We Smuggled Ourselves Into New York’s Abandoned City Hall Station

– No. This is where you die. This is your death. This is, he’s doing this. This is, he’s doing this. (curious music) – Now before it sounds
like I just wanna trespass in interesting places, hear me out. There are some really fascinating places in and around New York City,
that are completely abandoned. That have little to no public access. and they’re falling apart. I feel it’s a responsibility
to document these places before they’re completely forgotten and one such place is the
City Hall Subway Station. Currently at the six line and
at the Brooklyn Bridge Station Well just below that is an
abandoned Subway Station that few living New Yorkers
have ever stepped foot inside. On October 27th, 1904, the
Interbureau Rapid Transit Company opened to the public and at about 2:34pm, the
first underground Subway departed from City Hall Station. The place is gorgeous. It was adorned with colored glass tiles, brass chandeliers, skylights
and iconic Guastavino arches. But after the city started
lengthening the trains, there were dangerously large gaps between the doors and the platform due to the tight curve of the tracks. So at the end of 1945, the
station was permanently closed. I wanna get inside. So can we get into the
City Hall Subway Station? – [Woman] No. – There’s no way we can get in? – [Woman] No. As I said, it’s just a matter
of safety and security. – Okay. – [Woman] Okay? – Alright, thank you
very much for your help. – [Woman] Okay, alright then, bye-bye. – Alright bye. Alright.
– Shit. – Alright. So I have a feeling that
the MTA wants to pretend that closed Subway Stations don’t exist because they don’t want people to trespass or to vandalize them. – Or shoot an internet video in them. We got all this research. We can do a nice video about
the history of this place. That’s it. That’s a great video. We don’t have to go there. – What if, we didn’t use a train. Really quick, trespassing is illegal and a punishable offense in New York and pretty much every other state. Currently this is the start
and the end of the six line. There has to be some way to get there. This is where City Hall is right here. There has to be some platform
or entrance way there. So I think what we have to do
is we should go to City Hall and just see if there’s a way to get down. – So we’re just gonna go there and just hope that there’s a door leading to this abandoned Subway station. – Yeah. Let’s go. – No.
– Let’s go to City Hall. – No. – Let’s go to City Hall. – No.
– Terrence. – There’s no way. – Terence.
– You are getting me – Terence.
– to go there. (upbeat energetic music) – This is City Hall Park. So it must be further in. Yeah, so it doesn’t look
like we’re gonna get access. – [Terence] What if we ask the guard, we’re just trying to sneak into
an abandoned Subway tunnel? – We can try it. Do you know where the old City Hall Subway
Station entrance used to be? – Yeah. – But it’s right where those cars are? – Really, okay. – Oh this looks like a gate. That looks like a gate. Looks like another gate. I’m seeing a lot of gates. Seeing a lot of places we can’t go by. This is definitely where it is though. According to this map, it’s in this area. Do you know what, there’s a little like. – [Terence] What is that? – It looks like that could have been
an old Subway entrance. I mean this is exactly where
the map says it would have been Yeah like this is exactly where we are. We’re right there. – What about that Subway
station right there though? What about that one? – That makes a little bit more sense. I think that we should go down and see if there’s some sort
of door that gives you access. Cause it really could
be that simple, right? It could be just that easy. That just there’s a door. – Yeah unlocked door that
says Unlocked Subway Station. – So it would be that way, right? – [Terence] Yeah. And the door opened. Just kidding. The door was clearly locked. And we started feeling like
maybe this wouldn’t happen. – [Terence] Christian, we’ve
come as far as we’ve gotten. We’ve gotten, it’s literally
the end of the line. – [Christian] We can try this door. I mean, this could also be a ramp down. – [Terence] Alright, buzz in and ask them. (buzzer rings) – That’s it. – Alright. We tried. This is the end of the journey. – Not yet. – Yes it is.
– Not yet. – I think t might be
the end of the journey. – Not yet. Yeah I’m trying to find out
where the old door used to be. – [Woman] I don’t know if they closed it and this is just rebuilt on top of, like I wouldn’t know. – I’m just gonna ask the cop. Do you know where the old City Hall Subway
Station entrance used to be? I know it’s in this area. – [Christian] Is that where
the MTA still accesses it? From down there? – They circle around? – Yeah. – Are you allowed to stay on the train? – This was our in. We jump on the sixth
train at the last stop and ride it around as it loops
through City Hall Station. If they asked us to leave, we’d leave. But I had a feeling they
don’t actively enforce this no passenger policy. (door rings) Alright we guess we, we just do it. I mean here, we’re on the train. (somber saxpohone music) (train screeches) Now I had assumed the conductor would take it slow around
this curve, I was wrong. (train screeches) Oh my God. – Actually heart attack. – Ooh man, it’s starting really
picking up some speed there. – Ok.
– We did it. – We did it. – Regardless of that
near death experience. That was pretty cool. – [Christian] That was pretty cool. – That was pretty cool. We did it. We saw City Hall. – I know. – In focus, it was but.. – We saw City Hall. – I need a drink. – So that was pretty cool. We’d gone to the station
without breaking any law that we know of. And I also learned that
you should really listen to those warning about
walking between train cars. So let us know what you think. What abandoned or forgotten
place should we go to next?


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