
be out saving the world? What? No. No. It’s a crazy, long story, and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Can I talk to you for a minute? Please. Excuse us. Are you ok? What I’m about to tell you
isn’t gonna make any sense, but you’re not really h-here right now. – You’re actually…
– In the Speed Force. I remember. I… I remember everything. Ok. Well, in that case… That arrow from the Monitor, I always felt like there was something you weren’t telling me. I didn’t want to burden you
with the choice I made. The choice to do what? You and Kara, Barry, you were fated to die
trying to save the world. Right before you died, you said you’d given up
everything for me and Kara. You made some kind of Devil’s Bargain with the Monitor to save us, didn’t you? No. It wasn’t a Devil’s Bargain, Barry, and I’d make it again in a second. It cost you your family, Oliver. It cost you your life. Dying’s the easy part. The dead are at peace, but the real heroes are the ones who have to keep going. Go find the others. Laurel. Laurel, it’s time. It’s
time to put her to rest. What am I supposed to tell my parents? My father, he… he has a bad heart. He won’t live through this. It should have been me. She was the true hero. A hero sets an example, Laurel… So follow hers. Wear the mask. Be the Canary. That’s how you keep your sister alive. Oh, boy. Engaging quantum portal. I wouldn’t do that. Xneen? No. No, obviously. Hi. Lex Luthor. I’m here to make you an offer
I won’t let you refuse. How did you get in here? Our security protocols are… A joke, but the fact that I was able to circumvent them with astonishing ease is exactly why you need to listen to me. – Xneen?
– Is taking a little nappy time. Not to worry. So you are a scientist. Tell me you’re not intrigued
by what I have to say, or do you get regular visits from humans with future knowledge? Speak. The experiment you’re conducting will not only destroy you but your planet and your wife. Another ancients zealot. I am so sick… Don’t know who they are. I’m not even from this universe. What I am from is the future, so I know exactly how your little
time-jumping experiment will go wrong, and I am willing to share my
future knowledge with you. And in return? Well, I don’t cotton to aliens, but you will soon have certain abilities that I will need in order
to deal with some, shall we say, super problems popping up in my world. I do not have any… abilities. Stick with me, kid. So what do you say? Team up? The Brave and the Bald? Who are you? Hey. This is awkward. Long story short, you guys aren’t really you guys, and none of this is really actually happening. What are you talk… Hey! Hey! Don’t you touch her! I’m so sorry. It’s a miracle. – Barry?
– Hey. – What’s happening?
– It’s a long, very weird story. – I’ll catch you up on the way.
– On the way to where? You’re not taking her anywhere. I’m sorry. Like I said, you guys aren’t really here. The Speed Force? I can only assume. We were moving through the Speed Force
when we were attacked. By someone called… The Anti-Monitor. Doesn’t even sound like an actual name. We’re all trying to stop him. We’re working together. The two of you work together. I know you don’t trust each other. Right now, I know you don’t
even like each other, but all that changes. In fact, we all come to
depend on each other. We all come to trust each other. Why are you telling us this now? This seems to be a pattern with you. You don’t trust people.
They don’t trust you. Then all of that changes, and the bond between you
is stronger than iron. I’m sorry. What’s your point? It’s maybe something I can learn from. So basically, you tore a little hole in the space-time continuum, opened a doorway into something
called the anti-matter universe. Matter and anti-matter cannot coexist. Hence a lot of bad stuff
happening that we would just as soon not have happen, so I think what we need to do is adjust the ronstrom coefficient. Lex, we need to talk. Mar Novu, do not trust this man with anything! Give him a knife for his food, and no matter how much he
thanks you for the dinner, he’ll stab you right in the back with it. Or the front. I’m not choosy. Last time, you caught me by surprise. That’s not gonna happen again. Get Novu out of here. Come with me, sir, please. Xneen! Ok. Listen to me. Whatever you do, you can’t open that portal. The hairless one warned me. No. This isn’t a warning kind of situation. This is a don’t do it at any…
cost kind of situation. It is my life’s work. Trillions of other people’s lives, an infinite number, will be lost if you go through with it. It’s not worth it. You just show up here as if by magic and demand belief. The fact I’m here at all should
be enough to convince you. You are a remarkable individual. Funny. A new friend of mine
just told me I’m special. I didn’t believe her until now. I wonder, is it a double-cross if I never trusted you in the first place? Why do you Kryptonians always have
to take things so personally? You tried to kill my cousin, you tried to kill me, you betrayed Lena, left her with nothing but a ruined name and a broken heart. All I did was tell her the truth, something you never had the courage to do. Don’t take it personally. Hey! Stop trying to kill each other. I got through to Novu. You just ruined a perfectly
good bad guy plan, you know that, new guy? Where are we? The anti-matter universe. At the Dawn of Time. We arrived, and he was already here… The Anti-Monitor. That’s impossible. I got through to him.
I know I did. Some fates are inescapable. You spoke to one man across
countless universes, but within the tapestry of the multiverse, there will always be one Mar Novu who cannot turn from his towering ambition, and in that inevitability,
there is destiny. Welcome to mine! All of you, listen to me. This is why you were selected.
You’re Paragons. Yeah. I’m still a little unclear
on what all that means. It means you’re powerful enough to hold the line, to buy us the time we need. To do what? Rebirth the universe. What, like, a do-over? The Dawn of Time is the
only place it can happen. I’ll light the spark, you fan the flame. And how do we do that? You’ll know when it’s time. Why do you cosmic types
always have to be so obtuse? If I knew, I’d tell you. I don’t. All I have is trust. Do you trust me? With every cell in my body. Let’s do this. Die, you creepy shadow things! That’s for Oliver! Idiots! If anyone’s gonna
take over the universe, it’s gonna be me! It is too late. After 10,000 years, I shall be victorious. No, you won’t be. Such confidence. You believe corrigan
prepared you for this fight. I believe my entire life
prepared me for this fight. All life ends. Only death is eternal. Only I am eternal. We’ll see about that. Is this typical for you
guys, saving the world? Yes! No! My team and I usually mess things up for the better! Focus! We’re in the fight
of our lives here. You have failed… This universe! We… we did it. So this is what being a hero feels like. Interesting. Where’s Oliver? There! Oliver. What is that? “I’ll light the spark”… “While you fan the flame.” He said you would know what to do. I think dying kind of messed with his head. Well, think. You’re meant to be the genius. A genius who’s had the fortitude to read “The Book of Destiny”
and retain his sanity. I think the jury’s still out on that one. “The Book of Destiny.” I made myself the Paragon of Truth. What if truth can tell
us what we need to do? Being what? Use what’s left of the book to fan the flame. How do we all use the book? We focus. A singular, laser-like focus. On what? Humanity, truth, love, destiny, honor, courage… And hope. No! No! Oh, my God! – Oliver!
– Barry, get us there. – Oliver.
– Oliver. I… I need both of you to watch over my family. Hey, Ollie. They’re gonna
be fine, all right? You’re gonna be fine. You did it. You all did… you all did it. Did what? What did we do? Just look. Ollie, we saw, but what is it? It’s the new universe. It’s kind of small for a universe. Wait for it, Barry. It’s almost time, almost time. There. You did it. No, Ollie, you did it, ok, and that’s why you got
to come back with us, so we need you to hang on, ok? Sara, this is just what the
Monitor said would happen. – No.
– What? There was an end… And there’s a beginning. You remember what I told you? Dying is the easy part. I’m at peace. The real heroes… They’re the ones that have to keep going. So keep… going… And don’t ever stop. This world, this new world… It needs both of you. Barry… An end. And a beginning. Thank you, Oliver.

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