Once upon a time, When the earth and sky appear, We had many treasures in the world with many difference meaning … like “Lien Chau” Crossbow “Thuan Thien” sword With these treasures, We had a “Nghiep Thach” necklace It had super power that’s can move someone through time this necklace still staying around in the world I see… I see every guests here … want you to be serve they even though once time. The thing they want is not wine… … is the ladies who serve it. Oh, Turns out, I’ve been the lucky person to be the first lady of the beauty of Huong Kieu Tuu Quan poured wine? How blessed. It is not because you lucky but due to fate, there are not lack of rich visitor come here. However… to get me- Ngoc Chi… So what? Honesty, among the guests who come here, I see that only the you is the more majestic and prime minister than the rest. Weren’t you familiar with the compliments ? Trivial compliments, I heard too much … You are the son of illustrious great minister “To Hien Trung” So that easy to make the guests who want arrogate, yearned me give up. Male Vietnamese DAI VIET dynasty man, seeing discontent, the helping hand is natural. Maybe,
they fear the reputation of my father rather than me. Gentlemen please let me repay this sincere heart Is it right ? There is nobody came to this place to respect the ladies like us! If you say so, then it’s bad for me! Gentlemen… I am sorry for my words. Come on! Please pour me some wine. If you don’t tell me why you aren’t accept me I will not able to serve you. If you don’t want, then I drink it with myself. Ah, Gentlemen, Are you just arrived? Sit down, sit down I really like you, number 23! Counting out, only you are best service This is the reward for you. Get me something to eat. Certainly. And this girl. Do you not like money? Then I will use my wisdom to conquer you. Beautiful bamboo trees are bamboo trees that grow at the entrance, beautiful girls are beautiful EVERYWHERE Your turn… In the swamp, the most beautiful is the lotus Green leaf white flower Between is yellow pistil Actually, I have not seen something special at all. Wait a minutes … too fast it doesn’t success Yellow pistil, white flower, green leaf Free people, Do you believe I will throw this brush to you ? Finally number 19 is appeared. I talking to you! Do you know who I am? Ohh, Who are you? I want to introduce myself, I am the guest I have a lot of money. Hah … Guest??? Funny. I know who you are The mediocre slave You call who is the slave ? Who? You need to know I am the professional slave Actually, I am so lazy to answer the type person like you! You don’t need to answer You? Here listen. Mr. To An already reserved all this place. But it not mean the slave of he like you allow to touch the ladies here. Don’t you ask me to touch you ? This slave? Go away, shameless, get out of this restaurant, go now And both of you Why don’t you go to serve guest. Please be attention of your career a little bit. I tell the truth to you, if the guest want me, I have continued for a long time Just a little open, you’re kidding, do you want to hungry. Mama, why Mama yelled at us, we also received guests so much in this morning until now, but we didn’t have any free time. Oh my god, is it pitiful … It’s been morning, huh? So now it’s you break time? Not yet You know not yet? Not yet, why all of you still gather here? Hey, if you want to relax, want to rest, if you want to lie down, Please, taking NGOC CHI as a mirror … some are weirdly dressed, some people put lipstick on disorderly order, And some dance like a crazier. I did not say you. Come out and receive guests, now! Out door is sunny now Mama. If it sunny use the towel the cover. If we use towel to cover how can the guest see us. Then take umbrellas, pick nia, cover baskets … Still standing here to argue?
I erased the lipstick, erased the chalk all hear? GO !!! The other one, bring the fruit plate over Take it !!! My gosh !!! I am so tired Eat and drink all the time, do this job but don’t know how to stay in shape, then ask why there are no customers. Mama … Why don’t you let NGOC CHI come out to serve us. Please sympathize, today NGOC CHI has a reservation already. There are many other beautiful gisaengs, objectively have fun. Or do we criticize our brothers that we don’t have enough money to meet the first lady in this place? Hey !!! Misbehavior, Huong Kieu restaurant would dare to criticize you, come early another day You will get NGOC CHI. Do you know when we got here? Yet NGOC CHI just appeared and someone scooped up. What’s that? Please understand, since Ngoc Chi’s body is quite debilitating today, so it will only be welcoming one guest. If she continue to serve many man she will die. Stop excusing, obviously not taking our brothers for granted. Gentlemen please forgive, Let me call someone to drink wine with you guys.
