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Rumi Yi? It’s been forever. Oh, Taehyun Seo. Hey, how’s it going, Nana. Why are you here? Are you surprised? Oh, two people I missed so much. I knew that Nana Yoon is here. But why are you here, Rumi? Oh. She’s our CEO. What? Rumi, you’re the CEO? Wow. Why are you here? Me? To work. [XX] Oh, it seems like you didn’t know. I’m in charge of this coming event. What? Are you in charge? Do you all … know each other? Yes. We know each other so well. But it seems like you two are good now? I … thought that I may have made
you two fight. That bothered me for a while. But then it seems like I didn’t have to feel sorry much. Imagine that Taehyun showed up here! Do you think you can raise your face
in front of Nana? Well, I think I should introduce myself
properly. CEO Rumi Yi. I look forward to your kind cooperation. We used to be really close. I heard that the lauching event
of REVAN cosmetics will take place at your bar. As if you still care. How grateful I should be
for you knowing everything about me. The director of REVAN cosmetics
is a friend of your father. Do your best so that
your father will appreciate it. I don’t want attention from him. That’s not what I meant. What I mean is that do not make
your father upset. Don’t make any trouble.
Make your father proud of you. Got it? Any plan to give me your name card? I will do it. I will do it. I can’t do this well today. We will work with the agency
we always work with. Send me the portfolio of the agency first. Their work is good. We always work with them
at every event. Still. Please send it to me. If I don’t like the concept,
I’ll work with a different agency. You sound like a real CEO. But I don’t like your attitude. Even if you’re CEO here, … my company pays you. I mean, come on, … if I say that I didn’t like this bar, … my company will find a different place. That will definitely make you sad. Staff said that … you really want to have this event
at your bar. It is always those who are not in power … want to exert their power. If you want to change the place, do it. I was just joking. Wow, Rumi, you became a strong woman. Nope, that’s not it, I think. I think you still have some grudges … Is that why you’re trying to put up a strong front? Can we just talk about work? I do not want to talk about anything
but work with you. You’ve changed a lot. But I guess Nana hasn’t changed much. Looks cocky but in fact, she’s a good girl. Given that she works for you
even after all that. You have not changed a bit. So brazen. I am? Oh, I think I’ve got to go. I will send you the portfolio later. You know, I’m flexible. It was good to see you again. Hope I can see you more often. Next time, please give me a smile. You know, we used to be close. We need to talk. Will you do this? I You will? It’s I don’t want to see him as well. But just because of that jerk, … I can’t miss such good opportunity. Not hostingi it won’t shut down our bar. I’m doing it to make it better. That’s why … even when Taehyun is involved, … you still want to do it? There must be another reason. What is it? Do you want to beat other bars? Or is it because you want to boast
about your bar to some of your celeb friends? If all these are not the reason, … is it … that you want to be acknowledged by your dad? What? You always do this. You always care what others think … more than how proud you are of yourself. What about you? Do you think you are any different
when you still avoid Taehyun? It’s all water under the bridge.
Why are you still avoiding him? Will you keep avoiding him like this? All water in the bridge? You’ve experienced the exact same thing.
How can you say that to me? Is it all under the bridge about you and Gyumin? Well, … do you think you can say it’s all in the past
like 5 years later? At least, I … try to make it stay in the past. But not just at the time, but even now,
you’re trying nothing. You ran away when I told you to slap me. You keep avoiding whenever you see Taehyun. And then, you get angry at some injustice
others face. Do you think that’s all normal? You are not. Who made this kind of situation? I tell you … that I will not do this. Today … what about flat whith that Londoners enjoy,
instead of latte. It’s just some difference in the amount of milk. Well, today, I feel tired so I should just go home. I am sorry. I will see you tomorrow. Hey, it is also your fault. Think about it. If your best friend and I fall in love, … that means you have some problems. Okay, I’m the bad girl here. So, get angry at me or swear at me. Do something, please! Why do you keep ignoring me? I called your name so many times. Come out. Hot and spicy chicken feet, all of a sudden? Why you feel blue, all of a sudden? I didn’t say I feel blue. Your face tells everone. So I thought your body needs some capsaicin. Well, the lauching party will take place
at our bar. But then the person who’s in charge
is Taehyun Seo. Taehyun Seo?
