“TO AN KY” – “The Time Adventure of TO AN” Episode 2 What makes you so upset? I understand your mood … because I had a very close friend when I was young, but I always felt a sense of defeat with talent … and beauty … when I was with her. What does that have … … to do with me? Why not relevant? This world has seemingly ungainly but very predestined things, when … … the person you like is … … my childhood best friend. What do you say? Mr. To …. Mr. To … Do not pretend naively anymore, Look into your eyes, i know … You had loved the Ngoc Nga princess long time ago Who are you engaged to ? Ngoc Nga Princess – Daughter of King’s Brother All of this world, Who does not know … you are unrequited love Princess? But know … Princess loved me too. You treated me ? Or you are drunk. No, I don’t You do not have to guess nonsense. Assuming I guess wrong, so please forgive me … Probably … the secret stories about our close sister, Ngoc Chi had to confide in others. Today I am feel not well, Please allow me to say goodbye. Where do you go so hurry? Not that I had … … reserved all of this restaurant? Even you ? You don’t need me. So, Why I need to be here … … to make you more entangled. What is entangled ? This restaurant without you, It is like a shabby restaurant Your mouth is like illuminated with honey! So now … Can u tell me … the informations of Princess? So … … you want me to stay Because you want to hear these things. Ngoc Chi !!! Please tell me … What ever you want! How much, I can adapt to you. You think, only you have money? With the title of the most beautiful women in the city, I am able to earn enough money … … to live my whole life. So tell me, what would you like? All I need is … “the attribution”. No !!! our conditions is so different, I cannot deal this one. I do not need the name of a noble main wife, as long as you let me to be your concubine, I will be satisfied. Silent is meant you are not agree. So excuse me, goodbye Wait !!! I agree with your wish. Words like the wind blowing clouds sometimes, Is it like your love for me? How can i trust??? On this Jade … It has the seal of To Family. You have it, It mean you have a half of me. I temporary trust you… The full moon is like a watermark. Pray for peace, look forward to the good news Cold cheek, pink lip Who drops the flower lights, people are waiting I am “To An”, son of Mr. To Hien Trung, Pleasure to meet you, Princess. My pleasure I heard about Mr. To for long time, I did not expect to see his son today. True that … this world, Anything can happen! I make you laugh! I am just a tiny man in this world … Who is always
admire the talent and beauty of the Princess. Thanks for your kind words. Are you … … waiting for someone same as me? It is no secret to you … that I am waiting for a friend but I waited and he still hasn’t come yet. Turns out, Do we both have the same point? I am also waiting for a friend of mine. Today’s the atmosphere is hurly-burly.. Nice view … and … Someone are also beautiful. I think you and I should stand in different places.
to avoid misunderstandings You must be waiting for your crush! What made you laugh? Disrespectful to the princess … I don’t have any crush … Ngoc Chi !!! She always late for date. Are you familiar with Ngoc Chi too? Yes !!! Ngoc Chi is my old friend. I remembered Ngoc Chi was told me to come to the wine restaurant. May I … … escort you … to there And then we will join the party By the way… … you also can meet the person you want to meet. Princess, I think … We shouldn’t leave, you need to be careful You are right. The gentlemen are shifty. Princess please be assured My father and the King’s Brother have a close relationship with each other .. Surely I will not do anything to harm you. Believe me … Princess … don’t Believe … I see, This guy’s eyes are insolent It looks like the people Who catch beautiful women and sell them for prostitution… We should be careful. Princess don’t go But I see, Mr. To An was not that kind of person OK !!! You go frist, I will follow. That is good I will waiting for you at the end of the bridge. Princess … I think … you should be careful.
Please don’t go Princess !!! Please listen to me
Don’t go !!! I told you to go out, Wait for me outside the flower lights festival I have to meet my friends, I will return with you soon Go go go go … Please go … But … Princess … Go go !!! You’re here. to celebrate the first day we meet, I will give you a present. Here !!! Gentleman !!! Please don’t … I do not dare to accept this present Please accept it, it represent for my heart. Please don’t … Ngoc Nga ??? Ngoc Nga !!! Wait for me !!! Where is the necklace? You are lated! All of you against her … You will die! Princess, please. Thank you so much, I really appreciated
But… I don’t know how to use alcohol. Sorry if i have any rude action to you It’s been a long time since the princess was so happy, Is it the life in the palace … …usually make you feel constrained. Not really … When I was young, my mother very love me So that, I usually allowed to went out, And met Ngoc Chi unfortunately now she is … Something just is memories … We should not regret it … You mean is … May be since the long time ago,
you feel comfortable like today. Princess !!! Princess !!! Mr. Doan Bang is in the trouble The most beauty killer … Finally, there are also failure day. Shut up !!! You told me this plan is perfect, Why is it failed now? Human plans, and god laughs Instead of being so resentfully, why … … you are not taking advantage of the opportunity to changed your plan now may be … it will make you more favorable? What are you planning again for? Is there something wrong with you? I feel like you have something to say. If you consider I am your fraternal brother … Can you talk with me? My dad forced me to get married early because my father’s health is getting weaker and weaker. My father wanted to see me in palanquin before closing my eyes … No weddings … I am guilty of filial piety, And the wedding happen … I have to live away from my father. I don’t know how to do it anymore? So why don’t you find someone you like? But I don’t have! I will help you !!! You help me ? Yes !!! But how ??? I will marry you !!! As such, your father will be more secure! But … How can we do it? I know … The details of my sister are priceless. But there is only that way now, Only that way can help you Doan Bang I am promise, it’s just a fake, unless someday … Princess … loves me truly But … I can’t do that … Do you consider me is your fraternal brother? I … So listen to me !!! You need to listen to me !!! How does he feel? I don’t know … But … You and Mr. Doan is… I and Mr. Doan is fraternal brother Today … he must be exhausted again because of government affairs. We have brought with us our traditional medicine, I am sure !!! He will definitely recover. You don’t need worry too much. So give it to me !!! Let me do !!! You … must be tired already, You should rest. Why doesn’t he want to drink the medicine? Please you … … give me a towel I will have way … Here … Thank you … Doan bro, are you awake ? I think, we should go out to let Doan brother rest. Go !!! What do you keep smiling at me? Doan bro woke up is good news, and I have even more happy news for you that is … … your father agreed to our marriage. What’s wrong with you ? Ngoc Nga ? Aren’t we … getting along really well? Right !!! We are very compatible, But in an urgent situation … I am already engaged to Doan bro, I just … didn’t tell my father yet. So Doan … did he know that you don’t like him? Perfect !!! You and him are just engaged with each other. And you and I are approved by our parents, of course,
it makes more sense for me to come with you, not to mention … We have feelings for each other! Ngoc Nga … I love you !!! Careful … Go slowly … Careful !!! Cheers !!! I have finally married! Cheers !!! Today is my marriage ceremony !!! And all of you, Khai bro … Duong bro … Doan bro … Please hurry up as well … I know it … Give it to me !!! Come on … Come in with the Princess. I gotta go now … Ngoc Nga … What happened to you? Are you … drunk too much, right ? I’m not drunk … Ngoc Nga … Now … You is mine already … I love you … Greeting my Princess consort! Thu Cuc !!! Yes, madame The mission that I have given to you, have you finished it? Yes, madame! Everything was finished! What did you say ? Everythings ? Y… yes … You’re useless! DON’T FORGET TO SHARE, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL


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