Web Drama “Lunch Box” – EP.1 (Sub Español)

Subtitle brought to you by ktranslate Cooking is like a letter, where I can show my feeling how much am I attracted to her, and what feeling it is made of.. So, today also enjoy your meal and be happy It’s my feeling Lunch Box : A Delicious Letter You’re in relationship with lunch box? Wow, you’ve grown up a lot! You’ve cook for me since I was little, I can do it if it’s this much Wait! It’s still not finish… This one too I’m leaving, see you later. Okey. Be careful! Excuse me Please come in Both of these are the best right? Let’s eat first Yes yes Is this for service? Y-yes Give it to me. Thank you for the meal. Yes mom. Yes I’m always praying~ Yes I understand. I’ll call you again later Anything happened? My mom is always worried. This.. For you.. It’s okay. Let’s eat Wow, seems delicious! I know right? Can I eat it? Me too me too. Yeah you can eat it Wow delicious This delicious, is not eaten at all Just because you made it yourself, aren’t you eating it too deliciously? Yong, today is already Wednesday, you’re not going to market? Groceries are almost finish… Ah.. I want the red one below Oh, this one? Here it is. Thank you I heard that you get a boyfriend? Huh? No… It seems right… It seems that you’ve gotten more prettier, it is true that you get a boyfriend. It’s true that I don’t have boyfriend. What no? Your boyfriend is standing in front of you right now. Don’t worry… I’m a married man You’re blushing. The total is 17, 700 won Thank you Welcome Why? What do you need? I need the groceries bought by the girl just now… Are you a Muslim? Eh? Ah.. I’m not… Oh, then. You want to cook HALAL food? Ah, yes! HALAL! Please give me all of them. All? Hah… Okey! I have an appointment, later we met in class. Okey then See you later!


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