Linh Lan, Linh Ho? NO !!! Now, Once is you bring Ngoc Chi come here , OR NOT… Gentlemen! I begging you. We don’t want to talk too much, let bring Ngoc Chi come here now. QUICK !!! Bring NGOC CHI !!! Now !!! Gentlemen, there is no longer a story …
Now, without Ngoc Chi, How about Ngoc Trinh, mother of Ngoc Chi is it alright? Bodygaurds? What? Are you called someone to hit us? Guys !!! Kill her !!! Who are you? Today, I am Doan Bang forgives you, the next time if you still make trouble, I will not be polite. Remember!!! I gave you a life earlier, And yet you guys still have this disability. OK !!! Want to die? Bro, don’t make a bad deal. Don’t you know how to say thanks to Mr. Doan right now? Thank you, thank you MR. Doan … go …go … Ladie, are you feel not good? Yes sir, I feel not good, please let me rely on you. Bro? Ladie, if you feel not good how can you serve us ? It’s okay, serve guest is my job, I can do it Then show your talents to us. it is too tickling what did you do? Why both of you say let me serve? I say serve here is pour wine for us. Mr. Doan? He is correct. Both of you did not say so soon, I thought … … well, let me obey to pour wine for two of you. My brother, I’m sure you bring important information to me… right? Truly only you can understand me… But we are the mandarins of the government anyway,
come and have fun here I’m afraid … Don’t be afraid, This restaurant I have booked, You want everyone to know, everyone will know, You want everyone to shut up nobody dares to say a word. assurance. Come on … Bottom up !!! Thank you, bro How is your life? Everything is alright? It seems that the two of us are boring, so the ladies … … are sleeping. Normally people here work all the time, they have no time for rest. Weak female body willow peach silk, how can withstand it. It must be accepted. Come one … Ngoc Chi !!! NGOC CHI !!! I am so rude, please forgive me. Doesn’t matter you can go out and rest. Gentlemen, you don’t need me anymore? Not now So if you need any things just call me. Come on … Cheers !!! Did you see the mama favoring NGOC CHI? Obviously there was Mr. To, now Doan Son came to let her continue. Two treatment one time. She will can not handle it. Please small voice, she heard that we will soft bone with her. Afraid for what, if she is here I say the same. Doan, you don’t need to be afraid now, this space is only the two of us left. I frightened you, you said it was like … … we were lovers? Come one !!! But … If you’re a girl, you definitely won’t get rid of my hands. You are really can joke. But I mentioned it … … also has the same meaning … … as what we want to say. I have just made a promise. Ah… So, congratulations to Doan, Come on … cheers !!! But… … who do you engage with? “NGOC NGA” … the daughter of KING’S BROTHER All of this national … Who doesn’t know that you love her unilaterally? Yes !!! But now she falling in love with me too Are you kidding me? Or you drunk ? I am not drunk !!! Here … This is the brooch … … of her give to me And see that as an engagement Please check it We are best friends each other That’s why I never lie you Bro? BROTHER? are you okay? So, congratulations on your predestined relationship. Thank you !!! Master, please stop throwing things I tell you … if you miss anything I throw, It will be minus on your salary this month. I haven’t missed it all this time? Oh my God.
I’m like a dog who picks up stuff for the owner? But now I ask you. This is what happened now What i have to do now I told you already, where there is such thing
Nothing to be angry about All day for girls, just like that I got it Now I say to you You forgot, are you a son of who? Remember it again Whatever your father do it will be success. Did you see your father ever fail? Good … Good idea !!! while the fire is boiling Only you are the wisest. Rewards. How hard are these three for me? Minus your salary So that’s why i never rich Father !!! Your son is sitting on a hot fire like that, How can you still calmly sit down and read book? If I don’t read book, we should I do? Father you need to find some solution for me. What kind of solution do you think we have? You let everything is almost done, how i can do?
It is too late. So you don’t love me, you saw your son in trouble … but you won’t help me. The story of unrequited love is about to start a family You was like dying. Look at you, To Hien Trung’s son have to collapse because of such a love? Everybody is the same Didn’t you ever loved ? Instead of you blaming me, You should blame yourself. Do not know how to choose a friend. Let people burn their hands on. Doan Bang is my good friend, just blame myself giddy, All day go to the ladies restaurant without finding a way to conquer the heart of the girl I loved. Then you asked me to help something else. We see “Doan Family” and “King’s Brother Family” The two sides of this house joined together as if the tiger grew more wings, the nation was flourishing. That’s why you can not let “Doan Family” be come powerful like that. Why? Because of that our “To Family” no longer has a foothold in the court. Cannot !!! It is impossible just because your story to lose the friendship between our family and “Doan Family”. I have this plan, both did not lose friendship with “Doan Family”. but our “To Family” also be friends with the “Royal Family”. What is the plan? Did you just get back from the negotiation at NAN MAN country? So, what? Father you just told our king that country wants to marry with our country. But our king doesn’t have a daughter In any case, she will ask “Ngoc Nga” to do this mission. You want Ngoc Nga to marry with the prince that country? But that country didn’t request? I just threw a blind fire, I told the king on the one hand, On the other hand, I talked to King’s Brother to connect with our family so that “Ngoc Nga” won’t be married As far as I know, “King’s Brother” loves his daughter very much so he will cross the bridge next to our family. When our league success… We will find a way for “King’s Brother” to load some beautiful maidens, room as another Princess Then replace and marry is done. Perfect !!! That is the perfect plan


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