That trash? The one that I know of? Yes. But Rumi wants to host it. Wait, let me process all this. Your ex-boyfriend and … your best friend who fell in love with
your ex-boyfriend … will be working together? Even processing it is complicated. It is just all bull shit. It’s not that spicy today. It is too spicy to me. Maybe it’s because you’re so angry inside. That’s why you don’t even taste
all this spiciness. [Danny]
[Did you go home safely?] [See you tomorrow] What is it? I know that you won’t come here
to buy a perfume
because it’s not a department store. Did you know that I’m here? I thought you’re so concentrated
that you couldn’t even see me. It’s just you didn’t say hello to me. Let’s get to the point. – Your perfume.
– My perfume? What? Will you say that it’s made in Itaewon … and try to pick a fight again? I will let you display your perfumes
at my bar. Really? Oh, you should tell me earlier. And … do you know Junho Ma? He’s a really famous perfumer. He’s my role model. What about him? I’ll introduce him to you. Well … What is it, Rumi? But, instead, … I knew it. Please help me convince Nana. Oh, that launching party? Hey, do you really want to do it? Nana really hates Taehyun. She hates him more than anything. Nana hates coriander most. She eats coriander. What are you talking about? She hates the smell of it. She does eat it now.
She said she’s now addicted to it. Yeah? I’m the true best friend of Nana.
You can’t beat me. You know her preferences but … you don’t know what she thinks
and how she feels. I agree. That’s probably why she left me that easily? What are you talking about? She was always on your side at the time. What are you talking about? [5 years ago] I’ve got to go. I’ll see you later. What’s up? You ignored me and didn’t even meet me. Hey. You are the one who cheated on me. Why is Rumi getting all the criticism all alone? Don’t act like you’re innocent. Tell people that it’s you who lured her. Wow. What kind of situation is this? This is so funny. Nana. Does Rumi know that you’re … still defending her? I should’ve seen this coming. Hey. I know that it’s you who were so determined … to lure her. I just know it. Well, if you can’t accept the reality,
think whatever you want. But people don’t care. Everyone will think that Rumi betrayed you. I don’t care. What’s important is that I know the fact. She stood up for you at the time. But again, you … will not even think about how she feels. Don’t you get it? Why you’re the bad girl here? Nana. Thank you. Hello. Oh, you. Hello. I’m not here for work. I will talk about work only with Rumi. I think you would feel uncomfortable
to work with me. I don’t want to have anything to do with you. Hey, don’t try to be cocky. But then, that’s what makes you attractive. But you will still serve alcohol for me, right? I want Irish Bomb. You still remember it. We used to drink it often. Are you seeing someone? Oh. This doesn’t work well. I think I need to fix it. You know how to drink it. Bottoms up. Bottoms up and leave. I’ll wait for you until you finish your work. We need to talk. Leave. I know that it’s too late but … I think we can at least talk. Get off of me. Please leave. It’s our business. – We’re having some private talk.
– That’s what I’m saying. It seems like she doesn’t want
any private relationship with you. Why do you keep trying to have
a private conversation? She says no. Nana, what’s wrong with him? I told you before. I can’t stand with anything
who touches what and who I like. Do you like Nana? But … do you know that we were in a relationship? Yes, I like her. No, I do not care whether you were her boyfriend. So what? You want to fight? Danny. This is my business. Can you please give us a moment? That’s what I’m saying. Why are you overreacting? Nana. Will you keep igoring me? Do you still hate me? Yes. I ha No, … I should say I’m terrified by you. You are like … a terrifying memory that I do not
want to recall. So please don’t make any fuss
in my life. Just leave. I’m sorry earlier. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have involved. No, I … I only thought about how I feel about you. I didn’t think about how you would feel. I know that you wouldn’t like me
liking you so aggressively. I will be careful. Then … I’ll see you tomorrow. You’re like a terrifying memory
that I don’t want to recall. Why is it … a terrifying memory? [Dad] [Dad] What’s up? How are you preparing the launching party? It’s been a few years
since the last time we talked on the phone … and you get to the point right away.
You haven’t changed at all. I heard that the sales of the bar
you opened previously are going down. You left your home so confidently … but then you don’t do anything well. As if you had some expectations upon me. I’ve never expected something from you. I would be just relieved that
you wouldn’t make any trouble. I need to keep a close relationship
with the director of REVAN cosmetics. So, do well for the lauching party. I will swing by if I have any chance. You will visit my bar? If I have any chance. Talk to you sometime soon. You know what makes me sad most? I chose you over Taehyun. But you … you chose Taehyun over me. And again, you won’t think about
how Nana would feel. You are not good at anything. I’ll swing by if I have a chance. [Taehyun Seo] Dad, you’ll swing by my bar? [Taehyun Seo] [Taehyun Seo] I was about to call you. I have to talk with you.
It’s about the launching party. [XX]
[X or X]

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